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Hato Moa
Real World
Theme: 春の吹く場所で
Character Voice: Herself
Heartful Stats
Hatchday: April 7
Gender: Female
Species: Evil Pigeon King
Occupation: Freelance Illustrator/Writer
Also known as
  • moa810
Character Infobox!
This cute infobox gives you all the important stats about a character. It's very simple to use!
An infobox should come before the article text so that it appears at the very top-right or at the top of the screen on a mobile device.
The {{{voice}}} parameter is optional. If the character doesn't have a voice actor in the Drama CDs, leave it blank and the row will disappear.
This infobox also shows a birth date. {{{bird}}} is used to determine whether the infobox will say "birthday" (for other species) or "hatchday" (for birds). The box will default to the latter. If the character is not a bird, type "n" for this parameter. Otherwise, you can leave it blank.
You will need to manually link the character's theme music using the format shown in the code below. Most if not all of the Hatoful soundtrack (which is made up of all royalty-free music) can be found on Youtube.
|name       = Name
|jp name    = Name in kanji/kana
|image      = YourPicture.jpg
|debut      = First appearance
|theme      = [themevideourl theme name]
|voice      = Seiyuū
|bird       = y or n
|DOB        = Birthday
|gender     = Gender
|species    = Common species name
|occupation = Job
|alias      = Whatever else the character has been called
Sample output
This page shows a sample infobox for Hato Moa.

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