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Hawk Party
Hawk Party
Debut: Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings
Ideology: Humans should be eliminated from society.
Known members

The Hawk Party (タカ派) is one of the two main bird factions that formed after the end of the war between humans and birds. The Hawk Party pursues a human-less society, and are ready to take violent and radical means for their goal.

A known wing of the Hawk Party called the Earth Crawlers is under control of the Takaba Labs.

Hawk Party Members[]

Current known members of the Hawk Party.

Shuu Iwamine[]

Shuu joined the Hawk Party at age 6 in the year 2169 as a medical researcher at Takaba Labs, under the alias Souma Isa at the time. He became the head of LiSciRe in 2177.

Ryuuji Kawara[]

It is unknown when and how Ryuuji joined the Hawks, but he was the head of the foremost LiSciRe until Souma took his place.

Tohri Nishikikouji[]

It is known when and how Tohri joined the Hawks, but he was the head of SecOps in Takaba Labs until ~2177. He no longer associates with the Hawk Party at 2188, and is instead a part of the Crow Party.


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