Heartful House
Heartful House
The Heartful House orphanage.
Type House
Location Japan
Inhabitants orphaned birds

Heartful House is an orphanage filled with chicks that were orphaned as the result of the war between birds and humans. Every Friday, the orphans of the Heartful House gather for a meal together and no one is left out of the weekly tradition.

Orphanage ResidentsEdit

The following are birds that lived at the Heartful House and considered it their home:

The older orphans, such as Hitori, Kanta, and Kokoro[1], usually take up jobs to help financially support the younger ones.

The Heartful House IncidentEdit

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On the Friday of 2 September, 2180, when most everyone was gathered at the house for their weekly family meal, the Human Liberation Front attacked the bird orphanage and held the orphans hostage to demand territorial expansion and self-government. They began killing off each orphan one by one the longer it took for their demands to be met. Hiyoko Tosaka's parents were sent in to negotiate with the human extremists and were shot dead for their efforts. Their deaths was the trigger for the bird officers to swarm the orphanage.

Hitori was out shopping for the traditional meal when the incident happened and came home just as Hiyoko's parents were killed. Despite safety warnings from the officers, he rushed in to find that all the orphans and humans were dead. He desperately cries out for Nageki, whom he discovered still alive and hiding in the orphanage's innermost room. Although neither Hitori nor Nageki did realized it at the time, Nageki inadvertently managed to kill all the humans because of the presence of the Charon Virus.

Because the orphanage was located near Hiyoko and Ryouta's homes, the two of them personally witnessed the incident unfold and subsequently the death of Hiyoko's parents. After the incident was over, Souma Isa approached Ryouta and asked him what his greatest wish was. Ryouta's answer became the catalyst for everything that happened to Nageki and St. Pigeonation's Institute.

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Notes and ReferencesEdit

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