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Carve it into your soul, kid!
Major plot spoilers follow.
Hiyoko Tosaka
十坂 ひよこ
Real World
Debut: Hatoful Boyfriend
Theme: None
Character Voice: None
Heartful Stats
Birthday: April[1] 2171
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 16 *
Occupation: Student, Cafe barista
Status: Alive *

Dead *

Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Also known as

Hiyoko Tosaka (十坂 ひよこ) is the protagonist and the playable character of the Hatoful Boyfriend franchise. She's the only human attending St. Pigeonation's, due to a special arrangement with the school that is explained in the Bad Boy's Love route.

Early Life

Hiyoko was born and raised in the wilderness of a nature preserve for the human species. Because of humankind’s and birdkind’s peaceful segregation (the name used for the program of impounding humans in remote areas), she is accustomed to a primitive existence. From the start, she was born into the Mother Bird Faction that both of her parents belonged to.

During her childhood, her cultural interchange began by helping Ryouta after he fell from his nest.

Eight years before the events of the game, both of Hiyoko's parents were shot and killed in the Heartful House incident when they tried to act as mediators between the human radicals and birds. Their deaths signaled the end of negotiations and started an all-out fight between riot police and hostage takers in Hatoful House. Hiyoko and Ryouta, while witnessing the incident and the deaths of Hiyoko's parents, were approached by Shuu. Shuu asked if they had any desire, any wish to be granted. Ryouta wished for a world where humans and birds don't fight. Hiyoko then added the fatal line, "I would do anything to make Ryouta's wish come true."

Then and there, Shuu made his terrible promise to fulfill that wish someday, leading to the Hurtful Boyfriend route.

Hatoful Boyfriend

ED No.01-11:

Bad Boy’s Love (Hurtful Boyfriend)

Carve it into your soul, kid!
Spoilers for Bad Boys Love follow.

Hiyoko was killed at the start of the Hurtful Boyfriend route by the Charon Virus in Ryouta. The deadly virus, which affects only humans, was part of Shuu's plan to fulfill Ryouta's wish. With the human race gone, the fighting would stop. Shuu blackmailed Yuuya and together they cut her up into pieces.

Hiyoko as Labor 9[7][8]

Shuu proceeded to remove her brain and put it in Labor 9, a scarecrow-like being. Her last gasps to Ryouta before she died were eerily echoed by Labor 9 as, under the control of Shuu, it attempted to impede Ryouta and company from entering the sealed labs. It also kept every other normal student away from the main building as Ryouta and Sakuya investigated.

Labor 9 was a prototype of the Labor Model New Humans that was first developed by Dove Party researchers, but was condemned as unethical and was shut down. It was made to assist birds since, as a human brain controlling an artificial body, it was capable of completing tasks that birds would find difficult to do. Shuu had continued with the Dove Party's research and created Labor 9 to be his sidekick. Ryouta eventually used a taser to short out Labor 9 to get to Shuu.

Even in death, Hiyoko's spirit lived on. She appeared as a green floating flame to persuade Ryouta when he went into a brainwashed berserker state, and she accompanies his spirit as he lays frozen in cryogenic slumber as he awaits a cure for the Charon Virus.

Spoilers end here.

Holiday Star

The Christmas Thieves Attack!

Fallen Chronicles: Absolute Zero

The Day the Night Slept (Before)

The Day the Night Slept (After)

Hatoful Manga


Overload! Overflow! EX


Absolute Zero - the Forbidden Epic of Fallen Angels

Drama CDs

Hiyoko makes no appearance in any of the drama CDs to date.

Physical Description

The "Hiyoko Meat Plush" which can be purchased on the Official Hatoful Shop

Hiyoko has no physical description, as Moa has said that Hiyoko's image is up to the fans' imagination. In Hatoful Kareshi, she is shown to be invisible to the readers.

She is sometimes depicted as a hunk of meat in official art.

Nonetheless, she is implied to have a powerful physique. With a VITALITY of 400, her strength and fighting skills are her most prominent character trait. She is capable of defeating numerous kinds of dangerous animals, among other things.

Personality and Traits

Hiyoko is very energetic and dependent on her "hunter-gatherer instincts". Her personality may seem to shift a little bit depending on what character the player decides to pursue. She is not very bright, but has a strong sense of justice. Determined, assertive, and optimistic above all, Hiyoko doesn't let anything really get to her, and certainly hopes that there is good within everybirdie she comes across. Even after death, she doesn't lose faith in her friends.

She is usually acknowledged as noisy and rowdy by other characters. Besides that, she appears to be a fan of television shows. Although she's a hunter-gatherer who lives in a cave and hunts for red meat for her breakfast, her favorite food is plain udon.

Other than that, her family is Buddhist.

Although she is supposed to represent the player and therefore will be drawn to any bird, if it were not for player interference, she would be naturally attracted to Nageki Fujishiro. This is a notable plot point in the story of Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star.


In the second episode of the WEB Series, upon drinking an adrenaline drug prepared by Shuu, Hiyoko drastically changes in personality and physical capabilities, becoming the character called "BLACK TIGER". (The drug did not necessarily make her stronger, but as Shuu explained it, the drug lifted the limits of her brain, allowing her to enter a complete frenzy with no self control).

Ryouta explains that once upon a time when Hiyoko was a child, she found herself surrounded by wolves. Her primal instincts took over her, and she massacred the animals all night long. In awe, the birds named her the "BLACK TIGER OF TYRANNY".

BLACK TIGER has endless vitality and bloodlust, and charges in to destroy everything in sight until it's a bloody pulp. This is the bad ending of the 2nd episode, because after Hiyoko becomes BLACK TIGER and slaughters Pellicano (along with everyone he swallowed), she leaps off the school building and moves on to destroy Japan. Afterwards, she swims across the ocean to invade the rest of Asia, the middle east, and Europe. Even as the most powerful countries in the world teamed up with weapons to destroy her, it was all in vain, and eventually... The world was engulfed in nuclear flames.


Hiyoko is written with the hiragana ひ (hi) よ (yo) こ (ko). It's a common girl's name which additionally means "chick".

Tosaka is written with the kanji 十 (to) meaning "ten, 10", and 坂 (saka) meaning "slope, incline, hill".


  • Because of her name, one of the most popular fanart depictions of her give her short yellow hair. Round and yellow, like a chicken chick.
  • She has a huge range of special attacks, some of which are powerful enough to break things.
  • Her childhood best friend, Ryouta Kawara, is in love with her, but she's too dense to figure it out.
  • After fighting the leader of a jackal tribe, she was welcomed into the pack as a brother.
  • She's 16-17 years old.[9]
  • She enrolled in 2187.
  • She can play the hichiriki, a Japanese flute instrument.
  • It's revealed during the first Radio Segment in Holiday Star that her ideal wedding is a "Bungee Jump Wedding," and she would prefer to wear street clothes during the ceremony as opposed to a dress.

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