Mino Ichijou
Real World
Debut: Hatoful Boyfriend
Theme: None
Character Voice: N/A
Heartful Stats
Hatchday: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Nicobar pigeon
Occupation: Headmaster
Also known as

Mino Ichijou, a Nicobar pigeon, is the headmaster of St. Pigeonation's Institute. He doesn't appear in normal storylines and only briefly in the bonus BBL storyline.

He will appear in MIRROR, however.

Hatoful BoyfriendEdit

Bad Boy’s Love (Hurtful Boyfriend)Edit

Ryouta finds the headmaster poisoned and dead in his own office.

As it turns out, the headmaster was dead when the disaster announcement aired. The announcement was put together from disaster footage the year before.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Mino is a nicobar pigeon. He has not received a pseudo-human form design as of yet. Hiyoko describes him as "tufty".


The headmaster as he appears in the Hatoful Boyfriend WEB Series.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Relationships Edit

Etymology Edit

Mino consists of the kanji characters 壱 (mi), "winnow, winnowing basket", and 継 (no), "inherit, succeed, take over"

Ichijou consists of the kanji characters 壱 (ichi), "one", and 条 (jou), "article, clause".

Additionally, the Japanese word for "nicobar pigeon" is 蓑鳩/ミノバト (minobato).

Additionally additionally, the 蓑 character can mean "to cover (for illegal activities)".


  • Shuu Iwamine's birth name is Utsuro Ichijou.
  • The first St. Pigeonations headmaster's name was Kitsugu Ichijou.
  • The character in Mino's name, 箕, is mostly associated with the Chinese constellation called "Winnowing Basket". In the European constellation, it represents the Sagittarius.
  • Hatomoa's persona is a Nicobar pigeon.


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