Carve it into your soul, kid!
Spoilers for Holiday Star follow.
The King
The king
Real World
Debut: Holiday Star
Theme: Court of the Queen
Character Voice: N/A
Heartful Stats
Hatchday: March 3rd, 2163
Gender: Male
Species: Button Quail
Occupation: King
Also known as

Ousama (王さま), literal translation 'The King' is a Holiday Star exclusive character, appearing in the last two stories in the game.

The King's appearance is very different from that of the main cast; he is represented via watercolor drawings rather than a photo of a real bird. He is birdlike in appearance, wearing regal robes adorned with expensive-looking badges and a crown.

He is very childish and refers to himself in the third person, as though narrating a book.

Holiday Star

The Day the Night Slept (Before)

When he appears, the King always has a background fanfare playing. In the beginning, he gave the main character and Nageki quests to keep his kingdom in 'peace' such as taking care of the restaurant in which visitors never come back, dealing with the problem in the garden during a tea party, and dealing with the rain in mount pudding that caused his kingdom to be wet. After each task, save for the last one, he awarded them with a gemstone. After the third task, he kept on asking for Nageki's planisphere which he refused to give as what the conductor in the train said. Eventually, he gave one of the gemstones on the planisphere.

The Day the Night Slept (After)

Carve it into your soul, kid!
Major plot spoilers follow.

The King is the ruler and creator of the Holiday Star. The Holiday Star itself, according to the Migrant, is a false star that uses its light to attracts wandering souls.

The King a bird-like creature that deforms and changes color when agonized. In chapter four of Holiday Star, it is revealed that the King doesn't allow anyone to leave the Holiday Star once they arrive, instead forcing them to merge with him, becoming one. When new birdies arrive on the Holiday Star, he separates them into different 'rooms,' giving each a picture book that reminds them of the suffering they face in the real world, in an attempt to convince them to stay in his fantasy world.

During chapter 4, the King reveals that he wants to "befriend" (trap and absorb) all of the Pigeonations crew except for Nageki, whom he reviles for undisclosed reasons.

With the hints from the Migrant and help from Yuuya, the main character and Nageki manage to find and convince their friends to help them break out of the King's fantasy. When confronted in his throne room, the King reveals a new form, growing dozens of disfigured heads, representing the souls he has absorbed.

It is revealed via the King's Picture Book and flashbacks that in life, the King was a depressed quail with no hope for the future, who wished constantly for death but lacked the will to commit suicide. One day, he met another birdie whom he felt truly understood him - his first real friend. The two grew close, and eventually the King's friend convinced him to join him in a suicide pact, claiming that the two would leave the world together and be with each other forever. However, after the King overdosed on the medication his friend had brought, his friend revealed he had no intention of dying with the King, and treated him callously in his final moments, calling the King pathetic and leaving him to die alone.

It can be surmised from the King's backstory and the picture book left in Professor Nanaki's room that the King is the original Nanaki Kazuaki who was tricked into killing himself by Hitori so that Hitori could assume his identity and infiltrate St. Pigeonation's.

After the Pigeonations crew manages to temporarily incapacitate the King, Nageki slips past to attack the lighthouse - the source of the Holiday Star's power. There, he meets the King's true form, a black-and-white sketch of his normal appearance. The King claims he is doing all this to help everyone so they won't have to be sad and alone like he is. Nageki points out that by absorbing everyone he meets, the King is merely assuring that he will remain forever alone. The King's hatred of Nageki, it seems, is rooted in the knowledge that Nageki was like him but has learned how to move on - and, perhaps, the King also knows that Hitori deceived him in order to help Nageki.

In the story's aftermath, the King is taken under the Migrant's wing and embraced by the birdies he had formerly absorbed. He is afraid and uncertain about what's to come, but is learning to accept the importance of moving on.

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Physical Description

The King looks like a yellow bird-like creature in his bird form, with a red crown and a cape with badgets, stars and rocks on it. The King can change his expression and even grow more heads depending on his current emotion. His head(s) can turn red, blue, or a combination of both as well.

In his pseudo-human form, the King looks like Kazuaki Nanaki wearing a red crown with quail feathers and gemstones embedded into it. He wears a long red mantle tied beneath his chin by a red bow with another cyan gemstone in it. His blouse is dark blue with golden motifs and patterns, badges, and stars as well as a belt with bells in it. He also wears white gloves. He has white dress pants and heeled brown thigh high boots. He is also drawn with a golden scepter, whose head has the shape of an egg and a cross. Unlike Kazuaki, The King has blue eyes.

In his true form, The King is a small and scribbled button quail without colors. His mantle and (paper) crown look as if handcrafted by a child. In the pseudo-human form, he still resembles a colorless Kazuaki.

Personality and Traits

The King talks like a child and gets upset rather often, especially when people doesn't do what he tells them to do.

The King is in reality two somewhat separate characters. The colorful bird that we are introduced to speaks in third-person. He is a somewhat self-assured king who announces his own entrance, which Hiyoko and Nageki initially take as humbleness. Nonetheless, he is a crybaby who will cower and get scared at any slight inconvenience. As the game progresses and the risk of the Holiday Star getting destroyed by the rebellious protagonists increases, The King becomes more assertive. He stops at absolutely nothing to convince the characters to change their mind and be his friend after all. This King in reality is a gross mixture of a dozen dead birds that he has absorbed. Once he decides to get violent, his body bursts apart into revolting multicolored heads, and his speech becomes disillusioned and slurred.

The real King, the small quail that hides in the lighthouse, speaks a bit more normally by comparison. He no longer uses third-person and is very depressed and hopeless. Out of the two personas, this bird is more similar to Kazuaki-kun mannerisms wise. He feels self conscious about his size and lack of power, opposed to his other form. He is extremely sensitive and seeks out reasons to be scared in every single phrase directed at him. But in the end, he agrees to continue his travels alongside the Migrant and the civilians, in hopes that he can make good memories and finally reach the afterlife.

The King is very fond of children's storybooks and the theme of Christmas. When he was alive, Kazuaki loved poetry and childish stories such as Hatocatch Pretty Coore. The King favors "nice things," shiny things, and generally things that match the Holiday Star's fairy tale aesthetic.


  • He is afraid of the rain.


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