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Okosan (尾呼 散) is an eccentric and hyperactive fantail pigeon and captain of St. Pigeonation's track team, notoriously known for his obsession with pudding.

He is voiced in the Drama CD by Norio Wakamoto.

Physical Description

Okosan winter sprite

Okosan's shrine date

Okosan is the only character in the main cast that does not have a humanized gijinka form. In terms of personifications, he is always and nonetheless portrayed as a white fantail pigeon, which occasionally might wear clothes, such as the school uniform. The reason for this is because Moa did not feel comfortable personifying her own pet, in a way.

Out of the three pure white fantail pigeons, beside Sakuya and Yuuya, Okosan's unique trait is his sleek and thin body type. His tail feathers are also leaning down and brushing against the ground. He is also drawn with pink blushes on his cheeks, usually exhaling gusts of smoke because of his hotheaded nature.

He possesses a body of high vitality and speed. Running is his defining character trait, and he can achieve speeds high enough to run on top of the surface of water[8], run across the city and back in a matter of seconds[9], and even run to Brazil within hours[10].

In reality, Okosan's body is a vessel for gods. In his route, it is revealed that Lord Pudi himself was concealed in Okosan's body all along, and under the right circumstances, his divine powers finally came to light. But Lord Pudi is not the only god that is capable of taking over the fantail's body; In the Prologue Drama CD, under the influence of some drug by Shuu as well as a ritual by the Astronomy Club, Okosan temporarily becomes the Marshmallow God/God of the Campfire who, similarly to Lord Pudi, wants to force birds of the entire world to eat and worship roasted marshmallows.

Worth mentioning is that, although Okosan is always referred to as a male, it is referenced more than once that he is able to lay eggs. Whether it's a gag or not, apparently Oko is transgender, or perhaps intersex.

Personality and Traits

Though not exceptionally intelligent, Okosan is an accomplished athlete, capable of outpacing Hiyoko in sprints, long distance, and swimming, and can often be heard zooming around the school.

Unlike the other birds Hiyoko meets, Okosan speaks predominantly in pigeon sounds but is understood by his peers. The translations provided in brackets for the reader have Okosan speaking in the third person. Okosan's vocabulary, regardless of his "intelligence", is quite eloquent and majestic. He is keen on using metaphors and speaks like a medieval warrior.

Okosan has little regard for social norms, and his abnormal behavior often earns him the contempt of Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane. He is a fervent practitioner and guru of Puddhism, the religion of Lord Pudi, and spends much of his time preoccupied with the search for the True Pudding. He is considered mostly feral and unreasonable by most if not all characters, however Okosan has a fixed sense of justice and fairness. Although his immediate response to conflict is to fight, he seems to hate discrimination and unfairness. He has a high sense of pride and honor. Although he often goes into rage sprees and attacks Ryouta, in the Drama CD he also defends him with his own body, from shots by Tohri's bean launcher.

Besides pudding (or more specifically True Pudding, because he passionately hates regular store bought pudding), Okosan loves beans, and watermelon. Fireworks seemingly cause him to go feral.

Pudding The Universe

There is actually a website explaining and documenting the Puddhism lore, called Pudding The Universe. Unfortunately, the entirety of the website is in Japanese. A separate page dedicated to Pudding The Universe will be created eventually.

Real Okosan

Okosan is based on Hato Moa's pet fantail pigeon of the same name, whose likeness is used for Okosan's sprite. Moa is also the owner of Okosan's fantail parents. Real-life Okosan's favorite food is hemp seeds, which is why the preferred Legumentine's seed for this character is swollen hemp and not the racing blend. Both Okosans share the same birthday, July 12th.


Oko consists of the characters 尾 (o), meaning "tail, tail end, slope at the foot of a mountain" and 呼 (ko), "breathing, call out, invite".

San consists of the character 散 (san), meaning "scatter, disperse, to run".

Although he appears to have a given name (Oko) and surname (San), the word "-san" is additionally a honorific, and in romanization, his name is usually written as one word. Some characters therefore either refer to him as just "San" (by Ryouta and Sakuya) or "Oko-kun" (by Shuu).


  • Okosan is the only character with a "gijinka" that is still anthropomorphic, rather than humanized.
  • His CV in the drama CDs, Norio Wakamoto, also played Chiyo-chichi in Azumanga Daioh, who had the memorable and unusual English line "I wish I were a bird."
  • Though Okosan is barely intelligent enough to enter St Pigeonation's, he was admitted thanks to his unusual physical strength. Shuu tries to experiment on him with steroids, but Okosan doesn't seem to like them when Hiyoko stumbles upon the doctor attempting to give some to him.
  • Okosan got the Campaigner (ENFP) personality on the 16personalities test.[11]
  • On the topic of gender: Okosan announcing that he laid an egg wasn't meant to be reflective of reality or the Real Okosan. However, after Hatoful Boyfriend's release, the real life Okosan turned out to be a hen when Moa found that he laid an egg as well. Damurushi and Moa wondered what to do about this, since Okosan was established to be a boy in the game, but they settled on not changing anything.[12]
  • Okosan made an appearance in the first Heavenstrike Rivals collaboration with Hatoful Boyfriend, appearing as a gacha character.

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