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"This fantail is Sakazaki Yuuya, an upperclassman. I've never talked to him before, but he's famous, or infamous, throughout the school. Everybirdie knows of him."
Hiyoko Tosaka[src]

Yuuya Sakazaki (坂咲 優夜) is a fantail pigeon and the half-brother of Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane. He is the Chairman of the Health Committee and assistant to doctor Shuu Iwamine. As such, he can typically found helping out in the infirmary. He is an upperclassman who is infamous at St. Pigeonation's Institute for being something of a flirt.

In the demo, the infirmary option is available from the start. In the full version, the player must complete their first play-through to unlock the option.

Physical Description

Yuuya winter sprite

Yuuya's shrine date [8]

Yuuya is a white fantail pigeon with a slim body shape. His tail naturally lies flatter compared to Sakuya's. He is often drawn with his glasses, tie, and ahoge, as a way to differentiate him from the other fantails. His appearance is described as "flashy".

In his human form, Yuuya has short, straight, light-blue hair. His bangs are held up by two yellow pins. He has a characteristic ahoge. His radiantly blue eyes have a slanted shape. During his time at the school, Yuuya wears a pair of rimless glasses with yellow hinges, however he is not nearsighted, and they are simply a fashion gimmick.

He wears a regular school uniform, aside from keeping his collar unbuttoned. The orange neck tie is a part of the uniform for all third-years. It is specified that he wears combat boots.

Personality and Traits

Hiyoko Tosaka: "That aside, what are you here to buy, Yuuya?"
Yuuya Sakazaki: "Your love, of course."
— Exchange between Hiyoko and Yuuya in the school store[src]

When Yuuya is first introduced in Hatoful Boyfriend, Hiyoko states that he is a "trendsetter", "ladies' man", and "famous, or infamous". Throughout the game Yuuya will constantly flirt with the protagonist, to the point where Hiyoko wonders if she should stand up to him. But despite his shameless flirting, Yuuya has a strong sense of chivalry, going so far as to turn up at a meeting place a half-hour early to ensure that he would "never keep a lady waiting". He also scolds his younger brother in Holiday Star because Sakuya "kept a lady up [so] late".

Being of French origin, he will regularly use French words in his speech, such as "salut", "mon amie", and "adieu". He will also occasionally have a "~☆" accompany his dialogue. His catchphrases are "sexy and luxurious" and "sexy and suave".

He keeps a cool head, and although he is friendly and cheerful, he keeps himself at a distance from other characters. Nonetheless he appears to be beloved among the student body, and his locker is said to be completely full with beans on Legumentine's, which implies that it's not just girls who adorn him, but male students as well. Yuuya expresses more than once that he does not mind receiving love from men and women, perhaps making him bisexual.

As the player gets to know Yuuya better, he will begin to show new depths of his personality and start to say what is really on his mind. In his shrine visit in Holiday Star, Yuuya tells Hiyoko the real reason behind his busyness during the winter break (he is spying on Hawk Party members at corporate holiday parties), only to change his mind and say that he was kidding. When Yuuya comments on how his lifestyle is "seedy enough", Hiyoko notes that "[s]ometimes he says stuff in [a] self-deriding, or maybe even despairing way", but that she never knows how to respond because he's always so cheerful. During his route in Hatoful Boyfriend, the protagonist finds that even when talking about fleeing threats to his life, "his tone of voice is as carefree as ever" and the only indication he isn't joking is that "his eyes are dead serious".

"All this time I’ve just been trying to look cool so no one will realize what’s going on inside. But what’s wrong with putting on a little show?"
—Yuuya Sakazaki[src]

In "The Day the Night Slept (After)", Yuuya displays a good deal of charisma and wisdom as he simultaneously persuades Ryouta to live in the real world while at the same time being honest about the passage of time and the inevitability of change. During this conversation, Yuuya also revealed that his outward personality was a cover-up for his true feelings.

Carve it into your soul, kid!
Spoilers for Bad Boys Love follow.

Yuuya is extremely dedicated to protecting those he loves. When his mother finds herself unable to destroy her son's egg, Yuuya volunteers to smash his brother's egg for her. However, instead of smashing it, Yuuya switched his brother's egg and smashed his half-brother's egg to protect his brother, Sakuya. Even though Yuuya was hated by Monsieur Le Bel, he was "happy just to see [Sakuya] living in luxury".

Yuuya can be a bit indecisive and lacks confidence in himself, as demonstrated by his uncertainty in the letter he sent Sakuya at the end of Sakuya's full route in Hatoful Boyfriend (Ending No.3: Song of the Foolish Dove). In the Bad Boys Love route, Yuuya even confesses to Sakuya that he "was never as sure of himself" as Sakuya always was.

Even though Yuuya smashed his half-brother's egg willingly, he states that he "will always carry" a deep guilt that he "has never been able to forget". Yet, despite the pain that his guilt causes him, Yuuya was never tempted by the King's offer to end his suffering, saying that "the least [he] can do is remember". In doing so, Yuuya demonstrates a strong sense of morality.

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Yuuya consists of the kanji characters 優 (), "gentleness, superiority", and 夜 (ya), "night, evening".

Sakazaki consists of the kanji characters 坂 (saka), "slope", and 咲 (saki), "blossom".


  • Yuuya prefers bitter black beans for Legumentine's Day.
  • Yuuya was born in France and is either half-French or possibly one-quarter-French. However, the fact that both of Yuuya's parents have Japanese last names and neither has a French last name seems to suggest that Yuuya is half-French.
  • Yuuya got the Consul (ESFJ) personality on the 16personalities test.[12]
  • Yuuya made an appearance in the third Heavenstrike Rivals collaboration with Hatoful Boyfriend, appearing as a gacha character.

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