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"Fujishiro Nageki, huh. Mourning doves are pretty rare in Japan... Maybe it's just his voice, but he seems kind of sad."
Hiyoko Tosaka[src]

Nageki Fujishiro (藤代 嘆) is a mourning dove in attendance at St. Pigeonation's. He is a very quiet freshman with a love of books; he can usually be found in the library.

He is voiced by Saiga Mitsuki in the drama CDs.

Physical Description

Nageki winter sprite

Nageki's shrine date

As a human, Nageki is depicted with fair skin and bright orange eyes. His hair is straight, chin-length, and of a light green color, possibly meant to invoke a resemblance to the subtle coloration around mourning doves' eyes.

Nageki is seen wearing a plain white button-up shirt layered under a cardigan, as well as a green neck tie. He wears subdued blue dress pants and brown loafers.

In art for the MIRROR timeline, he is depicted wearing a school uniform.[9]

As a bird, he is a light tan colored American mourning dove with brown spotting on his wings, and in illustrations is often drawn wearing his characteristic green neck tie.

Personality and Traits

Nageki is a quiet and reserved student with polite mannerisms. He is rather introverted, and says he prefers to read in solitude over spending time with others. Prior to his death, his body was weak and fragile due to a weak immune system, preventing him from playing outdoors or keeping up with other children. As a ghost, very few people have the ability to see him, leaving him socially isolated and furthering his introversion. It is heavily implied he has depression, and when alive he vocalized often that he believed he was a financial and emotional burden to his loved ones.

As a ghost he retains very few memories of his life, and by the time of the story's events has lost even the knowledge of his own death. He is uncertain about the nature of his own existence, but has grown too numb to question it very hard. It isn't until he meets Hiyoko that he begins to come back out of his shell, and in doing so regains enough awareness to gradually piece together his departure from the living. Even then, he only has a vague idea of what happened, with his one certainty being the fact that he ended his own life.

Overall, Nageki is a very straightforward and honest boy who isn't afraid to speak his mind, and often acts as a voice of reason and a voice of justice. He is very forgiving and non-judgmental, however if someone continues to annoy him (make noises in the library), he doesn't hesitate to utilize his ghostly invisibility and harass them with a book.

He doesn't like to be pitied and taken care of, especially once he became cured in the MIRROR timeline. Nageki doesn't have strong plans and aspirations, but his main goal in life as a high school student is to become independent and to get to do things that he wasn't able to before. As such, he is uncomfortable with Hitori's excessive paranoia about his health, and often has to remind Hitori to let go and stop fussing over him all the time.

Ghostly Abilities

Nageki became a ghost due to having died "prematurely" without having led a life that provided him with good memories, leading to him losing his memories altogether. Therefore, once Nageki's mind becomes full of highschool memories, even if they are simply retold experiences from Hiyoko, he remembers his own life as well, and finally becomes able to move on to the afterlife.

Nageki committed suicide by setting himself on fire in the medical lab under the school, and, as a ghost, becomes bound to this one particular room. More specifically, he becomes bound to the regions of the school that are directly above the lab as well. He is able to vertically travel between these rooms, which include the school library and the rooftop even higher above.

He is invisible to almost everybody, except those who are truly "pure of heart". This might refer to some kind of moral innocence. The characters that are able to perceive Nageki are Hiyoko, Ryouta, Okosan, and Anghel.

Anghel specifically possesses the power of his pheromones, with which he is able to make Nageki visible to everyone for as long as he is hanging out nearby. (Or, his pheromones cause everyone else to be able to perceive Nageki. How exactly this works isn't really explained.)

Perhaps due to his tainting by being a snob and racist, Sakuya is only able to see Nageki when Anghel is in the room as well. This happened in the Summer Vacation Drama CD.

When Nageki's liver became a part of Ryouta, Nageki became able to "possess" Ryouta's body and speak through him. As such, he is also able to finally see the outside world when Ryouta leaves the cryogenic storage. In the Radio Q&A, Nageki says that post-BBL, he would probably remain in Ryouta's body for only a while, before choosing to move on to the afterlife like he does in Hiyoko's route.


Nageki consists of the kanji character 嘆 (nageku), "grief, lamentation". Also, the Japanese word for mourning dove is nagekibato (ナゲキバト).

Fujishiro consists of the kanji characters 藤 (fuji), "Fuji, wisteria", and 代 (shiro), "price, substitution".


  • The title and opening viginette in Nageki's short story, The Last Leaf, alludes to a story by the American writer O. Henry of the same name.[10]
  • Nageki got the Advocate (INFJ) personality on the 16personalities test.[11]
  • Nageki made an appearance in the second Heavenstrike Rivals collaboration with Hatoful Boyfriend, appearing as a gacha character.

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