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Kanta (カンタ) is one of the birds that Nageki and Hitori grew up with at Heartful House orphanage.

Early Life[]

Kanta's father died in battle fighting against humans. Kanta was left orphaned and without a leg. As such, when in gijinka (human) form, he is forced to use crutches to get around.

Hatoful Manga[]


Kanta appears in chapter 12, "Family Memories".

When Nageki first comes to Hatoful House, Kanta wanted for Nageki to join in playing with the boys, even grabbing his wing to pull him over. When admonished for troubling Nageki, he brushed the whole thing aside and went to play with his adopted brother Pyonpyon instead.

Later, Kanta has Pyonpyon use his whiskers to sense if Nageki is a good or bad person. When Nageki passes the test, Kanta comes over to ask Nageki to be his henchman. His is interrupted by Hitori, who tells Kanta that he should clean it up himself if he wet the bed again. Kanta replies that Hitori that he has bad timing.

Overload! Overflow! EX[]

Kanta first appears on a one-page section titled "Family Memories" at the end of Chapter 14, "Tanabata". When asked what the River of Heaven is made of, Kanta jokes that it was made of his poop. He is then scolded by Hitori for making Hoppe cry.

He also appears in the background of another one-page "Family Memories" at the end of chapter 16, telling Pyonpyon (who is holding a some ferns) to get out while they were making dango.

In a final section titled "Let's Go to Parrot-Yu!", Kanta visits a bathhouse with the other Hatoful House birds when Hitori wins a book of tickets. Kanta was very excited about the whole experience, from the chimney outside the bathhouse to the parrots in the bathhouse to the coffee milk served by parrot attendants. He chooses to take a cold bath.

Physical Description[]

As a bird, Kanta is a white pigeon with black wings and two black marks on his head (pied plumage type). In one scene, Kanta is wearing a maid outfit.

As a human, Kanta has thick hair and a large, mischievous grin. Kanta wears a camouflage vest over a white, long-sleeved shirt. Kanta wears a pair of dark shorts, and, as one of his legs is missing, one side of the shorts is empty. He wears one black boot with socks up to just blow his knee.

Personality and Traits[]

Kanta is fond of teasing his siblings, but he also works hard to support them financially. He is very proud of his father for dying in battle against humans, and regards his missing leg as an honorable wound.

Despite his attitude towards his adopted siblings, Kanta is one of the oldest at Heartful House. As such, he works at a maid café to make money to support his siblings.


Kanta is written with the katakana カンタ (kanta). The meaning is unclear, as it's an existing Japanese name and its meaning would depend on the kanji used. It might be a past-tense of かむ (kamu) "to bite"; かむた ( kamu ta), meaning "bitten, crashed onto, have scolded".


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