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Debut: Hatoful Manga
Theme: N/A
Character Voice: N/A
Heartful Stats
Hatchday: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Brown dipper
Occupation: Unknown
Also known as

Momo is one of the birds that Nageki and Hitori grew up with at Heartful House orphanage.

Early LifeEdit

As she is living at Heartful House, it can be assumed that her parents were killed by humans, leaving her an orphan.

Hatoful MangaEdit


Momo appears in chapter 12, “Family Memories”. When Nageki arrives at Heartful House, Momo eagerly rushes over and tries to pull him over to play with her instead of Kanta, only to be scolded by Hitori for troubling Nageki.

Later when Nageki tells Hitori that he can’t play tag because he gets winded easily, Momo carries Nageki off to play house with her, Hoppe, Tsukkun, and Nacchin. Once there, Momo declares Hoppe the little sister, herself the eldest daughter, Nageki her little brother, and Tsukkun and Nacchin the father and mother. The game of house ends when Tsukkun has a tantrum because he didn’t want the snack provided for “dinner”.

On the anniversary of the day Nageki arrived at the orphanage, Momo went over to Nageki to bring him to his surprise party.

Overload! Overflow! EXEdit

Momo first appears on a one-page section titled “Family Memories” at the end of chapter 14, “Tanabata”. When asked what the River of Heaven is made of, Momo declares that it is definitely milk.

In a final section titled “Let’s Go to Parrot-Yu!”, Momo visits a bathhouse with the other Heartful House birds after Hitori wins a book of tickets.

Physical DescriptionEdit

In cartoon bird form, Momo is a dark grey bird. She wears a white hat with a black ribbon tied in the back. She is one of the taller birds in Heartful House.

In gijinka (human) form, Momo has light hair that she ties into two pigtails. She wears a white hat with a black ribbon tied in the back. Momo wears a white shirt with a dark gray vest and a matching dark gray skirt with a white stripe and white frill at the bottom. She has a pair on bracelets on each wrist. She wears a pair of boots with her socks up slightly above the rim of the boots.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Momo is shown to be at least willing to play with the younger children, as she plays house with Hoppe, Tsukkun, Nacchin, and Nageki. While playing house, she takes a clear leadership role in assigning positions.

She seems to be very confident in herself, declaring that the River of Heaven is “definitely” made of milk.



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Hiyoko Tosaka


Anghel Higure · Kazuaki Nanaki · Nageki Fujishiro · Okosan · Ryouta Kawara

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