For the cafe in Hatoful Boyfriend, see Torimi Cafe.
Torimi Cafe - Poko no Mori
Torimi Cafe(Poko no Mori)
A photo of the cafe used as a background in the original Hatoful Boyfriend.
Type Cafe
Location Kobe, Japan
Inhabitants Humans and Birds
"I shall be waiting here in my birdcage for you."

Torimi Cafe - Poko no Mori (literally Torimi Cafe: Poko's Forest) is a a real bird cafe in Japan. The real cafe's bird employees (Oneone, Koshiba, Rabu, and possibly Urume) are featured in Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings as characters.

The cafe's main attraction is the enjoyment of tea next to twittering birds. In addition to tea, the cafe also offers curry rice "that's to die for" as well as ice cream. It's located in the middle of Kobe, some distance away from Osaka. It's also conveniently located near a zoo if patrons want to see more variety of animals aside from birds.

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