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Holiday Star
HolidayStar Square Night.png
Debut: Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star
Country: Japan (Space)
Species of Residents: Birds
"Very happy, indeed. We celebrate our holiday, which never ends. This is a happy star."
The King[src]

The Holiday Star (祝祭の星) is the setting of the second half of Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star. It's a fairytale-like world depicted by traditionally drawn watercolor paintings, and a land under the rulership of The King.

Everything on the Holiday Star appears more surreal and fantastical compared to other locations in the game, with giant bellflowers, glowing mushrooms, ladybugs and lanterns depicted all over its colorful corners.

On the outside, the Holiday Star is actually an enormous, green, rotten egg hanging in the sky. A "false star" according to The Migrant.

The Holiday Star's residents are depicted as featureless birds, who are in reality controlled by The King himself.

Locations of Interest

The Square/Plaza


Right after exiting the train station, the birds are greeted with the town square. Little, cartoony houses with gardens, and a water fountain are visible at the front. There is also a clear view on The King's throne room.

The Throne Room/The Castle


The King's main residency. It's depicted as a surreal room amidst a pitch black background. In the middle stands The King's throne. The floor is checkered, and decorated in mushrooms, crystals, and stars. In the latter half of the game, the throne room's previously black background fills up with giant, colorless eggs, pills, and a syringe. Initially, the throne was a simple chair.

The Crystal Forest


Somewhere away from the main square is the Crystal Forest. As the name suggests, its a forest made entirely of thick trees and cyan crystals. It stretches far and wide, and it's easy to get lost if a bird strays off the one path.

The "Chateau Chukar" Restaurant

Amidst the Crystal Forest is the Chateau Chukar. It only appears on the Holiday Star on the day the main characters enter the Holiday Star, and is generated without The King's influence. It is Shuu's story location, and as such, is exactly how he wished it to be. The King originally sends Hiyoko and Nageki to investigate the mysterious restaurant because a lot of his citizens entered it, and never returned.

After the entrance gate are several passageways. Signs are put up, instructing in each new segment that the visitors take their clothes off, clean themselves, and finally rub salt all over their bodies. The final destination is a kitchen with a cauldron of boiling soup, a bear trap attached to the ceiling, and Shuu in a chef's hat, awaiting his next soup ingredients to arrive.

The Garden


It's a beautiful garden with countless flowers, near the main plaza. It is Sakuya's story location. In order for Yuuya to forcibly enter the Holiday Star, Tohri had to blast a hole into it, and as such, a gaping, two dimensional hole appeared in the middle of the garden.

Mount Pudding

A particularly huge mountain near The King's castle, made entirely of pudding. It is Okosan's and Nanaki's story location, but Hiyoko and Nageki meet Ryouta here as well. The King sends Hiyoko and Nageki to investigate the mountain out of worry that it'll start raining soon, and if it does, he would cry.

When Nanaki arrives at the star, he loses his name, and the weather becomes dangerously stormy as a result. He fell into a caramel lake when he tried "retrieving" his name in it. Eventually Nageki gives him the name "Hitori", allowing Nanaki to feel at peace, and the sky clears up at last.

Later in the story, Hiyoko comes back to the mountain to have a talk with Okosan and convince him to get off the mountain and not give in to The King's trap.

The Lighthouse


Behind the throne in the castle is a hole, which leads to a steep cliff, and a lighthouse on the other side.

The Lighthouse is essentially the heart of the Holiday Star, and it's beacon projects everything in The King's imagination onto the land, including The King's large and colorful form. The real King dictates everything from inside the lighthouse, and as such, is extremely distressed when his safe space is invaded and destroyed.

Upon setting the lighthouse ablaze, everything on the Holiday Star scorches and falls apart as well, revealing that on the inside it is nothing but an empty endless void. Initially, the lighthouse was a simple wax candle. Since everything on the Holiday Star is like its made of 3D paper, destroying it results in the characters falling into the milky way, and finally falling into a galactic field of white flowers at the very bottom.



It's written with the kanji 祝祭 (shukusai) "festival, celebration", の (no) "of", 星 (hoshi) "star".

In Japanese, the name can be directly translated as "Festival Star".


  • All the background illustrations, as well as The King's sprites themselves, have been drawn and designed by Damurushi.


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