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"This rock dove is called Kawara Ryouta. We've been friends since he was barely hatched. He can be a little mischievous, but he's responsible and kind."
Hiyoko Tosaka[src]

Ryouta Kawara (華原 涼太) is a rock dove, and a childhood friend of Hiyoko Tosaka. He is also a sophomore in class 2-3. His mother is ailing, so he maintains several jobs in order to compensate for her inability to work. Hiyoko describes him as a little mischievous, but responsible and kind.

He is a great cook. He also has an easily upset stomach and poor health, something which he often goes to the infirmary to consult Shuu about. Even though he relies on Shuu, he knows about the dark rumors surrounding the deadly partridge.

Physical Description

As a human, Ryouta has bright red eyes, resemblant of his bird form's eye color. His hair is short and "spiky", growing characteristically in all directions. It's dark blue, in reference to a pigeon's plumage as well.

Ryouta is mostly seen wearing the classic St. Pigeonation's school uniform, with no unique quirks or additions. Beneath the jacket, he wears a white dress shirt and a blue tie. The tie also has a golden pin, resembling a dove's wing. He wears blue jeans, held by a plain brown belt, and red sneakers.

Despite his plain appearance at school, Ryouta is one of the characters who are frequently drawn wearing all kinds of outfits. Mostly crossdressing, in reference to his job-alter-ego Coolene (ポポリーヌ Poporīnu), where he rocks a pink frilly maid outfit.

Personality and Traits

According to Hiyoko, Ryouta is responsible and kind and can be a little mischievous. He seems to be a very passive birdie but that doesn't stop him from trying to help when he can. He is a very open-minded birdie and manages to get along well with almost everyone because of it.

Ryouta often finds himself as the middleman in conflicts between his peers. He tries to calm situations down as best as he can, such as trying to remove Okosan from an area when the fantail throws fits, and often calling out Sakuya on being impolite or classist.

Ryouta is indifferent about his crossdressing. He simply sees it as part of his work. He doesn't seem to be bothered that much when other birdies comment on it.

He loves his mother very much. He has picked up several part-time jobs in order to care for her and he doesn't seem to mind this at all. He even gains her permission to apply for his jobs that involve crossdressing and she seems to approve of it.

Ryouta seems apprehensive of Shuu Iwamine despite constantly consulting the doctor for care about his stomach problems. He even warns Hiyoko to stay away from Shuu if she joins the Infirmary Staff.

Ryouta can be very expressive and emotional, with these expressions of emotions often appearing in bursts. He can also detach from his emotions and hide them. Though his detachment is seen more in the Bad Boys Love route.

Carve it into your soul, kid!
Spoilers for Ryouta's Ending, Bad Boys Love route, and Holiday Star follow.

When Ryouta's mother passes in his ending, he is affected very deeply and cries to Hiyoko. The death of his mother and watching her hurt for most of his life caused Ryouta to avoid wanting to enter a relationship with Hiyoko, despite his long lasting affection for her. He feared the kind of grief and pain Hiyoko would go through when he died as he mentioned that pigeons still have a smaller lifespans than humans as well as bringing up his chronic illness.

This theme of fearing change and loss seems to persist into the events of Holiday Star. Ryouta is shown to be reluctant to leave the Holiday Star, stating to Yuuya that he is scared of the potential changes to his friendship with Hiyoko. He even mentions being jealous of Nageki's friendship with Hiyoko and fearing her potentially getting into a relationship with Nageki. However, with a bit of coaxing and talk from Yuuya, he agrees to leave the Holiday Star and face the future.

In Bad Boys Love route, Ryouta is heavily affected by Hiyoko's death. He finds himself unable to process his emotions and ultimately detaches from them as the route goes on in order to pursue the investigation to find her killer. He teams up with Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane and One-san throughout the route to gather clues about the murder.

His apprehension towards Shuu in this route is increased tenfold. He had a hunch at the very start that the doctor carried out the gruesome murder even without proper evidence of such. The topic of Shuu seems to be a sore topic for Ryouta and he will adamantly voice his distrust, disgust, and disdain for the doctor when he can.

Though the accusatory nature doesn't stop at Shuu. When they entered the abandoned building, Ryouta thought that Anghel must have been the one to murder Hiyoko.

Ryouta's constant emotional detachment and distress comes to a peak near the end of the route when he surrenders to Shuu after learning that Labor 9 was Hiyoko all along. He says that 'nothing matters anymore' and laments that he has lost everything.

However, once he is brought back to his senses and understands his partial childhood amnesia around the Heartful House Incident, Ryouta tells Shuu that the death of all humans isn't what he wanted when he meant he didn't want birds and humans to fight anymore- nor did he want to actually die for it. He begins to comfort Shuu. Telling the doctor that he doesn't have to chase after Ryuuji's shadow anymore. This is a display of the amount of compassion and sympathy that Ryouta is willing to extend to other birdies, even after everything that had happened.

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Ryouta consists of the kanji characters 涼 (ryō), "cool, refreshing", and 太 (ta), "thick, big".

Kawara consists of the kanji characters 華 (ka), "flower, petal", and 原 (wara), "field, plain". Additionally, the Japanese word for rock dove is kawarabato (カワラバト).


  • He prefers calm corn for Legumentine's.
  • Ryouta doesn't know how to swim, but made it his goal to learn it before graduation.
  • Ryouta got the Defender (ISFJ) personality on the 16personalities test.[10]
  • Ryouta made an appearance in the first Heavenstrike Rivals collaboration with Hatoful Boyfriend, appearing as a unit drop character.

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