Ryouta Kawara
華原 涼太
Real World
Debut: Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings
Theme: 追憶
Character Voice: Asanuma Shintaro
Heartful Stats
Hatchday: 3 December[1], 2171
Gender: Male
Species: Rock dove
Occupation: Maid café waitress
Also known as
"This rock dove is called Kawara Ryouta. We've been friends since he was barely hatched. He can be a little mischevious, but he's responsible and kind."
Hiyoko Tosaka[src]

Ryouta Kawara (華原 涼太) is a rock dove, and a childhood friend of Hiyoko Tosaka. He is also a sophomore in class 2-3. His mother is ailing, so he maintains several jobs in order to compensate for her inability to work. Hiyoko describes him as a little mischievous, but responsible and kind.


He is a great cook. He also has an easily upset stomach and poor health, something which he often goes to the infirmary to consult Shuu about. Even though he relies on Shuu, he knows about the dark rumors surrounding the deadly partridge.

His father is Kawara Ryuuji. Ryouta rarely saw Ryuuji because his father was always busy with research.

Early Life

He works at a maid café as their ace maid Coolene (ポポリーヌ Poporīnu) for one of his jobs and always seems to be crossdressing.

Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings

While It Lasts
Ending Number: 01
Unlocks: Note No. 7

ED No.01: While It Lasts

We find out that Ryouta and Hiyoko met when she saved his life after he fell out of his nest as a baby. Since then he has been good friends with her.

During summer, when you look for a job at Torimi Cafe, he will show up looking for the same job. You can either give him the job or keep it yourself.

In the end, his mother is hospitalized and dies, and he is devastated. Even though he knows Hiyoko's feelings and loves her, he realizes the difference between a human's and a pigeon's lifespan and is concerned that if Hiyoko were to spend her life with him, she would end up alone. Having seen his mother suffer after his father Ryuuji's death has possibly made that realization all the worse.

Bad Boy's Love (Hurtful Boyfriend)

Carve it into your soul, kid!
Spoilers for Bad Boys Love follow.

Ryouta oversleeps and rushes to school to be late on the second day of the semester. Ryouta is surprised to see Hiyoko was absent as was Kazuaki. Sakuya calls him a feral for being late and remarks that he isn't surprised that humans died out seeing that Hiyoko has skipped out on class. Just then, the bell rings and Kazuaki reminds everyone that they'll be voting for members of the student council in second period. Ryouta becomes concerned that Hiyoko still hasn't shown up and decides to call her to see how she was. Before he could, Kazuaki asks him to go pick up the class's print box, which contains the class's printouts since a student council hasn't been chosen yet. Ryouta goes to the faculty room to pick up the class's print box, noting that it was heavier than he expected. He heads back and Kazuaki thanks him until he notices there was blood on Ryouta's wing. Ryouta is perplexed as he was sure he didn't cut himself and notices that one corner of the print box was stained with blood. He feels a bit sick but still decides to open the box anyways. He instantly recognizes the severed head of his friend Hiyoko and is overcome with shock.

1st Class

Kazuaki tells Ryouta to turn away as looking at it would only make the pain worse. Suddenly the school's alarm system blares and each classroom is flooded in red light. The PA system turns on to instruct every student to evacuate their classrooms to the gymnasium. Ryouta is hesitant to leave Hiyoko, but Sakuya pushes him to leave the classroom with the others.

In the gymnasium, Ryouta, Sakuya, San, and Kazuaki learn that other classrooms had received print boxes with different human body parts. Sakuya is flustered by the lack of information on the situation and demands to know if this was a surprise drill of some sort. Kazuaki responds that their practice drill was not due until next month so this must be a real emergency. Just then, the headmaster Ichijou Mino makes an broadcast announcement on the school's video network that there is a natural disaster going on outside and that the school has been made a designated evacuation site. Sakuya demands to know what their next move is, to which Kazuaki is unsure of what to do since their class cannot continue under the circumstances. Ryouta wishes to retreive Hiyoko and Sakuya responds that he must remain calm and be practical. Ryouta replies that he is of sound mind and just doesn't feel comfortable leaving Hiyoko in the classroom. Kazuaki remarks that the headmaster did say to remain in the gym, but never said not to leave so Sakuya decides to go with Ryouta to uphold his responsibility as president of the student council. Ryouta thanks him and Sakuya responds that although Hiyoko was foolish and rash, even he does not think she was deserving of death.

Upon leaving the gym, Ryouta and Sakuya are surprised to see that the entire school has been encased in a concrete dome. Ryouta wonders when the dome was put up and Sakuya surmises that it's possible nobirdie noticed when everyone headed to the gym.

The two of them make their way back to their classroom and notice that the print boxes in the other classrooms have been left behind as well. Ryouta goes to the print box in their classroom, but couldn't bring himself to open it again. Sakuya opens it instead and is surprised that Hiyoko's head is gone. Ryouta is shocked and Sakuya remarks that the body parts may have been moved while everybirdie was in the gym. Just then, Yuuya shows up and gives his condolences to Ryouta. Ryouta asks what happened and Yuuya responds that the other infirmary assistants gathered up all Hiyoko's body parts and compiled them in the chemistry lab. He goes on to say they did so while everyone was in the gym because they couldn't leave Hiyoko lying about like that for mental reasons and in order to perform an autopsy on her remains. He is just as clueless as them on what's going on and says that the doctor is performing the autopsy as he speaks. Ryouta exclaims why, indicating that he did not trust the doctor and certainly feels uneasy about him handling Hiyoko's body. Yuuya understands Ryouta's sentiments and added that he had asked Kazuaki to monitor the doctor.

Yuuya then suggests that the two of them visit the One in the maintenance room and then goes off on his own. Ryouta and Sakuya decide to check out the maintenance room where the One tells them that everything technological has been cut off since this morning so they would not be able to reach the outside world either through Internet or their phones. Ryouta remarks that it's rather strange that they would cut off communications if there really was a natural disaster going on outside. Sakuya decides that they should leave and the One gives them the advice to check out the headmaster's office if they cannot find any other clues.

Ryouta and Sakuya go to check out the laboratory to check on the progress on Hiyoko's autopsy. Ryouta thanks Kazuaki for being with Hiyoko and the teacher explains that Yuuya had summoned him as soon as Ryouta and Sakuya left the gym. Shuu had just finished assembling the human so the autopsy had not begun just yet. He suggests that the two investigate outside as it would be a while before the autopsy would be completed. Before they leave, Shuu tells Ryouta that he knows the rock dove suspects him and that he should remember what he has forgotten in order to solve the mystery.

Ryouta and Sakuya go outside to examine the dome more closely. They note that it's thick and dense, so breaking through it would not be an option. Ryouta suspects it may be blocking mobile phone reception as well since he cannot get a signal on his phone. Sakuya discovers a part of the dome about 20 meters up that looks like it could be an escape hatch. The two of them fly up and see that it cannot be opened manually at all. Ryouta begins to worry for his mother and wonders how she's doing.

Now that they have a better understanding of the situation, Ryouta and Sakuya decide to go to the headmaster's office on the first floor to interrogate him. They are surprised to see that the office was locked. Sakuya becomes frustrated and exclaims that they were getting into the office one way or another. Just then, Ryouta hears a noise and from behind Sakuya came a scarecrow-like creature.

2nd Class

The two of them flee towards the stairs where they managed to lose the scarecrow. Ryouta asserts that they need to get back to the laboratory to warn Kazuaki and the others. The two of them report that the headmaster's office was locked and that they were accosted by some strange metal scarecrow. Shuu announces that his autopsy was complete and concludes Hiyoko died from suffocation. Since he was unable to find signs of struggle, he concludes that she either died from poison or sickness. Sakuya asks if she was dismembered after she died and Shuu says it's likely due to the lack of bleeding evident in her remains. He goes on to estimate her time of death was some time after school yesterday and then she was found this morning. Sakuya asks Ryouta if he had seen her after school yesterday and Ryouta remarks that he didn't see her at all since he went straight home from school to help his mother. Kazuaki added that he went straight home after class as well and Shuu states that he was in the infirmary all day and didn't see anything. Ryouta then asks Kazuaki if he knows of the key to the headmaster's office and the teacher responds that he'll ask the vice principal for it as it should be in the faculty room. He tells Ryouta and Sakuya to be careful and the two students leave. After they were gone, Kazuaki wonders why Ryouta lied about going straight home.

Out in the hallway, Ryouta wonders if he could trust Shuu and Sakuya chastises him for letting his biases get the better of his judgment. Ryouta counters that perhaps Sakuya trusts the doctor too much and the pigeon counters that the doctor's medicines helped cure his father so he is indebted to the doctor. The two of them head over to the maintenance room where they told the One of what happened when they went to the headmaster's office. There they were surprised to see Yuuya, who had also encountered the metal scarecrow.

Ryouta and Sakuya then head to the gym to interrogate the students there on Hiyoko's whereabouts. They find San, who is upset that everyone left him behind in the gym, and ask him if he had seen Hiyoko yesterday afternoon and San responds that he didn't. Sakuya questions San's memory and San counters angrily that he truly never saw Hiyoko during that time and that if they had asked about a blood-stained intruder. Ryouta and Sakuya are surprised as San goes on to explain that he saw a blood-stained bird entering the infirmary during that time period. They thank San for the information and head back to the school.

Now past noon, Ryouta and Sakuya wander the halls looking for clues that may give them an answer as to what happened to Hiyoko and who the blood-stained bird was. They were lucky to not encounter the scarecrow, but they didn't find any new information either. While they stood outside the library wondering what to do, Ryouta hears a voice and wonders what it was. Sakuya remarks that he heard nothing and the two of them head into the library to investigate. They look around to find nobirdie there and Sakuya chastises Ryouta for sending them on a wild goose chase.

After reaching the laboratory, Ryouta and Sakuya ask Kazuaki if he managed to get the key and the teacher responds affirmatively. Yuuya assures them that he'll be here with the doctor and Ryouta and Sakuya leave with Kazuaki. They check the hallways for signs of of the scarecrow and head quickly to the headmaster's office. There, they finally meet the headmaster and are ready to interrogate him when Sakuya notices that something was off. They quickly discover that the headmaster had been dead for some time, denying them of the answers they sought.

3rd Class

The three of them bring Shuu to the headmaster's office, who concludes that the nicobar pigeon was poisoned just a few hours ago. However, he suspects it's possible the headmaster was dead even during the video broadcast. Kazuaki investigated the broadcasting equipment and discovered that the broadcast was a recorded video from last year's disaster drill. He suspects that the magnitude of the situation may be more dire than they thought and suggests that they keep this information among themselves. Shuu agrees, saying that letting everybirdie know would cause unnecessary panic. Sakuya suggests that Hiyoko and the headmaster's death must be connect and that they should search the office for any clues as to why.

While searching, Ryouta comes across some information about transfer students and sees a file about a human representative. He shows it to Sakuya, who asserts that information about transfer students shouldn't be any more important than a minority representative so there's no reason for the file to be under lock and key. Ryouta suggests taking it to the One to see if he could unlock it as the information may be significant to their investigation. In addition to that, Ryouta also wonders about the control panel on the headmaster's desk. Sakuya sees that it's locked and surmises it may be connected to the dome or the escape hatch. Before they leave, Shuu approaches Ryouta again to ask him if he's remembered what he's forgotten yet. Ryouta is still unsure if the doctor is just messing with him, to which Shuu gives him another hint to keep going with the investigation.

Ryouta and Sakuya meet the One in the maintenance room, who is intrigued by what they told him. They give him the file and he responds that it'll be rather tricky to break into as making the wrong move will cause it to go up into flames. The students are shocked as to what could be in the file to implement such drastic measures. The One tells them that he could break into it, but it'll take some time. Ryouta also brings up the control panel in the office and the One suggests that they ask Yuuya as he is the "master of unauthorized access." Sakuya is appalled that his brother would lower himself to criminal activities, which Ryouta defends that it's a necessary evil.

Ryouta and Sakuya make their way to the laboratory to find Yuuya when they encounter the scarecrow blocking the way to the lab. They had no choice but to run away and somehow went in different directions in the ensuing panic. Ryouta found himself in the school's library again where he encounters a freshman name Nageki. Ryouta tells Nageki that everybirdie is supposed to be in the gym and Nageki asks him if he's Kawara Ryouta. Ryouta is surprised and Nageki affirms that this was their first meeting. When asked, Nageki said that Hiyoko told him Ryouta's name and Ryouta recalls that the girl did mention that she befriended a freshman in the library. He asks Nageki if she was in the library yesterday afternoon and Nageki said she wasn't. He goes on to say that he knows Hiyoko is dead because she told him so. Ryouta is baffled, but before he could ask more, Nageki vanishes from sight. He begins to wonder if he's truly going crazy and heads to the laboratory.

Ryouta reunites with Sakuya and Yuuya in the lab and is glad to know Sakuya was safe. Yuuya remarks that his brother was really worried about the rock dove, to which Sakuya responds back angrily. Ryouta laughs it off and apologizes to Sakuya for worrying him. The three of them then go on over to the headmaster's office. Kazuaki welcomes them back and Ryouta and Sakuya explain that they need to hack into the control panel. The teacher remarks that it is illegal, but necessary and gives them permission to go ahead.

Yuuya manages to get them logged in as the administrator and Ryouta sees that there's simply an open and a close button. He has no idea if the control panel will open up the entire dome or only the escape hatch. If there really is a natural disaster going on, he could endanger the entire school by opening either one. But if he keeps everything closed, then everybirdie is stuck with a crazed metal scarecrow terrorizing the school. He decides to press the open button and a notification comes up saying the escape hatch is open. It then goes on to say that the hatch will only open for 15 minutes before it closes and the system would have to be rebooted for another opportunity. Ryouta notes that 15 minutes to evacuate is rather odd, but Sakuya adds that just being able to look out and confirm whether there's a natural disaster or not is enough. Kazuaki decides to go with them to investigate while Shuu and Yuuya head back to the laboratory.

Ryouta, Sakuya, and Kazuaki go out to investigate the hatch and conclude that there was no natural disaster at all from the sight of the clear sky through the hatch. Ryouta surmises that they could probably get 2 to 3 birds through the small hatch at a time. They can't get a look of the city, but it's clear that the entire natural disaster story was a fabrication and the appearance of the dome is looking more likely connected with Hiyoko's death. Ryouta volunteers to go through the hatch, but the birds in the gym have gone out and saw the open hatch. Kazuaki tells them to go back into the gym, but one of the bird goes through anyhow. A gunshot was heard followed by a scream from that bird. Ryouta is shocked and tries to go after the student, but Sakuya tells him that he'll only get shot as well. Before they could figure out what to do, the hatch door swings close.

4th Class

Kazuaki and Sakuya tell Ryouta that this was no time to mourn and that they must think of what to do next. Leaving the school was no longer an option as everyone will be shot dead if escape is attempted. The only choice left was to solve the mystery of Hiyoko's death and find out why this was all happening. Sakuya asks Ryouta what their next move was and Ryouta suggests going back to the One to see how he's progressing on the file.

After filling in the One about everything that happened, Ryouta wonders if the One is really just a maintenance worker. The One decides it was time to reveal his true identity since a student is now dead. He introduces himself as Leone JB, an S-Class agent of the Dove Party. Ryouta is confused until Sakuya explains the politics of the modern world to him. Ryouta is surprised that there is still animosity between humans and birds and Leone J.B. goes on to explain that he was dispatched to the school to counter Hawk Party activity going on. Sakuya is perplexed that a school known for tolerance towards humans would be involved with the Hawk Party. Leon J.B. explains that an increasing amount of Hawk Party members have been associating with the school and that may have led to the current situation.

Ryouta and Sakuya then look through the file that Leone J.B. successfully opened. It spoke of a human representative program, which obviously involved Hiyoko. It went on to explain that should the representative die while in the school, the campus would be sealed off and all birds within are to be given to the humans as prisoners. From the file, they discover that the dome will be removed 12 hours after the death of the human is confirmed. Leone J.B. chimes in to tell them that the school was initially founded in order to promote coexistence with humans, but the infiltration of the Hawk Party led to that representative program. Sakuya concludes that the program was designed to strengthen the animosity between birds and humans and widen the divide between them.

From the morning Hiyoko's body was discovered, Sakuya estimates that they have until 10 PM to figure out how to escape alive. Leon J.B. confirms that it was just past 2 PM, leaving them only 8 hours to solve the mystery of who killed Hiyoko and how to escape from the school in one piece. Before the two of them leave, Ryouta notices that there is another document in the folder labeled "Operation Hatoful." Unfortunately the bottom half was torn away so they are unable to learn more about it. Leone J.B. says this is the first he's heard of Operation Hatoful and remarks that perhaps they would be able to know more by learning about the history of the school. Before Ryouta and Sakuya decide to go look into the school's history, Leone J.B. adds that there is another Dove Party operative in the school who will help them.

Out in the hallway, the two of them determine that the library would be their best bet since they've already searched through the headmaster's office. Sakuya reminds Ryouta of the blood-stained bird that San mentioned and the two head off to continue their investigation. Going back to the laboratory, they encounter Yuuya there and ask him if he's sure he didn't see anything out of the ordinary in the infirmary yesterday. Yuuya affirms his and the doctor's innocence and points out that San said he saw someone go TO the infirmary, but not IN. Ryouta concedes to the detail and decides that there's nothing more to be said about it.

Ryouta and Sakuya make their way to the library and begin searching through the books to find anything about the school's history. While searching, Ryouta notices a line of encyclopedias was incomplete and it missing a Volume 6, but has an extra Volume 9. Suddenly Nageki appears and tells him that the school records are not near the encyclopedias, but behind the reception desk. Sakuya asks why Ryouta is talking to himself, to which Ryouta responds he was talking to Nageki. Sakuya is skeptical, saying that there was no one else in the library besides them. Ryouta starts to question his sanity and asks Nageki if he's a hallucination. Nageki responds rather cryptically and asks Ryouta if he remembered what he forgot. Ryouta is taken aback as there was no way both Shuu and Nageki would ask him the same question. But before he could ask Nageki more, the freshman vanished.

Looking through the shelf behind the reception desk, Ryouta and Sakuya find a historical record of the school and are surprised to discover that the school has only been around for about 8 years. Ryouta then points out that the school had a medical center that shut down from a fire just 3 years after the school opened. Sakuya remarks that there was no mention of a medical center in the school's current brochure. Ryouta reads on to find that a freshman name Fujishiro Nageki perished in the fire and slowly began to realize that the Nageki he had been talking to was actually a ghost. Sakuya is aghast that Ryouta would consider relying on a ghost to progress their investigation. However, Ryouta was unable to find Nageki again and so the two of them leave the library.

Ryouta suggests looking for the hidden medical center so Sakuya asks if the school has any unused buildings they could investigate. The rock dove ponders about it for a moment and remembers that the school has an old hall. Sakuya is flabbergasted that there would be an old hall of any sort considering the school hasn't been around for even ten years. Ryouta sheepishly agrees and leads the fantail pigeon to the old hall. They discover the door is locked and Sakuya suggests breaking it down if need be. Ryouta remarks that the transfer student was starting to sound like a delinquent and the two of them proceed to break into the old hall.

Inside, Ryouta coughs at the amount of dust that has built up. They immediately see that barely anything was left behind after the building was abandoned, but they press on anyhow. They find what looks to be a reference room and saw that most of the shelves were pretty much empty, including one marked as Operation Hatoful. Suddenly Ryouta notices a shelf of encyclopedias that had an extra Volume 6 marked with a library sticker. He supposes somebirdie took the volume from the library and switched out the Volume 9 book. Sakuya suspects only tomfoolery and the two of them leave the reference room.

Out in the hallway, Sakuya wonders how they'll be able to get to the medical center as there are no stairs to be seen and the elevator lacks a button. He sees that a wall is where it shouldn't be and Ryouta doesn't think much of it until the pigeon tells him to look more closely. Sure enough, a part of the wall was unlike the other walls, evidence that it was put it much later than the rest of the building. Sakuya supposes that it's blocking access to the building's stairway and remarks that it's quite a bit of work to do after a fire.

Suddenly, the two of them hear a noise and Sakuya suspects that someone else has broken into the building. They begin to run until they hear a voice telling them to stop. Sakuya stops Ryouta and the two were met with a small bird with a blood-stained chest. Ryouta immediately recognized the bird as a member of the manga club whose homeroom was next door to theirs. The bird, known as Anghel, engages in combat with Ryouta, who somehow becomes entranced into the fight. Sakuya breaks them up by hitting them both, knocking sense back into Ryouta and shaking Anghel.

Anghel begins spouting some nonsense about following demon spores when Ryouta realizes that the bird that San was talking about must've been Anghel. Sakuya quickly demands Anghel to tell them where he was yesterday afternoon. The blood-stained bird asserts that he was in the infirmary. Sakuya grabs Anghel and drags him out to the gym where the three of them met up with San. San confirms that Anghel was indeed the bird he saw going to the infirmary yesterday afternoon and Sakuya asks Anghel if he actually went in. Anghel responds that he would if he could, "but only the Chosen One can stop the demon spores." Sakuya exclaims angrily that Anghel was useless until the blood-stained bird asserted that he saw Hiyoko going into the infirmary.

5th Class

Ryouta and Sakuya were shocked to hear Anghel's claim that Hiyoko went into the infirmary; it meant that both Yuuya and Shuu lied about not seeing anyone in the infirmary that day. Not only that, when Anghel tried to go in after her, the door was locked.

After hearing Anghel's testimony, Ryouta and Sakuya meet in the maintenance room to figure out what their next move is. Trying to confront Yuuya and Shuu with only Anghel's word wouldn't do; they would need more evidence to back them up. Sakuya suggests that Yuuya was lying to place blame on the doctor, but Ryouta reminds him that they both would need to put aside their biases if they hope to solve this mystery. Sakuya realizes that in order to find evidence to support Anghel's claim, they would need to investigate the infirmary. Sakuya decides that he will go to the laboratory to distract his brother and the doctor while Ryouta checks out the infirmary. Leone L.B. arrives in the maintenance room with the Master Key, which would unlock any room in the school that has simple locks. He also presents a stun gun for protection in case they run into the metal scarecrow or anyone else who would threaten them. Sakuya suggests that Ryouta takes the items since he would be more likely to need them. Ryouta thanks Leone L.B. and takes off while Sakuya heads to the laboratory.

Ryouta manages to make his way to the infirmary without incident and discovers that the door to the room was locked. He wonders if it had been locked since that morning and tries to use the Master Key that Leone L.B. gave him. It works to his satisfaction and he enters the infirmary. Looking around, he tries to determine where to start looking and remembers hearing that the doctor forbade his assistants from touching his desk. He goes over to the desk to find that it is locked and uses the Master Key to gain access to the files within. Inside he only found 4 medical records: his, Hiyoko's, Nageki's, and Sakuya's. He takes a closer look at Nageki's medical file and saw that it was labeled with "St. Pigeonation's Medical Center" while the others were not. He wonders if Shuu had taken the file from the old medical center and, if so, does the doctor know about the fire that happened there 5 years ago. Ryouta then notices a memo in Sakuya's file and tries to read it when he was knocked out from behind.

When Ryouta came to some time later, he discovers that the medical records he found were nowhere to be seen. He chastises himself for being so careless to get attacked from behind even with the stun gun that Leone L.B. gave him. As he laid on the floor, he spots something underneath the desk and reaches out to pick it up. It turns out to be Hiyoko's student ID with blood on the corner.

With solid evidence in hand, he goes to find Sakuya in the laboratory and tells him he needs to talk to him in the maintenance room. Before they leave, Shuu asserts that it would be physically impossible for him to cut up Hiyoko and distribute her body in the print boxes due to his health issues. When Ryouta questions this, Kazuaki confirms that Shuu is physically impaired down his right side. Shuu goes on to explain that he was injured a long time ago and so he wouldn't be able to drag a body of any sort with just one wing. With that info in mind, Ryouta and Sakuya leave.

On the way to the maintenance room, Ryouta fills Sakuya in on what he learned in the infirmary. Now that they know that Shuu is impaired, they can only conclude that Yuuya was working with the doctor. Just then, Yuuya appears and tells them he overheard gossip about him. Sakuya uses this opportunity to confront his brother about what he said about not seeing anyone in the infirmary and demands to know the truth. Yuuya indicates that he knows something but responds that he cannot say anything, for that very moment, the three of them were accosted by the metal scarecrow. They all began running and in the chaos Ryouta was split up from Yuuya and Sakuya.

Ryouta meets up with Sakuya in the maintenance room later, glad to see his fellow student in one piece. They talk about Sakuya's relationship to his brother and Ryouta mentions that he's an only child so he wouldn't know what it's like to have siblings. The both of them collect their thoughts and decide to confront the doctor. At this point, it was 6 PM, about four hours left before they were to be handed over to the humans for punishment. As Ryouta turns to talk to Sakuya, he notices the fantail pigeon had disappeared. Leone L.B. states that Sakuya had left without him and Ryouta realizes that he's gone to confront the doctor by himself.

Ryouta arrives to the infirmary just before Shuu could take a step towards Sakuya and accuses the partridge of murdering Hiyoko. Shuu laughs at the acusation just as the metal scarecrow arrives. He refers to the monstrosity as Labor 9 and the two of them leave. Ryouta tries to go after them, but Yuuya stops him by telling him not to follow. Sakuya tells his brother to stop talking to save his energy while Ryouta goes to get Leone L.B. for help. Again, Yuuya tells him not to go and says that it was time for him to explain everything since time was running out. He goes on to assert that it was true that the doctor and him did not kill Hiyoko. However, she did indeed die in the infirmary yesterday afternoon. Sakuya concludes that someone else killed her and Yuuya affirms that, but said that he cannot say who it was that killed her. He apologizes to Ryouta and admits that he and the doctor were the ones who cut up her body. He explains that they did it because the doctor didn't want anyone to know until morning, so it would give the humans enough time to gather.

Yuuya then asks Ryouta to go outside so he could talk to his brother alone. After a few minutes of waiting outside, Ryouta hears Sakuya wailing in sorrow and he could only suspect that Yuuya has passed on.

6th Class

It was 6 PM in the maintenance room when Ryouta and Leone L.B. began talking about what Shuu meant by meeting him underground. Leone L.B. supposes the doctor meant the old medical center and that there must be a way to get in there from the main building. Ryouta tries to think and remembers that the missing encyclopedia from the library was found in the old hall's reference room. He turns to Sakuya, who was still coping with the loss of his brother, and decides to head to the library on his own in hopes of running into Nageki again.

Ryouta arrives to tell Nageki what he knew of the freshman, that the mourning dove died five years ago in a fire at the old medical center. Nageki recalls taking his own life, but still cannot remember the details surrounding it. Ryouta then brings up the switched encyclopedia volumes and Nageki asks him to read the extra Volume 9. Ryouta opens it and is surprised to find that it was not a book but a secret box full of files. One of them read Operation Hatoful and mentioned something about carriers being used as biological weapons against humans. The rock dove was surprised to find that this was what Operation Hatoful was about.

Hearing all that, Nageki finally remembers that he was the one who switched the volumes five years ago. He wanted to let others know what was happening in the medical center and that he was being used to make humans sick. He recalls that he was the one who burned down the medical center. He doesn't understand why he couldn't remember until now and wonders if Ryouta was the reason why.

Nageki begins pacing around as the memories began coming back to him. He tells Ryouta of his life's story and how he came to be in St. Pigeonation's medical center. Ryouta didn't know what to say after hearing the whole truth about Operation Hatoful. Nageki goes on to say that despite his efforts to erase all remnants of himself and the medical center, there must still be some part of him left to keep the Charon Virus alive. He asks Ryouta if he is planning to go to the basement and the rock dove replies that he must in order to find out why Hiyoko died and to escape from the school. To that end, Nageki asks Ryouta if there was anything else in the book box and Ryouta finds a map of the school. After examining the map, the two of them determine that the stairs to the underground medical facility must be in the chemistry lab's preparation room.

7th Class

Ryouta heads back to the maintenance room to explain everything he discovered to Kazuaki, Sakuya, and Leone L.B. Kazuaki notes that he's never seen anything resembling a door in the prep room. Ryouta sees that it's now 7 PM, which leaves them only 3 hours to find Shuu and solve the mystery of Hiyoko's death. Ryouta wonders if he should have everybirdie in the gym go with him and Leone L.B. assures him that he will take care of things. Kazuaki asserts that he will go with Ryouta to fulfill his responsibility as their homeroom teacher. Ryouta thanks him and asks Sakuya if he'll be joining them. Still downtrodden, the fantail pigeon tells them to go ahead and the two of them prepare to leave. They are suddenly joined by Anghel, who appeared out of nowhere and wished to face the doctor as well.

Ryouta, Kazuaki, and Anghel head over to the prep room to investigate where a hidden door would be. Kazuaki hears a draft of wind despite there being no windows at all in the room and surmises it must be coming from the hidden passage. Anghel uses his instincts to track down the draft coming from behind a mirror and throws it aside to reveal the secret passage. Down the passage the three of them went until they emerge into the underground facility. Kazuaki marvels at the sophistication of it all; even Ryouta is impressed at how all this was sitting right underneath the school; a facility aimed at killing humans since the school was founded and none of them knew about it.

Ryouta asks Anghel which way they should go and the blood-stained bird begins contemplating a direction when suddenly he exclaims that "the Midnight Hunter approaches!" Sure enough, Labor 9 appears and begins to attack the three birds. Anghel gets an idea to attack it with "holy water," to which Kazuaki determines that he meant to use the fire hose nearby. He hobbles over to the hose and aims it at Labor 9 to douse it in water. Ryouta sets the stun gun at maximum output and throws it at the robot, causing it to short-circuit and collapse to the ground.

With the robot disabled, Ryouta, Anghel, and Kazuaki all move themselves deeper within the medical center. The teacher notices that some of the documents scattered about look fairly new and sees that the computer monitors display names of current students. From the looks of things, Kazuaki determined that each of the students listed were invited to the school due to their physical peculiarities. He asks Ryouta how he managed to enroll into the school with his financial instability and Ryouta recalls that he was invited. Anghel notes that they are now close to finding Shuu and Ryouta suggests they move faster, but Kazuaki stops to Ryouta to ask him why he lied about yesterday afternoon. The rock dove is taken aback by the question and asserts that he didn't lie. Kazuaki doesn't seem satisfied by his answer but follows after Anghel anyways. Ryouta cannot seem to understand why his teacher would ask him such a question when he's put in so much effort to find out what happened to Hiyoko.

Stepping into the inner sanctum of the medical facility, the three birds soon realize they were in the right place judging from the burn marks and the overall filthyness of the area. As expected, Shuu shows himself to the group and Ryouta accuses him of killing both Hiyoko and the headmaster as well as being responsible for the death of the student that was shot by the humans. Shuu seems annoyed that the rock dove still hasn't figured it out and reiterates that although he dismembered the girl's body, he was not the one who killed her. Anghel begins babbling on about Shuu being a sorcerer and Shuu proceeds to block him and Kazuaki behind an iron grill wall.

Ryouta demands to know what the doctor is up to and Shuu responds simply that his business was with the rock dove himself and not the others. Shuu goes on to assume the student now knows that he had once worked in the medical center and was involved in Operation Hatoful. He explains that the Charon Virus itself could not be spread to humans easily and it could not survive inside of birds. He reveals that the original host of the Charon Virus, Nageki, was afflicted with a condition that impaired his immune system, allowing the virus to live inside him. Because Nageki killed himself, the project was put on hiatus indefinitely until a new carrier could be found to host the virus. Despite Nageki's efforts, Shuu was able to retain some of the mourning dove's remains in preparation for a new host. To that end, Shuu selected a test subject and carefully weakned his immune system over time in order to create a condition similar to Nageki's that would allow the virus to live within it. He considers it an acheivement that he was able to do this within a year and tells Ryouta that he's been a good student.

It is at this point when Ryouta finally remembers what happened yesterday afternoon and why Kazuaki asked him why he lied. He remembered Hiyoko visiting him in the infirmary after he drank the medicine that Shuu gave him. Hiyoko asked if he wanted to walk home with her and reached out to him. He remembers how she stopped and then fell to her knees, gasping for breath. Hazily Ryouta remarked that it was bad that Hiyoko was not breathing and then recalled that his mother wanted him home early. He didn't feel anything was serious and simply said goodbye to Hiyoko while she gasped for air.

Shuu explains that the Charon Virus causes humans to asphyxiate to death and tells Ryouta that any human that comes close to him will die because of it. Ryouta accuses him of lying and asserts that him and Hiyoko have been together since they were kids. Shuu responds that he had only administered the virus to Ryouta just yesterday, the day Hiyoko died. He then reveals the head of Labor 9 to Ryouta and explains that the Labor project was designed by members of the Dove Party as compensation for birds being physically inferior to humans. The project was shut down due to ethical issues, but Shuu continued the project anyways and succeeded with a prototype he dubbed Labor 9. He only finished it after acquiring Hiyoko's brain and sent it to patrol the school. As such, Shuu asserts that Ryouta killed both Hiyoko's body and mind.

With Ryouta's spirit broken from the revelations, Shuu proceeds to lead the rock dove into another room while Kazuaki and Anghel could do nothing but shout at them. After the two of them leave, the room begins to fill with gas to finish off Kazuaki and Anghel.

Ryouta remembers how he and Hiyoko were standing outside the Heartful House orphanage that was taken over by human extremists. Hiyoko's parents were sent in to negotiate with the extremists and were killed for their efforts. This signaled the birds surrounding the orphanage to infiltrate the building. All Ryouta and Hiyoko could hear was the sound of humans and birds screaming among gunfire. After it was all over, a bird approached the two and asked them what was Ryouta's greatest wish. Ryouta wished events like this didn't happen anymore, that he wanted a world where humans and birds didn't fight anymore. That even if he were to die, he wanted there to be peace. Hiyoko nodded in agreement and said that she would do anything to make Ryouta's wish come true. The stranger nodded and promised that someday he will make that wish come true.

Now Ryouta realizes that the stranger who approached him and Hiyoko as kids was none other than Shuu. Shuu explains that in order for his wish to come true, one race would have to die, as he believes peaceful coexistence is not possible between the two races. Ryouta asks Shuu why he chose to grant his wish and the doctor responds that he had promised someone to grant Ryouta's wish. Now that the Charon Virus is thriving within Ryouta, Shuu proclaims that the next step in the experiment is to transfer Nageki's lysosomes to Ryouta. At this point, Ryouta no longer cares as he has lost everything dear to him because of his one wish.

After Shuu injects Nageki's cells into Ryouta, San, Sakuya, Kazuaki and Anghel arrive to save him. Unfortunately they were too late, as Shuu has successfully turned Ryouta into a full-fledged biological weapon, ready to eradicate all humans. The doctor exclaims that it is nearly 10 PM and that the human forces should be fully gathered by now, ready to be wiped out by the Charon Virus in Ryouta. San tries to stop Ryouta but was sent flying into the wall by the rock dove's unexpected new strength. Sakuya is shocked, as San was physically the strongest of all of them. He tries to stop Ryouta himself but was sent flying as well. Kazuaki suggests that Anghel uses his ability to distort reality in order to even the playing field. Sakuya is hesitant to be drawn into Anghel's hypnotic reality, but they were left with no other choice. With Anghel's hypnotism weakening Ryouta, Anghel, San, Kazuaki, and Sakuya all team up to strike against the rock dove with the unexpected appearance of Hiyoko's spirit joining in. With their combined efforts, they were able to knock some sense back into Ryouta.

Now back to his normal self, Ryouta realizes that he does not really want to kill all humans and make everyone sad. Shuu is disappointed that Ryouta broke out of his berserker state and admits he should've collected more data to better prevent this. Anghel and the others prepare to arrest Shuu until Ryouta stops them to ask Shuu why he went through all this trouble to grant his wish. Hesitantly, Shuu explains how he greatly admired Ryouta's father Ryuuji and that Ryuuji was the only bird that Shuu ever respected. Upon Ryuuji's deathbed, Shuu made a promise with him to grant any wish that Ryouta wanted. Shuu's dedication to granting Ryouta's wish was his way to compensate for being unable to surpass Ryuuji's success.

8th Class

Upon revealing all this, Shuu explains that his fulfilling Ryuuji's wish was, to him, a final challenge to the doctor. Seeing as Ryouta is clearly disatisfied with all that he's done for the rock dove, Shuu asks him why. Ryouta simply responds that he wished for a peaceful world where no one would lose their loved ones anymore. He had no desire for a world in which all humans were killed. Shuu exclaims that Ryouta should have been more clear in his wish, to which Sakuya responds that it was an absurd contract to begin with. Ryouta declares that his contract with Shuu was over and that the doctor has no more reason to chase after his father's last will.

With a sigh, Shuu concedes to Ryouta's decision and admits defeat in being unable to fulfill Ryuuji's request. Just then, Leone L.B. arrives with the rest of the students and everyone leaves through Shuu's secret passage. Once the rest of the student body has escaped, Sakuya asks Ryouta if he needs help. The rock dove is hesitant, which Sakuya correctly assumes he wishes to bring what's left of Hiyoko with them. Sakuya then turns his attention to Shuu and declares he will make sure the doctor faces justice for the crimes he has committed against both birds and humans. Shuu is amused by Sakuya's determination and exclaims he will continue conducting research until he was shot by Kazuaki. Everybirdie is shocked by the teacher, who proceeds to shoot Shuu again with the gun he had concealed. Kazuaki then declares that he will take someone and demands to know where Nageki is. Shuu then realizes that Kazuaki was none other than Nageki's orphan brethren Hitori.

After the fire in the medical center, Hitori had bleached his body and changed his name to Kazuaki to avoid detection by the people behind Nageki's death. He joined the faculty of St. Pigeonation's in hopes that he would be able to gain access to the medical center again and find what's left of Nageki. Shuu admits that pieces of Nageki's body was left behind after the fire and that he had worked to preserve them in order to keep the Charon Virus alive. He then goes on to say that Nageki's cells have been transferred to Ryouta's body, and so the Charon Virus lives on in Ryouta's body.

Kazuaki thanks Shuu and goes over to talk to Ryouta as if he was Nageki. Ryouta tries to talk some sense into him but it was no use. Sakuya tries to interfere but Kazuaki shuns him away by pointing his gun at him. The teacher then proceeds to push Ryouta into the very room where Nageki died and locks the door. Sakuya tries to convince the quail to unlock the door and save Ryouta, but his words fall on deaf ears.

Inside the room, Kazuaki makes it known that he plans to cut out Ryouta's liver which Shuu said contained Nageki's cells. Weakened from the battle earlier, Ryouta lacked the strength to fight back and tries to talk Kazuaki out of his emotional trance. Suddenly, the two of them hear Nageki's voice just as Kazuaki stabs the wall behind Ryouta with the knife he pulled out. Nageki asks Ryouta to use his body and with Ryouta's permission, Nageki possesses the rock dove.

It's revealed that Kazuaki blamed himself for Nageki's death and tormented himself for years with dark thoughts that he mistook for Nageki's wishes. Nageki yells at him and tells him to remember what his real wishes were. Slowly but surely, Kazuaki fights through his dark thoughts to remember what Nageki's true wishes were. With that, Nageki thanks Ryouta for letting him use his body and says some words of farewell to Kazuaki.

At long last, Ryouta and Kazuaki emerge from the room to Sakuya's relief. Ryouta assures the fantail pigeon that he is fine and reminds everything that they are out of time and need to leave immediately. Ryouta goes to the cryogenic freezer where he asks Shuu if that was where he kept Nageki's remains. Shuu answers affirmatively and Ryouta decides that he wants to be cryogenically frozen in the medical center with Hiyoko. Sakuya is appalled and tries to convince Ryouta to come with them, but Kazuaki and Shuu confirm that doing so will be the end of any human that comes in contact with Ryouta due to the Charon Virus completely colonizing his body. Sakuya yells at the doctor and demands that the virus be removed, but Shuu asserts that current medical technology is insufficient to remove the virus from Ryouta. In addition, what's left of Hiyoko's brain cannot be restored and there was no guarantee that her mind and personality can be revived. Sakuya is still against the idea of leaving Ryouta behind and accuses Kazuaki and Shuu of being selfish. Kazuaki assures Sakuya that they will be reunited one day, when the technology to revive Hiyoko and remove the virus from Ryouta is made. Ryouta asks Sakuya to tell his mother he will be back someday and Sakuya makes him promise that they will leave the medical center alive together. Ryouta agrees and goes to be cryogenically frozen with Hiyoko. Hiyoko's spirit asks him about what happens, and so he begins to recount the events.

The extended BBL epilogue shows Sakuya keeping his promise of finding the cure and returning to free him.

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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

"The Christmas Thieves Attack!"

"Fallen Chronicles: Absolute Zero"

Ryouta is asked to help out at Anghel's Comiket booth, but because he already had a previous agreement with another booth, requests Hiyoko to take his place. He shows up in Comiket as a crossdressing magical girl, Coore Grey, from Pretty Coore.

Later, when Tohri threatens to destroy the St Pigeonation building, Ryouta reprises his role as Coore Grey together with Nanaki as Coore Light Grey and Hiyoko as Coore Dark Grey to defend the school with a Pretty Coore Barrier.

"The Day the Night Slept (Before)"

"The Day the Night Slept (After)"

Hatoful Boyfriend Web Series

Hatocatch Pretty Coore!

Hatoful Boyfriend Manga




Hatoful Boyfriend Overload! Overflow! EX

Absolute Zero - the Forbidden Epic of Fallen Angels



Hatoful Boyfriend Drama CDs

Ryouta is voiced by 浅沼晋太郎 Asanuma Shintaro in all drama CDs to date.


Primal Feather

Second Feather: Summer Vacation

Hatomame Sweet Blend

Physical Description

As a human, Ryouta has bright red eyes, resemblant of his bird form's eye color. His hair is short and "spiky", growing characteristically in all directions. It's dark blue, in reference to a pigeon's plumage as well.

Ryouta is mostly seen wearing the classic St. Pigeonation's school uniform, with no unique quirks or additions. Beneath the jacket, he wears a white dress shirt and a blue tie. The tie also has a golden pin, resembling a dove's wing. He wears blue jeans, held by a plain brown belt, and red sneakers.

Despite his plain appearance at school, Ryouta is one of the characters who are frequently drawn wearing all kinds of outfits. Mostly crossdressing, in reference to his job-alter-ego Coolene (ポポリーヌ Poporīnu), where he rocks a pink frilly maid outfit.

Personality and Traits

According to Hiyoko, Ryouta is responsible and kind and can be a little mischievous. Although he cares about Hiyoko very much, he is very much aware of the reality of them being together and is hesitant to court her for that very reason.

Ryouta can come off as very plain, with not much of a characteristic aura as every other character. He tends to not pick sides easily, and when it comes to conflict, Ryouta is usually the bystander that gets hurt on accident. He certainly is not a leader, but not a loser either. He may be the most reasonable and open-minded character in the entire cast.

The only character that he is genuinely unsettled by is Shuu Iwamine, very reasonably.

Ryouta can be very expressive. Emotional too, but his ability to hide it varies. Though this is mostly shown in the Drama CDs.

Despite what some other characters' say about it, Ryouta is very indifferent about the fact that he crossdresses a lot throughout the series. He only sees it as a necessity for his jobs and duties, with no ulterior motives.

Carve it into your soul, kid!
Spoilers for Bad Boys Love follow.

Ryouta shows himself to be very close to Hiyoko as he was the most troubled by her death. He becomes greatly dedicated to finding out who killed her and is hesitant to believe Shuu had nothing to do with her death. Even then, he still cares about his fellow students and has even developed a close friendship with Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane. He wishes nothing more than peace between humans and birds.

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Hiyoko Tosaka

Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane

Nageki Fujishiro

Shuu Iwamine

Ryuuji Kawara

Hitori Uzune/Kazuaki Nanaki


Ryouta consists of the kanji characters 涼 (ryō), "cool, refreshing", and 太 (ta), "thick, big".

Kawara consists of the kanji characters 華 (ka), "flower, petal", and 原 (wara), "field, plain". Additionally, the Japanese word for rock dove is kawarabato (カワラバト).


  • His birthday is 3rd December 2171, and he's the youngest of the dateable birdies.
  • He has a short story in the guidebook.
  • He prefers calm corn for Legumentine's.
  • Ryouta doesn't know how to swim, but made it his goal to learn it before graduation.


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