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Primal Feather
Release date: April 25th, 2012
Price: ¥



Primal Feather (第一羽) was the second drama CD. It is only available in Japanese.

Voice Cast[]



  • Japanese Title: 序章
  • Length: 1:17

Anghel knows the day when he battles against Wallenstein is coming, and tells a tale of the legend of the fallen angel.

Unofficial English Translation by Kujyakubato and Shyainii on tumblr.com

  • Anghel: My name is Higure Anghel, the Crimson Angel released from a prison of ice. The unforgiven wings which achieved reincarnation, burdened with many sins and prophecies, have brought themselves up above the ground. Sent down by the treason’s crimson blamed on a god, a god pigeon. The time came to get rid of fate’s enemy, the Dark Sorcerer Wallenstein. Now, in the promised land, the legend told by a fallen angel which will turn hell a brilliant red is starting. The forbidden fallen angel’s legend….Dark Angel Story.
  • Ryouta: W-wait a minute! No! Don’t make such a misleading narration all of a sudden! Um, brought to you by the pigeons, a genuine school life heartful comedy - Hatoful Boyfriend! First drama CD is starting!

The Beginning[]

  • Japanese Title: 災厄の始まり

Ryouta and Sakuya come to school as usual, but find that they are in strange world. Kazuaki tells them St. Pigeonation's has fallen in to an RPG-like underworld. They start to look for a way out of the underworld.

Unofficial English Translation by Kujyajubato and Shyainii on tumblr.com

  • Ryouta: Morning, Sakuya! Early as usual, aren’t you?
  • Sakuya: But of course. Any aristocrat must pass their day with a perfect schedule that doesn’t deviate by even a tiny bit, mustn’t they?
  • Nanaki: Hey, everyone! Good morning!
  • Ryouta: Huh? Nanaki-sensei, what’s the matter? Normally, even if the bell rings you’re still sleeping in the staff room.
  • Sakuya: There’s still another 15 minutes until homeroom starts! For the one who’s always the latest to class to be here at this hour…did something happen?!
  • Nanaki: Hmm, well… I suppose I kinda have a little announcement, so…~ It’s fine with just the kids who are here right now, so maybe if you guys could sit down for me? Um, well! Today, the school has fallen into the underworld*, so you can study by yourselves!
  • Ryouta: Eh?
  • Sakuya: EH?
  • Ryouta: Um, sensei, could you please say that again..?
  • Nanaki: Today, the school has fallen into the underworld so you can study by yourselves~! Look, take a peek out of the window~
  • Sakuya: H-hey! The outside is becoming a wasteland! Up until now it had looked exactly as it always does! What is this!!
  • Ryouta: Ah, the familiar bus stop that was in front of the school became a stylish crucifix…it’ll put people off, that’s no good….It’s also a problem that Hiyoko isn’t here yet…
  • Nanaki: Mm, it is a problem, isn’t it. Today, some kids can’t attend school, so there’s nothing we can do about it. You can study by yourselves today.
  • Sakuya: What, no!! This isn’t the time or place to be worrying about who can or can’t attend school! Not a single one of you can feel the sense of impending crisis, can you?!
  • Ryouta: I know there’s a sense of danger! If I can’t ride the bus at hometime today, I’ll end up losing the prize for perfect attendance!
  • Sakuya: P-prize for perfect attendance?
  • Ryouta: Attendance at my part time job!!
  • Sakuya: When this bizarre scene is happening in front of your eyes, why the hell are you fussing over your part time job?!
  • Nanaki: Kawara-kun is the maid cafe’s ace though, isn’t he?
  • Ryouta: Anyway, we have to do something to get back to the normal world! Let’s split up and try to find the source of it, okay, Sakuya?
  • Sakuya: I know that even if you don’t tell me! And don’t you tell me what to do!
  • Ryouta: Um, Nanaki-sensei, I kind of need to go into that corner so I can look up a way for us to get home normally from the underworld…
  • Nanaki: Mmkay. Today is self-study anyway, so I don’t really care if you just do what you want.
  • Ryouta: All righty, let’s get started right away then!!
  • Sakuya: Yes, as a true Le Bel, I shall return our school to reality!
  • Nanaki: And I…will go back to the staff room and make some self-study worksheets or something, I guess… Kawara-kun and Shirogane-kun, good luck!

Great Pigeon[]

  • Japanese Title: 災厄の始まり

Okosan rushes to Ryouta and Sakuya. He says Sakuya has to defeat Okosan to become a great summoner. After the battle, Okosan, the Great Pigeon becomes Sakuya’s servant.

The Forbidden Ritual[]

  • Japanese Title: 禁断の儀式

Ryouta finds Anghel performing a weird ritual in the library. Nageki tells Ryouta this strange situation is because of Anghel’s ritual. Anghel tells Ryouta to get ready for the battle against Wallenstein then leaves.

Painful Crying[]

  • Japanese Title: 悲痛なる叫び

Sakuya visits the infirmary to ask Shuu for some advice, and Yuuya comes back from outside. He investigated around the strange field and got injured by cats. Shuu tells Sakuya that Anghel has a special power and that is the reason for this situation.

Incubus Sage[]

  • Japanese Title: 夢魔の賢者

Ryouta and Sakuya report to Kazuaki. Kazuaki suggests being a character of the fallen angel’s myth to fulfill Anghel's imagination, since all stories will end sooner or later.


  • Japanese Title: 結束

Nageki tells Ryouta that he can call Anghel just by saying something solemn. Anghel comes and now it’s time to defeat Wallenstein.

To the End of Emptiness[]

  • Japanese Title: 虚無の果てに

Anghel narrates the summary.

Fallen Rose[]

  • Japanese Title: 闇に堕ちた薔薇

Before going to the infirmary, Nightmare Fantail (brainwashed Yuuya) stops Anghel. Yuuya is now just a slave to Wallenstein. Sakuya battles and defeats him using the special magic of the saint beast Great Pigeon.

Heretical Infirmary[]

  • Japanese Title: 禁断の地へ

Ryouta and Anghel enter the Infirmary where Wallenstein is waiting. Ryouta finds out that Wallenstein's true identity is Shuu. Wallenstein tells Anghel to come to the school track field for their battle.

World Ends[]

  • Japanese Title: 世界終焉の刻

The final battle of Anghel (with Ryouta) VS Wallenstein. Though the evil partridge is a difficult opponent for Anghel, he defeats Wallenstein with Ryouta. Wallenstein starts to draw out Himnesia's power in Anghel's bloody breast. If Himnesia wakes up, he will destroy the whole world. Ryouta knocks Anghel unconscious, and the underworld fades away and Wallenstein becomes Shuu again.


  • Japanese Title: 終幕

Ryouta is happy the school is back to normal. On the other hand, Shuu cannot remember what he did as Wallenstein. Kazuaki tells Shuu he took some photos and videos of the battle between Anghel and Wallenstein.

Bonus Track[]

  • Length: 0:45

A 'bird language' track where the actors reenact the climactic battle with bird calls. There is a Japanese translation for this track in the CD booklet.

Unofficial English Translation by Zoeyhoshi on tumblr.com

  • Ryouta: Coo cooo! (Yuuya is a formidable enemy! Don’t let your guard down!)
  • Kazuaki: Peep~ Pee-peep~? (Ah~ Are you all going at it again~?)
  • Sakuya: Coo. Coo coo! (I will not allow for any delays due to that bird. After all, we have a tough ally with us right here!)
  • Okosan: CoooOOO!! (Certain kill, Okosan tackle!!!)
  • Yuuya: Cooooooo!!! (He got me!!)
  • Shuu: Kwaak Kwakawak (Got you huh…? However he was the weakest point among the health committee.)
  • Anghel: Coo! Cooo!!! (You finally appear Wallenstein!! I will fight!!)
  • Nageki: ..Coo. Coo. (I won’t continue reading this story…)



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