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Spoilers for Bad Boys Love, Holiday star, and more follow.

"This quail is Nanaki Kazuaki. He's a famously soporific math professor. I'd heard the rumors, but I hadn't expected him to fall asleep just like that... Apparently he's well-known as a mathematician. Just goes to show, great minds come in all forms!"
Hiyoko Tosaka[src]

Kazuaki Nanaki (七姫 一明) is a mild-mannered silver king quail who teaches mathematics in room 2-3 of St. Pigeonation's. He is a very well-known and respected mathematician, however he seems to fall asleep often when giving lectures due to his narcolepsy.

Physical Description

As a human, Kazuaki has short, wavy blonde hair, with a characteristic hair curl from his bangs. He wears a creamy scarf with fringes, in reference to his bird version's silver plumage. Beneath a brown duffel coat, he wears two overlapping long-sleeved shirts (blue and beige). He also sports a pair of white jeans and brown loafers.

His eyes are brown. In most illustrations, they are closed.

His blonde hair, or 'silver' feathers, are bleached. He seems to do it frequently around molting season.

Personality and Traits

Kazuaki is introduced as a rather laid back, flighty birdie despite being a very intelligent and skilled mathematician. He is often found falling asleep in the middle of lectures, seemingly during his day-to-day, and even mid conversation. This is due to him having narcolepsy. He often plays it off as something non-serious as if it were just a small thing to him, such as when he told his class he 'fell asleep in the washing machine,' or in other instances such as falling asleep suddenly and hitting his head, causing him to bleed everywhere.

He also shows no interest in getting help for his narcolepsy. Though it may be because Shuu is the birdie who expressed interest in getting a closer observation of his condition. The two seem to already have a sort of tension between them as seen throughout normal and BBL routes.

In the Drama CDs, we can hear Kazuaki's voice, he speaks in a slow and melodic tone. He speaks with an Osaka dialect, which is often marked by a melodic and slow tone of voice. The extra slowness may be from Kazuaki being drowsy often due to his condition.

It's something that would be hard to pick up on about his personality simply by reading, especially in the translation where we can't indicate a particular accent of a character.

It may be hard to understand how Kazuaki is supposed to come off solely based on text, as his voice really puts his character together. Translating dialects is also notably difficult, so this results in a bit of struggle for those playing the non-Japanese version of the game.

Carve it into your soul, kid!
Major plot spoilers follow.

Hitori Uzune's shift into Kazuaki Nanaki is a mostly unexplored area, and Moa hasn't explained much of it upfront. In BBL, Hitori seems to be fully aware of who he is in reality, and is conscious of his real secret plan. Acting as Kazuaki is a mere façade. However this might actually be a translation error in Nazerine's translation of the game.

When Kazuaki shoots Shuu Iwamine, his attitude and figure of speech shifts to sound more serious and cold, like Hitori.

In contrast to that as well, when he shoots Shuu in the Japanese version of the game, his attitude hardly changes, and he continues to threaten and express his despair with a lighthearted attitude.

There is another interesting fact about Kazuaki's mental state, revealed in the Hatomame Sweet Blend Drama CD, which takes place in Kazuaki's point of view.

This Drama CD poses the take that Hitori is in-fact not fully aware that he is even in a disguise, and truly believes that he is Kazuaki Nanaki, perhaps having blocked out a part of his consciousness and memory to achieve that. Kazuaki meets Hitori in his dream, and claims that he has never seen or heard this bird before in his life. Dream Hitori comments that "It is not yet time for (Kazuaki) to be here. Sleeping is my job, tomorrow, and tomorrow, and the day after that..."

Which suggests that Hitori Uzune indeed is a part of his consciousness, blocked out, and waiting until the right time comes, so he can "wake up" from inside his mind and take over.

A lot of Hitori/"Kazuaki"'s story is unexplained, or at least, not delved into due to the story. However we have learned that some of Kazuaki's personality traits are mere imitations of the real Kazuaki, such as "Kazuaki"'s fondness of sweet tea and pastries. In reality, Hitori doesn't even like sugary things. (In fact, bitter things might be his preferred.)

How much of "Kazuaki"'s character is legitimate, how much is an imitation, how much is the result of his narcoleptic mental state, and how much isn't... Is all mostly a mystery.

Spoilers end here.


Kazuaki consists of the kanji characters 一 (kazu), "one", and 明 (ake), "bright, light".

Nanaki consists of the kanji characters 七 (nana), "seven", and 姫 (ki), "princess". Also, the Japanese word for button quail is himeuzura (姫うずら/ヒメウズラ), the character hime (姫) is in Kazuaki's surname.


  • The scent of bleach sometimes comes from him.
  • For Legumentine's, he prefers country millet.
  • He is often seen enjoying tea and sweet tea in particular. However in an interview, Moa reveals that this is merely a part of his mimicry of Kazuaki, who is very fond of sweets and sugar. In reality, Hitori doesn't like sweet things all that much.[8]
  • Kazuaki got the Defender (ISFJ) personality on the 16personalities test.[9]
  • Kazuaki made an appearance in the second Heavenstrike Rivals collaboration with Hatoful Boyfriend, appearing as a unit drop character.

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