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Ryuuji Kawara
華原 隆司
Kawara Ryuuji
Real World
Debut: Hatoful Boyfriend
Theme: 途絶
Character Voice: N/A
Heartful Stats
Hatchday: February 17[1], 2150
Gender: Male
Species: Rock dove
Occupation: Biologist
Also known as
  • Migrant[2]
  • The Wandering Alchemist[3]
  • Lute Infini[3]
  • Waryuuji
  • Wallenhawk Emperor

Ryuuji Kawara (華原 隆司) is Ryouta Kawara's father and Souma Isa's boss at the Hawk Party's Takabane Coordinated Research Institute. He was the head of the foremost Life Science Research Division (LiSciRe) until Souma took his place.

Ryuuji is a friendly bird with boundless energy and optimism. Despite his happy-go-lucky and sloppy personality, his instincts guide to him amazing results.

According to Shuu, Ryuuji was one of the most gifted researchers and the only bird Shuu ever respected. It's been noted that the tie Shuu wears is similar in design to Ryuuji's.

His story is shown in the ending of the BBL route. He is also shown in Holiday Star.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Bad Boy’s Love (Hurtful Boyfriend)

Ryuuji is very friendly towards Isa Souma (Shuu's previous name) and often talks to young Souma about his research, his family, or invites Souma out, and so Souma has some strong feelings of attachment to him. However Ryuuji's son, Ryouta, is not close with him, because his father was always busy with research and would only show up rarely.

Ryuuji caught a disease while on a trip, and wasted away from this disease that had taken many other lives. Before he died, Ryuuji asked Shuu for a favour. He asked Shuu to do something for Ryouta if Shuu happened to meet him, because he felt had not given as much attention to Ryouta as he would have wanted. This request was the origin for the events of the Hurtful Boyfriend route. Ryuuji's death greatly affected Shuu, who withdrew into apathetic sociopathy.

Holiday Star


Ryuuji's first appearance alongside Tohri and Isa in Holiday Star.

The Christmas Thieves Attack!

Ryuuji is not shown, only mentioned, in The Christmas Thieves Attack. At the end, it is revealed that he was the creator of Miru and Kaku, the "daddy" they so often referred to. Although they were slated to be destroyed, Ryuuji took them in and raised them, becoming their caretaker. They both bear rings with his name on them on their legs.

Fallen Chronicles: Absolute Zero

The Day the Night Slept (After)

It is implied that The Migrant is Ryuuji.

Hatoful Manga



Absolute Zero - the Forbidden Epic of Fallen Angels

Focus on the Hawks

"He is the head of the foremost life science research division (LiSciRe). He has flashes of genius, but he fritters his talents away on useless daily activities. He has one child."
Focus on the Hawks[src]

Physical Description

As a human, Ryuuji has brilliant red eyes, although they're usually closed and appear as slits. His hair is dark blue, in a more muted and greyed-out hue than Ryouta's, and is unkept and messy. It's short, but a bit outgrown. His skin tone is more saturated compared to the rest of the cast. He is also often drawn with a stubble.

Ryuuji wears a striped light blue and red tie around his neck, possibly in reference to the rock dove's shiny neck feathers. He sports a red dress shirt and wide dark blue jeans, and characteristic pigeon-themed slippers on his feet (and greyish blue socks) (Yes, his boxers are pigeon-themed too). His labcoat is usually dirty with chemicals.

Ryuuji is a rock dove, however he appears taller than Ryouta. His bird form wears the same tie and labcoat as his human form.

Personality and Traits

Ryuuji is described as a "free-wheeling, lackluster pigeon with flashes of genius, but he fritters his talents away on useless daily activities".

He is notoriously known for his easy-going attitude about everything. He seems to have a natural charisma despite his poor attention span, and overall comes off as paternal, kind, and caring towards his younger co-workers, Souma and Tohri. Overall, he really loves everything "fun" and "exciting", and is very passionate about celebrations.

Ryuuji is very quick to pick up every task offered before him, and then becomes painfully disorganized and overwhelmed. He is quick to drop projects again and run away from situations when he feels fit, leading to his abandonment of his family, and overall becoming a neglectful father. The topic of his family is not easy for him, since he immediately changes the topic when Souma asks about it. What actually led to him evading his own family is unknown.

Ryuuji is not completely ignorant to his flaws, though. On his deathbed, he confesses how regretful he is for having been such a bad father to Ryouta.


Ryuuji consists of the kanji characters 隆 (ryū), "noble, prosperous", and 司 (ji), "director, official".

Kawara consists of the kanji characters 華 (ka), "flower, petal", and 原 (wara), "field, plain". Additionally, the Japanese word for rock dove is 河原鳩/カワラバト (kawarabato). The second kanji character appears in his name.



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