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Spoilers for everything, especially Bad Boys Love and Holiday Star follow.
Kazuaki Nanaki
七姫 一明
Real World
Debut: Holiday Star
Theme: ???
Character Voice: ???
Heartful Stats
Hatchday: 3 March[1], 2163
Gender: Male
Species: King quail
Occupation: Prep School Student[2]

Japanese teacher[3]

Also known as
  • Neg Piedpiper[4]
  • Kazuaki-Kun[2]
  • Real Kazuaki[2]
  • Crybaby Quail[2]
"This is professor Kazuaki Nanaki, class 2-3's homeroom teacher. He's kind of emotionally weak and cries a lot, but he's the teacher of a prestigious school so he has to be a great adult. Maybe."
Hiyoko Tosaka[src]

Kazuaki Nanaki (七姫 一明) is a depressed king quail, and hikikomori.

The name "Kazuaki-kun" refers to his titular short 4-koma comic by Hatomoa, Kazuaki-kun's Book. This nickname is recognized specifically to differentiate him from the Kazuaki Nanaki that the player is introduced with, in other words Hitori Uzune's impersonation of him.

Kazuaki appears in a flashback in Holiday Star, however it's not straightforwardly explained that it is him, making his existence a spoiler. Neither does he appear in any official manga or Drama CD.

He does however appear in the Preliminary Inspection short story, as well as the HatofulWEB episodes. He will also appear in MIRROR.

Early Life

"He bid farewell to all his bird days without trouble. Since he was not poor and his body was in good health, his birdtime was all in easy mode. However... Far from entering his first choice, he flunked the exam for even his safety school. From this day forward everything that he knew about the world would change forever."
—Kazuaki-Kun's Book[src]

Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings

Bad Boys Love (Hurtful Boyfriend)

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

==="The Day the Night Slept (After)"===
After Nageki's death, Hitori was no longer the same bird he was. After helplessly witnessing his only surviving family left dying a flaming death right in front of his eyes, he was also wanted by the radical potlitical party; the Hawk Party.
In order to change his identity and get away from his Hawk pursuers, Hitori took the real Nanaki Kazuaki's identity. The real Kazuaki was a timid hikkikomori who was friendless and failing his school classes. Hitori became Kazuaki's friend, then convinced him into commiting suicide by saying they would die together. He insulted Kazuaki as the other button quail died, then took the young quail's identity away right in front of him.
On the train to the afterlife, the terrified and bitter Kazuaki leapt off at a signal stop in the sky and waited, sitting on a chair in a little room with a candle and mourning his fate. He thought Hitori genuinely wanted to be friends and understood him. How did it become like this?
Kazuaki waited and waited in that lonely spot, attracting souls with the candle's light. More and more souls came until a egg-shaped star of surreal dream-like quality - Holiday Star - and a whole kingdom was built. Kazuaki became The King of the Holiday Star - along with, technically speaking, every other citizen of the Holiday Star: The King was afraid of his new friends quarreling or leaving him, so he assimilated their individual personalities and minds into himself; every citizen becomes The King, and a part of The King.
Later, the true form and consequences of staying in Holiday Star is revealed - the cast will die if they remain there. The one in worst condition was Hitori, whom was slipping into a coma. This discovery made Hiyoko, Nageki and Yuuya attempt to rally everyone so that they might fight back and wake up from the eclipse-induced dream.
During this time, The King locked Hitori up in a special well-hidden room, saying he could nap there. Though every birdie had a picture book (symbollic of each birdie's troubles) written by the King accompanying them in each of their rooms, Hitori's had only angry scribbles and a single sentence: "You lied to me." Accompanying the phrase was a picture of a quail falling into blazing fire.
In the end, to defeat The King, Nageki made use of the topaz Hitori gave him and burned the lighthouse (which used to be the candle in the lonely room) with himself in it. Holiday Star was destroyed, and The King reverted back to his original state of a little timid white quail in a mantle. With everyone's coaxing, including Ryuuji's, Kazuaki was made to take the train to his afterlife and continue on the cycle of life bravely with the ex-citizens of his kingdom.

Web Series

Hatocatch Pretty Coore!

Hatoful Boyfriend Manga


Hatoful Boyfriend Overload! Overflow! EX

Kazuaki-Kun's Book


Absolute Zero - the Forbidden Epic of Fallen Angels

Hatoful Boyfriend Drama CDs

Kazuaki-kun has not appeared in any Drama CD as of date.




Primal Feather

Second Feather: Summer Vacation

Hatomame Sweet Blend

Physical Description

As a human, Kazuaki has short, wavy blonde hair, with a characteristic hair curl from his bangs. He wears a creamy scarf with fringes, in reference to his bird version's silver plumage. Beneath a brown duffel coat, he wears two overlapping long-sleeved shirts (blue and beige). He also sports a pair of white jeans and brown loafers.

His eyes are dark gold. However in some early pictures they look brown.

His physique is described as "petite but fine[5]".

In his hikikomori stage, Kazuaki is often depicted wearing various kinds of graphic shirts, and sweatpants.

Personality and Traits

Shortly put, Kazuaki is an incredibly whiny, anxious, and shy young man. He generally means well, although his craving for affection (particularly from Hitori) often seems overwhelming. He is extremely careless, especially when it comes to his own health. On one hand, he hates himself and doesn't believe he's deserving of the good things in his life, but on another hand, he feels distressed about being treated unfairly, and seems very quick to indulge in momentary pleasure.

He is quite incompetent, and depressed on top of that.

He is incredibly clingy to anyone showing him the slightest amount of kindness and sympathy, and is very naive.

A good example of that is in the "Preliminary Inspection" episode of Holiday Star, where we get to see more of his personality around characters like Hitori and Shuu. Kazuaki openly talks about his self-hatred and craving for death, however after the doctor offers him to jump off the nearby bridge, Kazuaki cries saying "But then I'd die!"

Additionally, he seems paranoid about Hitori perhaps not liking him, but is very easy to reassure.

Kazuaki is scared of being alone, and terrified of dying.


Hitori Uzune

"A friend, my friend. He was my opposite, in every way. He was earnest, and smart, and didn't mumble when he talked. But despite all that... He understood me, more than anyone else in the world. He alone understood me, and I alone understood him."

Hitori and Kazuaki's relationship varies depending on the timeline. However,

Holistar; Kazuaki met Hitori during the lowest pit of his depression, and Hitori's unconditional kindness and empathy slowly began restoring Kazuaki's will to keep living. Hitori treated Kazuaki in a way that no one ever did before, and even if in reality his actions may have been subpar, Kazuaki latched onto Hitori, willing to do anything to stay happy with the other quail.

Kazuaki sees Hitori as a complete role model, as someone he himself could never aspire to become.

Hitori hasn't been a solely good influence on Kazuaki, though. In order to get closer to the other, Hitori intentionally fueled Kazuaki's selfish mindset, by blaming the world on both of theirs' misfortune. They both bonded over their mutual spite. In a way, it aided Kazuaki's crippling self esteem, but in a way, it only made him ever so more resentful of the world and society outside.

This all ended with Hitori taking advantage of Kazuaki. Taking advantage of his easy to persuade mindset, and manipulating him into suicide, with the intention of stealing his documents, and stealing his identity.

Mirror; However, in a separate timeline, where Nageki Fujishiro never dies and fuels Hitori's actions, Hitori and Kazuaki remain friends. It'd seem that Hitori genuinely pulled Kazuaki out of his hikikomori state, and at some point, both of them became Professors at St. Pigeonation's.

Hitori, more than anything, is just very patient with Kazuaki. He makes sure to scold the other for his uselessness and whininess during work, but Kazuaki doesn't seem to mind it enough to dislike him. Kazuaki still sees Hitori as the most competent person alive, to which certainly, he is more than Kazuaki himself.

Nageki Fujishiro

Holistar; Kazuaki never got to know Nageki. He's only ever heard stories of him from Hitori. Kazuaki is very jealous of the dove, and how he occupies Hitori's mind. This evolves into something different, after Kazuaki's death, and the transformation into The King.

Mirror; Kazuaki knows Nageki and is friends with him alongside Hitori. He seems to enjoy the dove's company very well, as proven in "Kazuaki-kun's Book", he constantly visits their house to hang out (because he's scared of being alone with the ghosts in his own apartment).

Shuu Iwamine

Holistar; Kazuaki never got to know Shuu. After his transformation into The King, they meet on the Holiday Star. (more on The King's page... soon.)

Mirror; Kazuaki, being a teacher at St. Pigeonation's, is a co-worker of Shuu. Judging solely from "Preliminary Inspection" in Holistar, they seem to be on relatively neutral terms. Kazuaki is very frightened by Shuu's obviously scary demeanor, but still seems to rely on him enough to wish to be examined by him, when he suspects he has a cold. Shuu on another hand, simply thinks he's "never seen anyone as delicate as Kazuaki, and would love to experiment on him.", followed by a "hohoho" laugh, supposedly.


Kazuaki consists of the kanji characters 一 (kazu), "one", and 明 (ake), "bright, light".

Nanaki consists of the kanji characters 七 (nana), "seven", and 姫 (ki), "princess". Also, the Japanese word for button quail is himeuzura (ヒメウズラ), and the character hime (姫) is in Kazuaki's surname.


  • He has a fondness for computer games, and mobile MMORPGs. He has also been shown to be a big fan of childish (magical girl) anime, such as Hatocatch Pretty Coore.
  • Kazuaki has always excelled in Japanese in middle school, and apparently his skills are enough to get him employed at the elite school of St. Pigeonation's.[6]
  • Kazuaki dislikes vegetables. Eggplants in particular.[7]
  • His "favorite vegetable" is pizza, though.[8]
  • Kazuaki is "addicted to idol games" and it is even known among students that he wastes a lot of money on gacha and in-game purchases.[9]


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