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Release date: January 25th, 2012
Price: ¥



Prologue (プロローグ) was the first drama CD. It is only available in Japanese. Over the course of the drama CD, Ryouta, Sakuya, and Okosan investigate each of the Seven Mysteries of St. Pigeonation's and attempt to solve them all.

Hiyoko: "If you want to hear more about their story, go buy that thing and listen to it! You know the thing? The one that isn’t out in English."
Ryouta: "Will people even know what to buy from that description, Hiyoko?"
— Exchange between Hiyoko and Ryouta[src]

The Drama CD included a small CCG-sized photo card of Moa’s pet dove Okosan

Voice Cast[]



  • Japanese Title: プロローグ
  • Length: 2:54

Ryouta, Sakuya, Nanaki and Okosan discuss the seven Pigeonation mysteries. Sakuya decides to take it upon himself to solve them.

Unofficial English Translation by Kyaaa on dreamwidth.org

  • Ryouta: This is St. Pigeonation Academy. Various pigeons from across Japan... no, across the world gather to come here. I'm Kawara Ryouta. A second-year student attending this academy. Coming here, I spent my day peacefully like always, and returned home peacefully... or I was supposed to, but...
  • Nanaki: All right~ Good work. That's all for today. Everyone be careful going home. There might be monsters.
  • Ryouta: Nanaki-sensei, are you talking about the seven Pigeonation mysteries?
  • Nanaki: Mm, that's right. Everybirdie's talking about them lately. By now they're already a serious topic of discussion at the staff meetings.
  • Sakuya: You talk about imaginary monsters during staff meetings? Just how low-class is this academy?
  • Ryouta: But monsters are scary, Sakuya. San thinks so too, right?
  • Okosan: Coooo! (Quite scary! Monsters aren't up to any good.)
  • Ryouta: There are seven ghost stories just in our school alone. That's a lot in one space. You're not scared, Sakuya?
  • Sakuya: Of course not. They're obviously all rumors. I have no reason to be afraid of the commoners' delusions. However...
  • Ryouta: However?
  • Sakuya: This academy is my territory. If there is even one meaningless rumor floating around that I don't know about, it's a disgrace. As the student council president, I cannot overlook this. Therefore! Henceforth, I shall exterminate these seven mysteries.
  • Ryouta: Amazing! That's our student council president! Now we can rest assured too.
  • Okosan: Cooo coo! (How cool, Sakuya.)
  • Sakuya: What are you doing? You're coming too! Subordinate number one, number two!
  • Ryouta: Eh--me? Wai--Hold on a minute! Don't pull on my tailfeathers Sakuya ow ow ow!
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (You may rely on me! We shall exterminate them!)
  • Nanaki: Do your best... But make sure to go home on time.

First Mystery[]

  • Japanese Title: 第一の不思議
  • Length: 2:41

The gang head to the location of the first mystery, the Infirmary.

Unofficial English Translation by Kyaaa on dreamwidth.org

  • Sakuya: Where should we go first?
  • Ryouta: Ah, you don't know the seven mysteries, Sakuya. Umm... I'm pretty sure the first mystery is...
  • Okosan: Coo. (The infirmary.)
  • Sakuya: Good, let's go!
  • Sakuya: Nobirdie's here... What's going to happen? It's not some worthless ghost story about the human mannequin moving, is it?
  • Okosan: Coooo. (It is not something so tawdry as that.)
  • Ryouta: That's right, Sakuya. Something much more terrifying happens!
  • Shuu: What are you doing?
  • Ryouta: Daaahhh! It's here!!
  • Okosan: Coo coo coo!!
  • Sakuya: Wh-What? Did something happen?
  • Ryouta: Look, right there! Behind you!! Iwamine-sensei appeared!!
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (Terrifying! Iwamine-sensei is more terrifying than any monster.)
  • Sakuya: ...This possibility is so ludicrous I don't even want to think about it, but could it be that the first mystery is...
  • Ryouta: Iwamine-sensei appears in the infirmary. Not only that, but he appears suddenly from behind you.
  • Sakuya: Worthless!! I can't believe how worthless it is!! It's a ghost story for the doctor to appear in the infirmary?! Are you mocking me!?
  • Ryouta: No, even if you tell me that--it's not like I thought of it, just everybirdie’s saying that, so--i-it hurts Sakuya! Don't strangle me!
  • Shuu: Have you finished your conversation?
  • Sakuya: Ah, my apologies for causing a disturbance, Iwamine-sensei.
  • Shuu: Yes, you are indeed quite boisterous. Looking at you, it doesn't appear as if you are in any state to require the infirmary. Ah, could it be that you came to serve as specimens? I shall welcome it in that case. I was just thinking that I would like to begin a new experiment.
  • Ryouta: We're leaving now, sorry to bother you!
  • Okosan: Coo coo coo!
  • Sakuya: Wait! Don't just run off on your own!
  • Shuu: What a shame. If you change your mind, please come back at any time. I'll be waiting.

Second Mystery[]

  • Japanese Title: 第二の不思議
  • Length: 5:42

Next the group decide to investigate the Student Council room ghost story.

Unofficial English Translation by Kyaaa on dreamwidth.org

  • Ryouta: Aahh... I thought I was going to die.
  • Okosan: Coo coo. (Okosan does not like Iwamine-sensei. How ghastly he is.)
  • Sakuya: I didn't think that the ghost stories would get this worthless from the very beginning. It seems the Academy and its seven mysteries are at a proportionate level.
  • Ryouta: You're amazing, Sakuya. I think about two years just got cut off my lifespan.
  • Sakuya: Can your lifespan really shrink or grow like that! Let's hurry up and solve the rest of the mysteries. Where next?
  • Okosan: The second mystery is the student council room.
  • Sakuya: Wh-Wh...at?
  • Ryouta: That's right, Sakuya. You don't know about the student council room ghost story even though you're the president?
  • Sakuya: My room is becoming the seed for the commoners' worthless rumors...!?
  • Ryouta: I'm pretty sure it's... that the student council room is connected to another world?
  • Okosan: Coo coo. (Students that enter the student council room are at some point waaarped into the dump. An interdimensional tunnel.)
  • Sakuya: Foolish! There's nothing like that! I'll prove it to you! Let's go!
  • Ryouta: Uwaaaahhhh! What is this, it's amazing! It's remodeled so extravagantly!
  • Sakuya: Of course. I gave the instructions during the construction work.
  • Ryouta: Is it okay for the student council president to do construction inside the school?
  • Okosan: Coo coo coo. (How it dazzles. Okosan is ecstatic!)
  • Ryouta: Calm down, San! Everything in this room looks expensive, so try not to break it.
  • Okosan: Coo. (Okosan is wise. He shall not act savagely.)
  • Sakuya: But there's no hole connected to another dimension. I understand everything about this room. I absolutely won't accept something as unscientific as an interdimensional tunnel!
  • Ryouta: There really doesn't seem to be anything like that that I can see. San, how about over there?
  • Okosan: Coo coo cooooo! (A scrumptious melon has been discovered! Okosan is ecstatic!)
  • Sakuya: Wh--hey you, don't touch things on your own!
  • Ryouta: Don't, San! That seems like Sakuya's melon...
  • Yuuya: Salut, everybirdie! Oh my, is Hiyoko-chan not with you today?
  • Ryouta: Aah, Sakazaki-senpai! Hiyoko went on ahead home. She said she's going hunting tonight, so she's busy preparing.
  • Yuuya: I see! That's a shame. There's no flowers without any ladies around. Incidentally Sakuya, I heard you're involved in some interesting extracurricular activities? Could you mix me in too?
  • Sakuya: Didn't I tell you not to speak to me in such an overly familiar manner inside the school?
  • Okosan: Coo! (Sakuya is treating Yuuya as an enemy. Siblings are meant to get along well.)
  • Yuuya: Right, right! Can't you be even a little gentle with me? I haven't heard anything but harsh words since I've been here. As your big brother, I thought, I want to be there to treasure my little brother's time of character development~ so I came here~
  • Sakuya: I don't have the time to give to a mongrel like you! Hurry up and leave! If you stay here any longer, I'll consider it trespassing.
  • Yuuya: That's not very attractive, Sakuya. If you had me as your ally, without a doubt, every incident would be settled with sexiness and luxury. So, let's solve these mysteries togeth--adieuuu!
  • Ryouta: Amaaazing! Senpai, you just suddenly fell but you still gave a proper farewell!
  • Okosan: Coo coo coo! (Okosan shall never forget you, Yuuya!)
  • Sakuya: I did warn him.
  • Okosan: Coo. (Sakuya is dropping anything and everything.)
  • Sakuya: Ah, all trespassers end up like this. Just last week the manga study club came in speaking incoherent nonsense and requesting funding, so I dropped them. Naturally, that mongrel is top of the class in frequent falling... but he's a foolish commoner with no propensity for his studies.
  • Ryouta: Ah, hey Sakuya, could it be that the other end of this drop is...
  • Sakuya: The dump.
  • Ryouta: I knew it!
  • Okosan: Coo! (An interdimensional tunnel!)
  • Ryouta: We solved the mystery! The student council room is connected to another world. This rumor is talking about Sakuya dropping Sakazaki-senpai again and again!
  • Sakuya: What's that... In the end, isn't it just an idiotic misunderstanding!
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (But Sakuya is the pigeon in the wrong here.)
  • Ryouta: Poor Sakazaki-senpai. He must be covered in trash right now.
  • Sakuya: That suits a worthless mongrel.
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (He shall be dubbed Trashazaki-senpai.)

Third Mystery[]

  • Japanese Title: 第三の不思議
  • Length: 5:54

The group head to the library, where the third mystery is.

Unofficial English Translation by Kyaaa on dreamwidth.org

  • Sakuya: We've solved the student council room mystery. Let's head to the next one.
  • Ryouta: The third mystery is in the library.
  • Okosan: The monster book.
  • Sakuya: Monster book? Once again, it has an infantile ring to it.
  • Ryouta: The idea is that if you draw in one of the library books, you'll be cursed. Somehow I get the feeling that there's some truth to this one, so leave it to me.
  • Sakuya: As expected of my subordinate! Well then, guide us.
  • Ryouta: No, I wasn't trying to be your subordinate though...
  • Sakuya: Barely anybirdie's here. Do none of the students here read?
  • Ryouta: You're a transfer student, Sakuya, so you probably don't know. The selection of books isn't very good at this academy, so it's not that popular. Somehow it's not very comfortable either... and there's a lot of complaints.
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (It's an even more wretched library in the winter! Okosan was on the brink of frozen death.)
  • Sakuya: I see. I understand now how low the standard of living is for the students. I shall have to propose improvements to the principal as soon as possible. And so? What is the truth that you get the sense of?
  • Ryouta: Ah, there's a dead kid here. He's my friend, so I'll go try asking him!
  • Sakuya: Wait, friends with a dead kid? Did I just hear wrong?
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (Ryouta has befriended monsters? An amazing feat!)
  • Ryouta: Nageki! It's me! Kawara Ryouta! Are you here?
  • Nageki: Be quiet in the library. You're being noisy. What are you doing?
  • Ryouta: Ah, sorry sorry.
  • Sakuya: That guy's talking to a wall. Just what is he doing? Looking like that, is he actually sick?
  • Okosan: Coo! (Sakuya does not understand. Okosan can sense the presence of something invisible to the eye. There is most certainly someone there.)
  • Ryouta: Hey Nageki, are you free right now? We're looking for something really quick. Can you help us out?
  • Nageki: I don't mind. I was just getting fed up with a boring book. What are you looking for?
  • Ryouta: The monster book.
  • Nageki: Monsters? Folklore and the occult is there. Picture books are over there though.
  • Ryouta: Ah, that's not it. We came to find out the true form of the ghost story that's become a rumor in the school, where if you draw in a book in the library you'll be cursed. Ah, do you know something about it after all? Or maybe you did it?
  • Nageki: Yeah. I took the book from the guy drawing in it and hit him with it. I hate people who don't treasure books.
  • Ryouta: I think hitting people with a book would hurt it too though.
  • Sakuya: How long are you going to face the wall and talk to yourself, Kawara? Fine. Let's just try testing it.
  • Ryouta: Wha, wait, Sakuya!
  • Sakuya: Hm, what a dirt-cheap book. I'll personally draw the Le Bel family crest in it. It might raise the value a bit.
  • Nageki: I hate people who don't treasure books.
  • Sakuya: Wha--?
  • Okosan: Coo coo!! (The book has begun moving of its own volition! What could be occurring here!?)
  • Ryouta: Nageki, Sakuya's not trying to be mean. Can you forgive him?
  • Nageki: No.
  • Sakuya: What is this?! The book came to bite me! Is this the curse??
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (We're in peril...! Sakuya shall be devoured by the monster book!)
  • Sakuya: Wah, there's no reason for me to be eaten by something like a book in a place like this! Tch... It's time to switch strategies!! Let's go, Oko!!
  • Okosan: Coo! (Let us flee!)
  • Ryouta: Aah... Nageki, I understand your feelings, but if you overdo it too much, nobirdie's going to come to the library from now on.
  • Nageki: I don't mind. I don't like it when it's noisy. If he defiles things again, next time I'll hit him with the corner, so tell him that.
  • RYOUTA: I'm telling you that will hurt the books too.
  • Sakuya: I went through something terrible... I didn't think that there would really be a true supernatural phenomenon among the seven mysteries.
  • Okosan: Coo coo. (A poltergeist! Okosan has laid eyes on one for the first time.)
  • Sakuya: Oi, Kawara! Just what was that back there?
  • Ryouta: Didn't I tell you? There's a ghost in the library. He said that next time you defile the books he'll hit you with the corner.
  • Sakuya: Guh... I see... This isn't anything like a supernatural phenomenon. There has to be some kind of trick! Someone insulted me, and is ridiculing me somewhere right now!
  • Ryouta: You've got a persecution complex, Sakuya... Look, we don't have time, so let's hurry up and go investigate the next mystery.

Fourth Mystery[]

  • Japanese Title: 第四の不思議
  • Length: 12:04

It's back to the infirmary to investigate the mystery of the secret menu.

Unofficial English Translation by Kyaaa on dreamwidth.org

  • Ryouta: Umm... Next is the fourth mystery, so.
  • Okosan: Coo! (The infirmary.)
  • Ryouta: Mm! That's right! The infirmary.
  • Sakuya: Wasn't the first worthless mystery in the infirmary?
  • Ryouta: That's right. I think the first and fourth mysteries were both the infirmary.
  • Sakuya: Does this academy allow its seven mysteries to overdraft its bizarre spots? It will be a proper ghost story this time, won't it?
  • Ryouta: Mm! There's a secret menu in the infirmary.* How scary...
  • Sakuya: A secret menu? Wait, aren't you mistaking it for the cafeteria?
  • Okosan: Coooo! (This is no mistake. The cafeteria has no secrets, nor anything it tells.)
  • Sakuya: There isn't a normal menu itself in the infirmary, is there?!
  • Ryouta: I don't know anything other than that there's a secret menu myself... Let's just go and see.
  • Sakuya: Excuse us, Iwamine-sensei.
  • Shuu: You all again? What do you need? Have you changed your minds and resolved to come contribute to my experiments?
  • Ryouta: Ehhhh, that's not it!
  • Okosan: Coo! (Okosan is not yet prepared to face death.)
  • Sakuya: Actually, we have something we wished to inquire of--
  • Yuuya: Salut Sakuya! Have you come to pay a hospital visit to me?
  • Sakuya: Wh-Why are you here!?
  • Yuuya: Just a little while ago I thoughtlessly dove right into the dump! I managed to sprain my leg in the process.
  • Ryouta: So you're the reason it's stunk like a garbage disposal since we got here!
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (That's our Trashazaki-senpai.)
  • Yuuya: You said it, you guys. Is Sakuya rubbing off on you?
  • Shuu: Even so, it's laughable that the infirmary's assistant would end up requiring the infirmary's help.
  • Sakuya: I agree entirely, Iwamine-sensei.
  • Yuuya: Have you forgotten whose fault it is that I got hurt, Sakuya?
  • Shuu: How about this, Sakazaki-kun? Whatever the case, your leg is injured. You've gone to the trouble already, so why don't we cut it off at the base, and you can hand it over to me? I'll put it to good use.
  • Yuuya: Ahahaha, oh, no, Sensei! Injured, you say? My supple, beautiful legs are in perfect health! Look, look, I can walk just fine.
  • Shuu: Well, that may settle that, but I don't mind even a perfectly fine leg.
  • Sakuya: Please, Iwamine-sensei, if this man keeps persistently coming to the student council room, it is also troublesome for me.
  • Shuu: So it seems, Sakazaki-kun.
  • Yuuya: Sakuya, you don't have to be so cold, do you? If I stay here too long, I think I really might get one or two legs taken! I'll keep them safe! Adieu!
  • Ryouta: Sakuya really doesn't have any sympathy for him, huh.
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (Legs are serious business! You're in quite the pickle if you're unable to run.)
  • Sakuya: It's his fault for coming close no matter how much he's rejected. If I show even a slightly soft expression, there's no doubt he’d take advantage of it right away. Troublesome mongrel.
  • Shuu: Well then? Did you come here to chat some more? I am busy as well. I don't have the free time to idly waste my time and energy on keeping children company.
  • Sakuya: My apologies, Iwamine-sensei. We had something we wished to inquire of you.
  • Shuu: Of me?
  • Ryouta: There's a rumor that's been going around that says there's a secret menu in the infirmary. Do you know anything about it, Sensei?
  • Shuu: A secret menu? Where do you think this is.
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (The infirmary. When you’re full of owies, you step on the gas to get there!)
  • Shuu: There is not even a proper menu here in the first place. I am not doing service work here. Therefore, the students do not have the privilege to choose to know things. Whether I should cut, open up, take out, it is all at my own discretion. Therefore, I don't know of the existence of any sort of menu.
  • Sakuya: As I would expect of Iwamine-sensei! Well said!
  • Ryouta: No, if you think about it objectively that's a pretty scary thing to say! Um, Iwamine-sensei. We can't go home until we solve all of the school's mysteries. I think there must be a hint to this mystery somewhere, so could you let us search the infirmary for a bit? Even if it's just for a little bit!
  • Shuu: I see. Very well, if it's like that. In exchange for your right wing.
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (I won't have any of it! Okosan shall not relinquish it!)
  • Ryouta: Please give us a little more of a discount, Sensei!
  • Shuu: Hah. You truly are noisy little students. Very well. I shall allow it for only a flight feather.
  • Okosan: Coo coo coo! (A flightless future! Yes, that still would bring about a flightless future!)
  • Sakuya: Then why don't we do this, Sensei! Please take Sakazaki Yuuya's flight feather.
  • Shuu: I see. If you as his younger brother have approved it, he shall consent as well. Then in exchange for Sakazaki-kun's flight feather, I will allow you to sojourn in the infirmary for a short while. Don't make too much of a racket.
  • Sakuya: We shall take your words to heart, Iwamine-sensei.
  • Okosan: Cooooo! (All thanks to Yuuya. He has my gratitude!)
  • Ryouta: Is it okay for us to decide something like this on our own while he's not here?
  • Sakuya: There's plenty of documents, but nothing like a menu anywhere.
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (Okosan also finds the smell of the infirmary unpleasant. A quick getaway would be desirable!)
  • Ryouta: Mmm, it might look different from the menu we're thinking of. You can't order anything from the infirmary. And there's nothing here to eat that you can have as takeout...
  • Sakuya: No, takeout is a possibility. Could it be that the "secret menu" is talking about prescriptions?
  • Ryouta: Ah, I see. Secret medicine... It sounds pretty fishy, but... if it's Iwamine-sensei he definitely has some!
  • Sakuya: There’s also medicine to reduce animal corpses to raw materials, isn’t there? It's hard to obtain legally.
  • Okosan: Coo coo. (Okosan has discovered a bottle sparkling with a bright spirit! Such a luxuriously sweet scent...)
  • Ryouta: Ah, wait a minute San, don't just drink that! --Aahhh...
  • Sakuya: This medicine... Consuming over half the bottle is highly poisonous.
  • Ryouta: Eh?! San! That might be bad for you too! Spit it out! Spit it out right now!
  • Okosan: Coo coo coo!! (Unhand me! Unhand me!!)
  • Shuu: I don't mind you playing detective, but did I not tell you to be quiet? Just what are you doing? ... Oh, heavens. Did you drink that medicine?
  • Ryouta: Ah... It really is dangerous after all, isn't it?
  • Sakuya: Oko, just how much did you drink? Geh, the bottle is empty...? Oi, are you all right?
  • Okosan: Coo! (Okosan is healthy as a horse.)
  • Ryouta: So that means it's the type of poison with a delayed reaction! Eventually, San is going to start dying painfully! All because of Iwamine-sensei’s heresy!
  • Sakuya: Don't die, Oko! I won't accept a subordinate acting without his master's permission!
  • Shuu: You certainly seem to be getting fired up, but, unfortunately, he is not dying.
  • Ryouta: Eh?
  • Sakuya: Eh?
  • Okosan: Coo! (Okosan, immortal!)
  • Shuu: That is a new medicine I was given as a sample. It is meant for cases requiring nutritional supplementation. There might perhaps be some side effects, but for all intents and purposes, it's just nutrients.
  • Ryouta: I'm glad...
  • Sakuya: Tch... To think that I would be manipulated by something like this... This is due to your gluttony, Oko!
  • Okosan: Coo coo!! (Okosan is swelling up! A pigeon stuffed with nutrition!)
  • Shuu: However... this is worrisome. That medicine has not yet been officially released. If Oko-kun develops unforeseen side effects after this, that in itself will make him a precious sample, so I have no problems with that, but...
  • Ryouta: No that definitely is a problem!
  • Shuu: There is a greater problem at hand. I forgave you not that long ago as well, but that medicine is not mass-produced. Having explained this much, shouldn't those as wise as you understand what I am trying to say?
  • Ryouta: Eh... Um, basically...
  • Sakuya: It's frighteningly expensive, you mean.
  • Shuu: Just so. As expected of a son of the Le Bel family. Your quick understanding has spared me some trouble.
  • Sakuya: Hmhmhmhmhm...
  • Ryouta: No this isn't the time to laugh triumphantly Sakuya! What are we going to do? San and I don't have the money.
  • Shuu: I do not mind if you wish to pay with your bodies. Although, having put an end to the prototype, that can’t be enough to finish your repayment!
  • Ryouta: Euuugh!
  • Okosan: Coo. (Okosan cannot stoop to selling himself.)
  • Sakuya: Iwamine-sensei, in that case, why don't we let Sakazaki Yuuya shoulder the debt for this incident as well?
  • Shuu: Sakazaki-kun... is it?
  • Sakuya: Yes. I don't mind if you pluck his feathers or his down or anything you like. Could you count that as compensation for the medicine?
  • Ryouta: Even though he's already taking his flight feathers!? That's just pitiful!
  • Sakuya: Be quiet! He's an obstinate half-breed! He’ll have feathers again soon enough.
  • Shuu: It seems it has been decided. Then at a later time, I shall have Sakazaki-kun pay with his body.
  • Ryouta: Sakuya is really a sadist towards his brother.
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (Yuuya's lack of anger makes him a sure masochist.)
  • Shuu: Then are you now satisfied? I have wasted quite a bit of time due to all of you. I would appreciate it if you left this room without a moment's delay.
  • Ryouta: Yes! Sorry! Sorry for keeping you! ... Ahh, um, a lot happened so I almost forgot, but the fourth mystery...
  • Sakuya: The infirmary's secret menu refers to Iwamine-sensei's secret medicine. It was medicine that you would rarely see in a normal infirmary... That's acceptable, right?
  • Okosan: Coo coo coo! (From this day forth, Okosan shall be known as Secret Okosan.)
  • Sakuya: Good! Let's head towards the fifth mystery.
  • Shuu: Honestly, it's true what they say about telling the quality of a student by that of their homeroom teacher. How much do they intend to get in my way?
  • Nanaki: Oh no, I'm sorry... I'll watch out too...
  • Shuu: When did you get there.
  • Nanaki: The infirmary beds really are nice... It was so nice here, I just nodded off without thinking.
  • Shuu: You get out now too, please.
  • Nanaki: Yeees... I'll do that...
  • Shuu: Please don't fall back asleep.

* In Japanese, a secret menu is apparently called an "裏" menu, which literally means something like "reverse" or "underside". In the Japanese dialogue there are some references to the front vs. the back of a menu (the normal menu being on the front and the secret menu being on the back/"reverse" side). After much debate I couldn't think of a graceful way to render this into English literally, but I thought it was worth pointing out, in case you wanted to view all the talk about secret menus (and Okosan's new title for himself) under that light.

Fifth Mystery[]

  • Japanese Title: 第五の不思議
  • Length: 7:00

The group head towards the rest room to solve the fifth mystery: when evening comes, blood appears in the staff rest room.

Unofficial English Translation by Kyaaa on dreamwidth.org

  • Sakuya: So, what's the fifth mystery?
  • Okosan: Coo! (The restroom.)
  • Sakuya: I've heard of that! It seems that in all Japanese school restrooms, a fleeing soldier shall appear, and promptly everybirdie but the children are covered in old rags.**
  • Ryouta: I don't know who told you that, but that entire sentence is wrong, Sakuya. The fifth mystery is that, when evening comes, a hellish pool of blood appears in the restroom near the staff room... I think?
  • Sakuya: I see. A very supernatural phenomenon-esque phrase. Let's head to the scene.
  • Okosan: Coo. (This is the first Okosan has seen of this restroom. How terrifying...!)
  • Ryouta: You're right. The teachers' restroom is a bit darker than the one we use. Is it because there isn’t any light coming in from outside?
  • Sakuya: Because it's gotten late. I can't see very well like this. Oi, Oko, turn on the lights.
  • Okosan: Coo! (Allow me!)
  • Ryouta: UWAAAAHHH! BLOOD!!
  • Sakuya: EHHHHH!!
  • Okosan: COO COOOO COOOOO!!
  • Ryouta: Wh... What should we do?! There really is a pool of blood on the floor! Is it the grudge of a teacher that met an untimely death or something?!
  • Sakuya: ...Looking at it, it doesn't seem to be enough blood to have been fatal. It's still fresh.
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (A trail of blood! The aforementioned bloodstains continue to the outside!)
  • Sakuya: So that means after they began bleeding here, they moved?
  • Ryouta: You mean the vengeful spirit left the restroom to wander the school?
  • Sakuya: Stay away from the occult, Kawara! We have to ascertain the true form behind the mask!
  • Ryouta: If it really is a real vengeful spirit, I don't want to!
  • Sakuya: I didn't notice it when we entered, but there really are bloodstains in the hallway too. But it leads up to...
  • Ryouta: The staff room.
  • Okosan: Coo. (The monster dwells in the staff room.)
  • Ryouta: Excuse us!
  • Sakuya: It doesn't seem like there's a problem to me...
  • Okosan: Coo! (The same staff room as always.)
  • Ryouta: Well, let's just follow the bloodstains for now. They still continue into the staff room. ...Ah, um... It leads to...
  • Nanaki: Hey, Kawara-kun. Are you still mystery-hunting?
  • Okosan: COO COO COO!
  • Nanaki: Eh? Eh?
  • Ryouta: Sensei! There's blood from your head, blood streaming down!
  • Sakuya: Aren't you covered with blood?! Why are you still going to act like normal?!
  • Okosan: Coooo! (And red all over!)
  • Nanaki: Eh... eh? Ah... it's true.
  • Sakuya: Why didn't you notice?!
  • Ryouta: He must have been bitten by the vengeful spirit! Those bloodstains were Nanaki-sensei's blood from when he was attacked!!
  • Nanaki: I don't really understand, but you don't have to get so worked up about it. It happens a lot.
  • Sakuya: It happens... a lot...?
  • Nanaki: Mm, mm. I just space out for a little while, tired from after school, doze off completely, and then I fall.
  • Ryouta: Ummm... Then you hit the toilet... and then crashed onto the floor?
  • Nanaki: Mmm, that's right.
  • Nanaki: Even if you say that, when you're sleepy, you're sleepy.
  • Okosan: Coo coo. (Understandable. Okosan is also sleepy in class.)
  • Ryouta: No, let's try to stay properly awake in class, San. Then, in the end, the fifth mystery... Nanaki-sensei absent-mindedly fell and injured himself... Is that okay?
  • Sakuya: That will do. What a nuisance of a story.
  • Nanaki: Aha, ahahaha, sorry, when I notice, I clean it up properly afterwards though.
  • Shuu: My, you all again. Are you rummaging around in the staff room this time?
  • Ryouta: Ah, Iwamine-sensei! Ummm, as you can see, Nanaki-sensei's silver feathers have become tragically blood-spattered feathers! Could you give him some treatment?
  • Shuu: Hah... Did you hit yourself somewhere again? If your balance is that bad, why don't we try taking off your head? It might stabilize your center of gravity a bit more than the present.
  • Nanaki: No, well, if I were only a body, I think I'd just keep rolling and rolling without end, so I shall restrain myself.
  • Ryouta: Quails’ bodies are round, aren’t they.
  • Shuu: My...
  • Sakuya: Is something the matter, Iwamine-sensei?
  • Shuu: Once again... you have contaminated my seat with blood.
  • Ryouta: Ah... I-It's true! Iwamine-sensei’s seat has become a gruesome crime scene!
  • Sakuya: Nanaki... What sort of disrespectful thing are you doing to Iwamine-sensei!
  • Okosan: Coo coo!! (Red all over!*** Like silky ketchup!)
  • Nanaki: Mmm, I'm sorry... I didn't notice.
  • Shuu: As expected... Celebrated teachers are certainly different. Thanks to you, my medical journal has also become a work of art. I think I would like to study the possibility of compatibility between medical treatment and the avant-garde movement.
  • Nanaki: I'm really sorry, Iwamine-sensei. Umm... I'll reimburse you for that book! How much was it?
  • Shuu: Let's see... It would be difficult to get ahold of now... since it's an original copy. Lend me an ear for a moment.
  • Nanaki: Mmmm...
  • Shuu: How about... (whisper whisper)
  • Nanaki: Eh... Ehhhhhhhhhh?? That much? Y-You must have misplaced a decimal point! Umm, umm... if we could set up a payment plan...
  • Shuu: A lump sum, please.
  • Nanaki: Nnnn...
  • Shuu: Shall we go to the infirmary? Let us negotiate your payment.
  • Ryouta: Aahhh... Nanaki-sensei's been taken into custody.
  • Okosan: Coooooo!! (Nanaki-sensei shall also have his wings stripped!)
  • Ryouta: He's an adult, so it will be nice if he can settle it with just money.
  • Sakuya: Hmph. You reap what you sow. Now, let's go to the next one.

** I don't really know what Sakuya is talking about which makes it hard to decipher what he's saying. I think it might have something to do with this, and that's all I got. People who can comprehend this sentence fully, feel free to step in; I can't do much more than guessing as it is.

*** There is a bit more at the beginning of this sentence. I got super sick of trying to figure out what these word(s) are. Feel free to tell me that too.

Sixth Mystery[]

  • Japanese Title: 第六の不思議
  • Length: 3.14

The sports field is the next location, where rumours of a wild demon appear after school.

Unofficial English Translation by Kyaaa on dreamwidth.org

  • Sakuya: There's not much time until we have to go home. Let's hurry! Where should we go next?
  • Ryouta: The sixth mystery is that out on the field after school, the wild demon Teke Teke appears.
  • Sakuya: Teke Teke? What's that?
  • Ryouta: It's a demon that runs at amazing speeds.
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (The field is the garden of the track team captain Okosan. Okosan will not forgive those scoundrels defaming and mocking his name!)
  • Ryouta: So... It's nice that we came to the field... but it looks the same as always.
  • Sakuya: It looks like the sweltering physical fitness clubs are just doing their training. There are no untrustworthy creatures here.
  • Okosan: Coo! (Allow Okosan. Let the search commence!)
  • Ryouta: San's running as fast as ever.
  • Sakuya: Considerably faster than flying. But will a monster really appear?
  • Ryouta: It doesn't say it has to appear every day. Let's wait and see a little longer.
  • Pigeon: Ah, it's wild Teke Teke.
  • Pigeon: It's true! You're sure running a lot today too, Teke Teke!
  • Ryouta: Eh? Teke Teke came?
  • Sakuya: Where! Where is it?!
  • Pigeon: Do your best, Teke Teke! Bye-bye!
  • Sakuya: You there, wait! Where is Teke Teke!
  • Pigeon: Eh? He's running around over there, isn't he? The track team captain.
  • Ryouta: You mean San?!
  • Sakuya: Oko! Oi! Get back here!
  • Okosan: Coo! (What is it? Okosan has his wings full searching for Teke Teke.)
  • Sakuya: Aren't you that "Teke Teke"?
  • Okosan: Coo! (Ah, now that you mention it Okosan gets the sense that Teke Teke may have been his nickname.)
  • Sakuya: You must be JOKING!
  • Ryouta: Ahh, c-calm down Sakuya, w-we solved it faster than the others, so it's turned out okay!
  • Sakuya: This caveman! This is why I call you a half-breed!
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (There is no basis for words like half-breed! Do not make Okosan out as a fool!)
  • Sakuya: A fool just makes a fool of themselves! Let's expose the last mystery at once!
  • Ryouta: That's... The last mystery is impossible.
  • Sakuya: Impossible? “Impossible” isn’t in my dictionary! Show me to the site of the last mystery already!
  • Okosan: Coo! (For the moment, it is impossible.)
  • Sakuya: For the moment?
  • Ryouta: The seventh mystery happens on the field at night. So we can't just go investigate it.

Seventh Mystery[]

  • Japanese Title: 第七の不思議
  • Length: 15:55

The final mystery has the gang return to the school in the middle of the night

Unofficial English Translation by Kyaaa on dreamwidth.org

  • Ryouta: ...So why do we have to come to school in the middle of the night like this?!
  • Sakuya: It's here, it's here... It's time to exterminate the last mystery!
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (Okosan's sleepy; let's solve this speedily so we can go home and sleep.)
  • Ryouta: The front gate and the back gate were already closed a long time ago. That's why I said it's impossible.
  • Sakuya: Don't make me say it again. "Impossible" isn't in my dictionary. We're scaling the fence!
  • Ryouta: That's trespassing!
  • Okosan: Coo! (Flapping on up!)
  • Ryouta: Aahh... If somebirdie finds us, we might get even worse than detention.
  • Sakuya: Worry not. With the authority of the student council, something of this degree will be easily covered up.
  • Okosan: Coo coo coo! (Okosan gets the sense that he has caught a glimpse of our society's seedy underbelly!)
  • Ryouta: At this point, is there anything to do but resign myself...? Let's finish this as quickly as possible so we can go home.
  • Sakuya: Look. A light in the middle of the field can be seen. I can't see well from here, but some crows... no, that's not right. Some doves wearing black robes are encircling a bonfire, it seems. Is that the final mystery?
  • Ryouta: Yes... maybe. The seventh mystery is that, at the school at night, a black mass is held. Even just looking at it, it's a suspicious atmosphere. Is it a new religion or something?
  • Sakuya: I cannot forgive anybirdie occupying the campus at night without even getting the student council’s permission beforehand. I shall abolish this club immediately!
  • Ryouta: No, looking at it, it doesn't seem like it's a club activity.
  • Okosan: Coo. (The air is already thick with the smell of danger.)
  • Ryouta: Shh! San! You're too loud! We don't know what will happen to us if we're found! Let's watch out so we’re not watched.
  • Okosan: Coo! (Yes, sir! Okosan, entering whisper mode.)
  • Sakuya: What have they been doing all this time? It seems like they're going around and around the same spot and burning something.
  • Ryouta: Mmm... I only know that it's a black mass ritual myself, so... wait, huh? Is that who I think it is over there?
  • Okosan: Coo coo coo! (Iwamine-sensei! Iwamine-sensei is watching the bonfire from afar. How very suspicious...)
  • Shuu: Oh my, we really are seeing a lot of each other today. Tagging along is one thing, but I have the distinct sense of being followed.
  • Ryouta: It's a misunderstanding! We're not full of enough reckless abandon to stalk you, Iwamine-sensei!
  • Sakuya: What in the world are you doing here at this hour, sir?
  • Okosan: Coo coo?!? (Highly suspicious! Iwamine-sensei is the mastermind behind this!)
  • Shuu: Mastermind... of what?
  • Ryouta: Now that you mention it, on the secret menu, there was medicine to break down animal corpses too. Sensei, could it be that you're the founder or something of that suspicious cult?
  • Shuu: Unthinkable. I am an atheist. I would never get caught up in a new religion or any such thing.
  • Sakuya: That's right! Watch your tongue, Kawara! The great Iwamine-sensei has no reason to concern himself with vulgar black masses.
  • Shuu: Yes. I was simply... putting my thoughts together, on how I might be able to slip into the chaos of this enigmatic ritual unseen, and abduct two or three of the believers to experiment upon without getting caught.
  • Ryouta: Isn't that a crime after all?!
  • Okosan: Coo coo! (Birdnapping! Abduction's no good!)
  • ????: Who is there!
  • Ryouta: Uwaah, they found us! That's why I told you to be quiet, San!
  • Okosan: Coo! (Ryouta was kicking up a fuss himself.)
  • ????: All those who obstruct the Flying Campfirism's holy ritual must accept the judgment of hellfire! Go! Do not let them escape!
  • Sakuya: We're surrounded!
  • Shuu: This is troubling~ I am innocent.
  • Ryouta: No Iwamine-sensei you aren't really that innocent! Weren't you plotting a crime?!
  • Okosan: Coo coo coo! (Who are you! Just who are you people!)
  • ????: We are Flying Campfirism! Those who flicker in the jet-black darkness, love the pale moon and stars, treasure together the light of the watch fire, and that priceless time!
  • Sakuya: I... I don't really understand, but in essence, you have some pleasant conversation while looking up at the starry sky?
  • Ryouta: Somehow when you say it like that it feels like it's the springtime of youth itself.
  • ????: And then, as roasting marshmallows is indispensable to the nighttime campfire, our interest is that everybirdie in the world would set their own fires together in the evening, and that they must roast marshmallows!
  • Ryouta: Somehow, I'm starting to smell smoke.
  • Sakuya: I hope that's just your needless anxiety. Don't foreshadow a dreadfully worthless conclusion.
  • ????: With our watch fire we pray to the moon, that all other birds shall be cleansed by the benevolence of the God of the Campfire, and roasted marshmallows! Furthermore, those who disturb our ritual must be judged even if it leads to their death! It is said that the God of the Campfire loves all things white and fluffy! Seize the whitest of them all!
  • Okosan: Coo! Coo! (Unhand me! Leave me unhanded!)
  • Ryouta: Wait! Let San go!
  • Sakuya: That's right!! What sort of joke is it that that half-breed is whiter than a purebred like me?!
  • Shuu: My my, this has become a predicament. Are you perhaps intending to sacrifice him?
  • ????: Now that a thousand nights, a thousand prayers have passed, that which is white and fluffy has legitimized our final will, and it shall achieve that which has been our dearest wish!
  • Cultist: Banzai! Viva Flying Campfirism!
  • Okosan: Coo coo coo!
  • Ryouta: Ahh...! They're bringing San over to the bonfire! What should we do?!
  • ????: Great king, who manifests in all countries and in all ages, who forces roasted marshmallows upon all birds! Please hear our wish! God of the Campfire! Heeeere!
  • Okosan: CoooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!!
  • Ryouta: Saaaaaaaaaaan!
  • Sakuya: What? Just what happened?!
  • Shuu: A literal bolt from the blue. If the humidity drops to a certain level, even on a clear day, a sudden thunderbolt springs forth. The dry lightning phenomenon.
  • Ryouta: Don't explain things so calmly at a time like this, Iwamine-sensei!
  • Sakuya: Geh... I can't see far with these dust clouds. Is Oko unharmed?
  • Okosan: Coo coo coo...
  • Ryouta: San! You were okay, San! I'm gla--uwaaahhhhh!! San's grown gigantic!
  • Sakuya: H... He's taller than the school buildings! What sort of trick is this!
  • Okosan: We manifest in all countries and in all ages. We force roasted marshmallows upon all birds. We have become great. We have become the God of the Campfire!
  • Ryouta: San! I don't get what you mean!
  • Sakuya: He's speaking straightforwardly. Perhaps it's not Oko?
  • Okosan: Here in this pigeon that crawls in the primordial ooze, a thousand prayers have been fulfilled. This white and fluffy thing is the chosen workman. Henceforth, there shall be roasted marshmallows beneath the beaks of all living creatures. The journey of Our new crusade begins from this land. Worship the roasted marshmallows. The roasted marshmallows shall bring forth blessings. And now, this is the blessed land!
  • Cultist: The God of the Campfire is departing! It's the beginning of our era!
  • Sakuya: He's trying to leave here! With a great mass of marshmallows!
  • Ryouta: Let's stop him, Sakuya! It's a real problem for somebirdie that big to be stomping around on the ground!
  • Sakuya: Halt, you mere manservant! Will you not listen to the student council president?!
  • Okosan: And who ist thou? We shall not forgive obstructions to Our progress. Cease, worthless being!
  • Sakuya: Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!
  • Ryouta: Saaaaakuyaaaaaaa! Please listen, God of the Campfire! What you're doing is wrong! Roasted marshmallows won't become happiness! Because, there are some birds in the world who don't want to roast marshmallows! Even I'm the same! Because when you roast marshmallows they get all goopy, and they just become sickeningly sweet! I just eat them without roasting them! Are you just planning on ignoring that opinion?
  • Okosan: Those who shall not gladly accept roasted marshmallows are not birds at all.
  • Ryouta: Aaaahhhh!!
  • Shuu: Hahahahahahaha, each one of your attempts is meeting crushing defeat, hmm?
  • Ryouta: Don't just watch, at least give us some advice, Sensei!
  • Sakuya: Anything... Isn't there any way out of this?
  • Shuu: As you can see, he does not appear to be listening to reason. The Oko-kun we all know is nearly a feral peafowl. If you wish to confine him, it may be more effective to take actions that would appeal to his instincts.
  • Ryouta: Instincts... I see... Birdseed! San! Can you hear me?! San!
  • Okosan: Thee whose lack of power is laughable. However many times thou triest to block Our way, it is useless. Thou hast reached the limit of thy foolishness!
  • Ryouta: Look! I brought your favorite hemp seed, San!
  • Okosan: Hmmm?
  • Sakuya: All right! His movements have stopped!
  • Okosan: Hmmm? To think that We could be hindered by such birdseed. Wast thou holding a transient hope? Coo coo coo.
  • Sakuya: He's not... listening...?
  • Ryouta: Not yet! We can't give up yet! San! Hey! Delicious hemp seed! There's so much of it!
  • Okosan: Foolishness... foolishness...! Thou art but a common pigeon drowning in a maelstrom. Thou art but a housefly in the eyes of a great king! Be purged by Us. Coo coo coo!
  • Okosan: Nom nom nom. Birdseed is shooooo delicious!
  • Ryouta: San! San! Thank goodness! You went back to normal!
  • Shuu: The new medicine that Oko-kun ingested this evening received the energy from the thunderbolt, and a chemical reaction may have occurred somehow, though I cannot know for sure. It seems like there's room for research...
  • Sakuya: Hahhh... For now, at least we didn't let him leave the school grounds. ...Oi, you there, the founder! What were you planning on doing?! I'll have you write a letter of apology! What year and class are you in? Name yourself!
  • ????: Oh? You still don't get it?
  • Ryouta: Sakazaki-senpai?!
  • Sakuya: Wh...at...?!
  • YUUYA: Welllll, I'm really sorry! You know how it is getting caught up in the atmosphere. There wasn't a good time to say it.
  • Sakuya: You...!! Do you plan on slighting me at every turn?! You commoner! Half-breed!!
  • Ryouta: Senpai, why are you part of such a questionable religion?
  • Yuuya: Mmmmm... The story gets pretty long there... If I try to summarize, I'm a hero of justice who took on a pseudonym to keep peace within the school, so, there was an untrustworthy club building a bonfire night after night on school grounds, so I went to investigate by infiltrating them. Okay?
  • Ryouta: It's kind of okay and kind of not okay... To start out with, this is a club activity? Not a new religion?
  • Yuuya: It's a splendid club activity! They even got the student council to sign off on it properly. And permission to hold an activity tonight.
  • Sakuya: What's that? I don't know of the existence of such an untrustworthy black mass club. And I don't remember giving permission for this activity!
  • Yuuya: Look, here's the activity permit.
  • Ryouta: Hmmm...? It's true... Sakuya's signature is right where it should be.
  • Sakuya: That can't be! Show me! ...W-Wait a minute... You aren't a black mass club?
  • Yuuya: We're the astronomy club.
  • Sakuya: You must be joking! I've never heard of an astronomy club that would focus on bonfires and ceremonies!!
  • Yuuya: That's what I thought, too. It seems like they were a normal astronomy club at first, and then along the way the main focus started to become a co-ed party around the bonfire at night, then next the main focus became the campfire itself, and then before they knew it, it had become a mass to worship and give thanks to the campfire, it seems.
  • Sakuya: ...My head is starting to hurt.
  • Ryouta: It's fine to enjoy the campfire, but sacrifices are bad, Senpai!
  • Yuuya: Wellll, that part may have been overdoing it a little, but I planned on giving him back right away! Not even I thought that a paranormal phenomenon could possibly occur!
  • Sakuya: Anyway!! I'm suspending all astronomy club activities as of this moment! Who is the advisor? Call them here right away!
  • Ryouta: It was written on the activity permit we saw, right? Ummm... Ah, it's Nanaki-sensei...
  • Nanaki: Gooosh, I'm sorry... To think that it became something like this before I knew it! It must have caused a lot of trouble.
  • Sakuya: Not even the advisor understood what the activites actually were??
  • Ryouta: Please do your job properly, Sensei!
  • Nanaki: Mm, mm. I’ll tell them that, from now on, they have to stop their suspicious activities, and pro~perly return to being an ordinary astronomy club.


  • Japanese Title: エピローグ
  • Length: 1:29

Ryouta and Nageki reflect on gang's adventure, before Sakuya rushes in to say something.

Unofficial English Translation by Kyaaa on dreamwidth.org

  • Ryouta: And that's how our adventures exterminating the seven mysteries came to an end. An afterschool rollercoaster ride like that almost seemed like a dream as we returned to our peaceful everyday lives.
  • Nageki: You just went along with Shirogane-kun until the end after all. I can't tell if you're just that softhearted, or if you don't know what to do with all your free time, Kawara-kun.
  • Ryouta: I just can't refuse someone asking for help.
  • Nageki: So, you're just spineless.
  • Ryouta: You think so... But it was fun. A lot happened.
  • Nageki: Mm. That's true. That kind of thing might be all right once in a while.
  • Ryouta: Mm. --No it's really enough though, it was pretty scary too!
  • Sakuya: So there you are, Subordinate Number One!
  • Ryouta: S... Sakuya?
  • Sakuya: Why are you just sitting there? A new mystery has come to light! It seems that for everyone who knows the seven mysteries, disaster will fall those who don't solve the eighth mystery! We shall begin the investigation at once! Let's go!!
  • Ryouta: E... Ehhhhh??

Bonus Track - Family Restaurant Wrap-up Chapter[]

  • Japanese Title: ボーナストラック:ファミレスで打ち上げ編
  • Length: 0:38

Described as a 'bird language' track, this is a short track where the voice actors imitate bird calls. This track has a Japanese 'translation' in the CD linear notes[1] as translated below:

Unofficial English Translation by Kyaaa on dreamwidth.org

  • Ryouta: Good work, everyone! Today was some serious trouble, huh.
  • Sakuya: Honestly, I didn't think it would take as much time as this.
  • Okosan: Is dinner truly Nanaki-sensei's treat?
  • Nanaki: It's because I caused you trouble today~. Though it's a little painful right before payday~...
  • Shuu: Though on the point of "trouble", Sakazaki-kun also holds responsibility.
  • Yuuya: Oh nooo, I'm a minor. Please overlook it.
  • Nageki: I'll have the tuna and tomato pasta.

Cast Track[]

  • Japanese Title: キャストトーク

This track is a VA/Discussion track.

Additional Merchandise[]

Depending on which store the CD was purchased from resulted in a different postcard that came with the CD:

Animate Online Store: FW Official Site: Chuo Shoten: Steller Worth:
Postcard 1

Postcard #1

Postcard 2

Postcard #2

Postcard 3

Postcard #3

Postcard 4

Postcard #4

Melon Books (set of three postcards):
Postcard 5

Postcard #5

Postcard 6

Postcard #6

Postcard 7

Postcard #7


  • In the third episode of Holiday Star, "The Day the Night Slept (Before)", Kazuaki mentions the astronomy club and the protagonist summarizes what happened in the seventh mystery.
  • Some of the postcards are based off different scenes from the Drama CD
    • One is of Okosan - God of the Campfire (surrounded by marshmallows)
    • One is from the 6th Mystery, where Sakuya starts to write inside a book
    • One is from the 5th Mystery, where Shuu finds Nanaki has bled on his chair and medical journal


Notes and References[]