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Major plot spoilers follow.

"His public face is that of an editor-in-chief of Golden Weekly, but his hidden face is that of the Crow Party's "Black Advocate", the talented golden pheasant who wears two hats. His career history is that he was originally the Hawk Party's "Earth Crawler", in charge of the second division for laser armaments research. From Kyoto Prefecture."

Tohri Nishikikouji (錦小路 斗織), a golden pheasant, is Souma Isa's rival from the same labs. He first appeared in the second episode of Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star, having been absent from the original Hatoful Boyfriend. However, an update to the remake of Hatoful Boyfriend gives Tohri a route of his own.

Tohri is a bird who prizes art, and everything that is "beautiful". His catch word is "artistic." He is the editor-in-chief of Golden Weekly, a manga publishing magazine. He absolutely detests birds mispronouncing his name.

Physical Description


As a human, Tohri has golden hair and eyes. He wears characteristic make-up. Hair is waist-length, furthermore the ends are dyed orange. It is tied into a high-up bun with several ornaments; a brown pheasant feather, a green sash, and a golden hairpin. Bangs cover his right eye. In reference to the golden pheasant's crest, Tohri wears a long cape with a striped tiger-like pattern, and fluff around the rims. Below that, dark red undershirt, yellow tie, and a brighter red double-breasted suit. A cord holds the cape together around his chest, with a clip resembling the taegeuk symbol. Around his waist is a blue obi, draped in the same type of green sash as in his hair, and a golden obijime with a blue obidome. He is almost always portrayed wearing white gloves, but it's been revealed that his nails are long and painted yellow. He sports simple white dress pants, and high heel oxfords.

His complicated color palette and design is reminiscent of the golden pheasant's appearance.

As a researcher at the SecOps division, Tohri had shorter hair tied into a high ponytail, an orange dress shirt, a bolo tie, and a white lab coat. Gloves as well.

Overall, Tohri is described as a very fashionable character, and seems to love implementing traditional cultural aspects into his outfits. He is often drawn wearing various kinds of outfits, a lot of times crossdressing.

Personality and Traits

Tohri is a very flamboyant and theatrical man. He is extremely self-assured, boastful, and above all stubborn. His creed in life is to live beautifully and artistically. Obsessed with standing out, shining, and absorbing the lesser crowd's amazed gasps, even if there's actually hardly anyone that cares about him, and the fact that no one cares about him makes him self-conscious and bitter. Despite this almost self-centered exterior, Tohri doesn't seem used to being treated compassionately, and if Hiyoko chooses to win his heart, he shows just how flustered and happy those gestures make him. Receiving a precious gift in the form of beans on Legumentine's from his employees has brought tears to his eyes.[11] Tohri is very proud of his name, and detests birds that struggle with pronouncing it.

He is a perfectionist to the bone, and as such, reacts badly to rejection and harsh criticism. He strives to be #1 in his field at all costs. Organized and businesslike, Tohri is described as wearing "two faces" and living in "two worlds"... A manga magazine editor, but also an inventor for an evil organization. And in both of his occupations, he succeeds with near total perfection.

Tohri is a talented inventor and artist, capable of creating lasers powerful enough to separate clouds and paint the night sky, guns that revert objects down into molecules, and optic weapons that can be controlled with his mind, or with the blood and imagination of other creative birds. Despite his creations being used for malicious and dangerous things in the story, Tohri himself is not inherently violent or bloodthirsty. The only reason for his gruesome behavior is, as petty as it is, Shuu Iwamine, and he does not attack other characters unless they get in the way of his quest to "destroy that impudent partridge".

Tohri constantly complains about his surroundings "not getting the hint / not getting the mood right". And very ironically to that, he himself is often the one that grossly misinterprets other character's actions and feelings towards him.

Tohri has made it a crucial part of his identity, to be Souma Isa's arch-rival, and spitefully thinks about him every day, yearning and planning to "destroy" him one day. He assumes that Isa thinks the same of him, and holds as much of a personal vendetta. In reality, Shuu doesn't seem to care about him in the slightest, claiming that he doesn't even remember the pheasant. Tohri doesn't think it's possible for him to accept that as the reality, after all the struggle he puts up with. Despite his constant fails to succeed in revenge, he stubbornly tries again and again. Tohri himself is unsure why he is set on it so deeply, why he obsesses over Shuu. He is a calculated and mature person, but the concept of Shuu Iwamine drives him to dangerous decisions. As such, his feelings on Shuu can be read as a repressed, unrequited crush, which Hiyoko herself even assumes at first.

In Holiday Star, Tohri misinterprets the lawful actions of Leone JB as compassionate, romantic even. Even when the cockatiel seems very blatant about being suspicious of him, Tohri takes that as the exact opposite, feeling charmed. He reads Leone driving Tohri home as enough of a flirt, to mail him chocolates and a lovely letter, at the end of the game.


Tohri consists of the characters 斗 (), meaning "Big Dipper, 18 liters", and 織 (ori), "to weave/to knit"

Nishikikouji consists of the characters 錦 (nishiki) "brocade" (a silky type of fabric), 小 (kō) "small/light" and 路 (ji) "road/street"

Additionally, the kanji for "golden pheasant" is キンケイ/錦鶏 (kinkei), the first character appears in Tohri's surname.


  • The taeguk on his cloak is a traditional Korean symbol.
  • The origin behind his name is the nishikikouji-dori, a marketplace in Kyoto prefecture. Moa really likes this spot, and decided to honorably name a character after it.[12]
  • "Uncle Tohri has good reputation among his relative's chicks because he is generous with New Year's money."[13]
  • Tohri has an older sister and brother making himself the youngest sibling. His brother and sister are both married, hence why Tohri has at least three young chick nephews.[14]
  • Tohri has quite a sweet tooth, as he is often spotted visiting maid cafes and ordering amounts of desserts, and drinks tea with plenty of sugar.[11] Additionally, his favorite snack is Fran, a treat similar to Pocky.[15]
  • Tohri is from Kyoto Prefecture, but naturally has a Semba dialect that he speaks with his family in. It's a rare, Kyoto-influenced social dialect of the wealthy merchants in the central business district of Osaka.

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