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The Shrine is a Shinto shrine located on the outskirts of Littledove Hachiman City. Residents come here every New Year to pray for good fortune and purchase charms. Ryouta Kawara works here as a shrine maiden.

The shrine typically closes on rainy days.


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Spoilers for Hatoful Boyfriend follow.

On New Year's Day, Hiyoko Tosaka goes to visit the shrine and comes across Ryouta, whom she learned works there. She asks him if he would go to lunch with her, but because of the holiday, he was too busy to do so and had to turn her down. She then runs into Kazuaki Nanaki, who was unfortunate enough to draw the chicken of ill omen for his fortune. Hiyoko draws a bird blessing and Kazuaki congratulates her on her good fortune, telling her she will have a good year.

Hiyoko comes across Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane, who had come to the shrine simply to observe Japanese customs. While he was there, Okosan suggests that Sakuya gets himself an ema to hang up on the shrine.

Hiyoko encounters Shuu Iwamine, who explains that he's there to just observe the visitors (most likely to find new subjects for his experiments).

Hiyoko also meets Anghel Higure there, who later causes trouble for Ryouta at the shrine's store for being unable to pick between two charms. Hiyoko was forced to intervene to help her friend and picks a charm for traffic safety for Anghel.

Spoilers end here.