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Major plot spoilers follow.
Hitori Uzune
埋音 陽鳥
Uzune Hitori
Real World
Debut: Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings
Theme: Sovereign Quarter
Character Voice: Hirofumi Nojima
Heartful Stats
Hatchday: 23 September[1], 2162
Gender: Male
Species: King quail
Age: 25 *
Occupation: Hatoful House member, Mathematics Professor, Homeroom Teacher of 3-1 *
Status: Alive *

Dead *

Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Also known as
  • Kazuaki Nanaki[2]
  • Coore Light Grey[3]
  • Haltfate[4]
  • Tranquil Darklight[4]
"This calm and reliable adult figure with a somewhat relaxed atmosphere is professor Hitori Uzune. He's in charge of the 3rd years, but he also teaches mathematics. His classes are always easy to understand, and he's always happy to help answer individual questions as well. Even though he only got hired this year, he's already at the top of the teacher popularity vote! Handsome and strong."
Hiyoko Tosaka[src]

Hitori Uzune (埋音 陽鳥) is a king quail.[5] He is a kind, caring and talented button quail; the ideal young birdie that everyone wants their child to be.

However, he is mostly known under the identity Kazuaki Nanaki, whose personality and appearance are drastically different.

As Kazuaki, he teaches mathematics in room 2-3 of St. Pigeonation's. Although he is an incredibly brilliant bird, he is narcoleptic and often falls asleep in the middle of lectures.

In the MIRROR timeline, he teaches mathematics in class 3-1, aka the third years. More will be revealed with the release of the third game.

Physical Description


As a human, Hitori has short, straight dark brown hair. He wears a long sleeved grey-and-white striped shirt, and a dark grey open jacket on top of it. He wears a characteristic red scarf around his neck, in reference to his bird form's red feathers. He also sports maroon jeans, and a pair of creamy winter boots with brown straps, also in reference to the bird's plumage. He also appears to have a bit more of a tan complexion compared to the other birdies.

He manages to mimic Kazuaki Nanaki's appearance almost perfectly, or at least well enough that no one suspected a thing. However it is easier to impersonate a bird than a human being. All Hitori seems to be doing to alter his appearance to Kazuaki's is bleach his entire body into a silver plumage color.

His eyes are dark brown, in contrast to the original Kazuaki's which are golden.

In his bird form, he is a king quail with maroon and near-black plumage. He is often drawn wearing a red scarf.

Hitori's Personality and Traits

Hitori is a nice and kind, intelligent young man who takes things seriously. He works hard to take care of the orphans of Heartful House.

After Nageki's death, he becomes increasingly unstable and obsessed with the dove, willing to do anything in Nageki's name, including killing other birds. His development of depression and survivor's guilt resulted in developing narcolepsy.

In the Mirror timeline, he is shown to be very overprotective of Nageki and going extra lengths to ensure that he's healthy (perhaps at the expense of Nageki's comfort). He is very responsible and tactical, and generally strives to make things fair and equal for everyone around him. His kindness has it's limits though, as even he is overwhelmed by Kazuaki's neediness and sensitivity. He treats the other teacher with basic respect, but also seems ready to (rightfully) criticize the other. Kazuaki doesn't really mind though.

"Kazuaki's" Personality and Traits

Hitori Uzune's shift into Kazuaki Nanaki is a mostly unexplored area, and Moa hasn't explained much of it upfront. In BBL, Hitori seems to be fully aware of who he is in reality, and is conscious of his real secret plan. Acting as Kazuaki is a mere facade. However this might actually be a translation error in Nazerine's translation (though mostly localization) of the game.

In the English version, Kazuaki comes off as a bit monotonous and stoic. A rather suspiciously depressed aura. Instead of "sleepy", he comes off as simply "tired", which might make his route's ending less surprising.

When Kazuaki shoots Shuu Iwamine, his attitude and figure of speech shifts to sound more serious and cold, like Hitori.

However in the Japanese version as well as the Drama CD's, Kazuaki has a very different personality. He seems more dizzy and detached from reality, while maintaining a blissful smile and closed eyes most of the time. He often ends his sentences with "~" and generally speaks slowly, in a melodic manner.

In contrast to that as well, when he shoots Shuu, his attitude hardly changes, and he continues to threaten and express his despair with a lighthearted attitude.

There is another interesting fact about Kazuaki's mental state, revealed in the Hatomame Sweet Blend Drama CD, which takes place in Kazuaki's point of view.

This Drama CD poses the take that Hitori is in-fact not fully aware that he is even in a disguise, and truly believes that he is Kazuaki Nanaki, perhaps having blocked out a part of his consciousness and memory to achieve that. Kazuaki meets Hitori in his dream, and claims that he has never seen or heard this bird before in his life. Dream Hitori comments that "It is not yet time for (Kazuaki) to be here. Sleeping is my job, tomorrow, and tomorrow, and the day after that..." Which suggests that Hitori Uzune indeed is a part of his consciousness, blocked out, and waiting until the right time comes, so he can "wake up" from inside his mind and take over.

A lot of Hitori/"Kazuaki"'s story is unexplained, or at least, not delved into due to the story. However we have learned that some of Kazuaki's personality traits are mere imitations of the real Kazuaki, such as "Kazuaki"'s fondness of sweet tea and pastries. In reality, Hitori doesn't even like sugary things. (In fact, bitter things might be his preferred.)

How much of "Kazuaki"'s character is legitimate, how much is an imitation, how much is the result of his narcoleptic mental state, and how much isn't... Is all mostly a mystery.


Hitori consists of the kanji characters 陽 (hi), "sun, sunlight", and 鳥 (tori), "bird".

Uzune consists of the kanji characters 埋 (uzu), "bury, fill up", and 音 (ne), "sound, noise".

The Japanese word for king quail is himeuzura (ヒメウズラ).


  • For Legumentine's, he prefers country millet.
  • He finds salmiakki delicious!
  • After taking Kazuaki Nanaki's identity, Hitori underwent plastic surgery to alter his appearance in order to resemble Kazuaki's features better.
    • This was only mentioned vaguely in the first Hatoful Fanbook, so it is unknown if it's canon information or potentially mistranslated.
  • The hiragana of 陽鳥 is ひとり. Hiragana in names often hold no meaning at all, as they are just phonetic renderings. Though, it is also the phonetic spelling of 一人. 一 means "one" and 人 means "person". When put together, the two Kanji mean "alone". This version of Kanji for his name hasn't shown up in anything Moa and Damu have given us, so it's just a bit of fun wordplay.

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