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October is the tenth month of the year. It's one of the months of the year that contain thirty-one days. October occurs during the second term of the St. Pigeonation's school year.

In-Universe EventsEdit

Date Year Universe Events
7 October 2188 Hatoful Boyfriend (Nageki's route) Hiyoko forgets her history textbook and unlocks the library to get it. She finds the textbook with words written in it and discovers that whoever closed the library locked Nageki in. Hiyoko wonders if she should walk Nageki home.
Hatoful Boyfriend (Yuuya's route)
Hatoful Boyfriend (Kazuaki's, Shuu's, and Anghel's route)
19 October 2167 All Nageki Fujishiro is born to unknown parents.
2188 Hatoful Boyfriend (Ryouta's route)
Hatoful Boyfriend (Sakuya's route)
Hatoful Boyfriend (Okosan's route)

Out-of-Universe EventsEdit

Date Year Events

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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