Kouichi Sasai
篠井 航一
Real World
Debut: Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star
Theme: N/A
Character Voice: Oohashi Takamasa
Heartful Stats
Hatchday: 2154[1]
Gender: Male
Species: Black-headed gull
Occupation: Department store clerk
Also known as

Kouichi Sasai (篠井 航一) is a clerk at the High Society Seagull Department Store. He is very "species-ist" and discriminates against both Hiyoko Tosaka (a human) and Ryouta Kawara (a rock dove). However, he appears to respect Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane, due to his status as a fantail pigeon and the heir of the Le Bel family.

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday StarEdit

"The Christmas Thieves Attack!"Edit

On 22 December, Hiyoko Tosaka and Ryouta Kawara visit the High Society Seagull Department Store in order to investigate the Christmas Thieves. After initially greeting the pair, Sasai asked Hiyoko to leave because the High Society Seagull Department Store was no place for "low society humans". However, Ryouta steps in and starts to question Sasai about the recent theft. Sasai revealed that the three Christmas trees outside the store had been stolen, but as the trees were in a blind spot between security cameras, the identities of the thieves were unknown. Hiyoko, still bitter about the "blatant speciesism", made a smart remark and Sasai announced that he hoped to never see her in the store again.

Later that same day, Sasai was forced to call the Gull Guard security officer to deal with Miru & Kaku, who were breaking glass decorations in a Christmas display.

Drama CDsEdit

Sasai is voiced by 大橋隆昌(Oohashi Takamasa) in the Hatomame Sweet Blend drama CD.

Hatomame Sweet BlendEdit

Web SeriesEdit

Sasai is the narrator of the trailer for the Web Series.

Hatoful Boyfriend Official Plush ProjectEdit

Sasai is the narrator of the trailer for the Kickstarter.

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Hiyoko TosakaEdit

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Kouichi consists of the kanji characters 航 (kou), "navigate, sail, fly", and 一 (ichi), "one".

Sasai consists of the kanji characters 篠 (sasa), "bamboo grass", and 井 (i), "well, town, community".



Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. According to the web series trailer, Sasai is 34 years old in 2188.
  2. Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star


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