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Hatoful Kareshi is a manga adaptation of Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings. It features both birdie and gijinka versions of the characters, and is updated on the tenth of each month. Each chapter focuses on one of the main 8 birdies or an event from the game such as Legumentine's. Although it takes place within the Hatoful universe, it follows a separate timeline from the game so it follows a different canon.

The first 12 chapters of Hatoful Kareshi were collected into the Hatoful Kareshi volume. The other 4 chapters were released in Hatoful Boyfriend Overload! Overflow! EX.

The characters in Hatoful Kareshi occasionally break the fourth wall, talking about things they shouldn't have any knowledge about in the manga's world such as the manga's publisher and drama CD advertisement.

Chapter 1: Kawara Ryouta[]


Hiyoko Tosaka introduces the St. Pigeonation's Institute as a school made by pigeons for pigeons and as such all students—aside from herself—are birds in actuality. She then explains why she cannot be seen by the reader before being trampled by a herd of buffalo.

The scene then skips to Ryouta Kawara entering classroom 2-2 to be surprised that Hiyoko has not arrived yet. Okosan exclaims that she's late while Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane comments on the human's worth by her timeliness. He then suggests that Ryouta calls her and the rock dove does so and tells the others that Hiyoko has been hit by a buffalo on the way to school. Sakuya is appalled and asks what route she could've taken to meet such a fate and Ryouta explains that the girl lives in a cave in the outskirts of the city. Sakuya is even more surprised that it is possible in the modern world to live out in the wilderness, but Ryouta says Hiyoko is fine with it and admires her strength for that.

Later, Ryouta gripes about his terrible stomach and San offers to help him by beating his stomach until it felt better. Ryouta begs him to stop as he was hitting the rock dove's back instead, making him forget about the pain in his stomach.

Ryouta notes that Sakuya and San are hard to tell apart at a glance because they were both fantail pigeons. Sakuya becomes offended and shakes him hard while San exclaims that everyone is smart.

After Kazuaki Nanaki dismisses the class for the day, San perks up excitedly about being able to go run after sleeping through the afternoon. Ryouta notices his enthusiasm and San explains that he's always excited for the school's track team. San asks the rock dove if he has anything to be burning for after school. Ryouta responds simply that he just goes home after school and that if he has anything to burn for, it's his part-time job. San then grabs Ryouta's wing and pushes him to run with him, to which Ryouta laments the offer tearfully as the pigeon pulls him along.

Ryouta manages to make it to the maid cafe he works at after being dragged all over the city by San. He explains that he doesn't participate in after-school activities because he lives with his mother and works to help pay the expenses. Ryouta goes on to say that he's considered an exceptional employee at the maid cafe and is proud of that until he receives a text message from Hiyoko saying she managed to beat up the buffalo that ran her over that morning and therefore outshone his achievement.

After getting into his uniform and beginning his shift, Ryouta greets an unsuspecting Sakuya accompanied by San who are surprised to see him working at a maid cafe. Ryouta explains to them that it's only a part-time job, which causes Sakuya to question his pride. San responds that he is impressed that Ryouta is so proud of himself that he's a professional at his job. Sakuya then explains that he came to the maid cafe on Hiyoko's suggestion that he should study the culture of Japan by observing Ryouta at work. He starts insulting the maid cafe and its employees, calling Japan's culture one of low level. Ryouta's fellow employees become upset until the rock dove assures them that he will take care of the problem. Ryouta turns to Sakuya and breaks into a lecture explaining that the people of Japan are akin to modern day ninjas. Upon hearing this, Sakuya is impressed and takes back what he said earlier, causing Ryouta to discover that the fantail pigeon has a weakness for ninjas and samurais.

Chapter 2: Fujishiro Nageki[]


The chapter opens up with San sitting in the library and noticing a feeling that he compares to a feeling that blocks a good dream. He then turns to the empty seat next to him and asks Nageki Fujishiro what he dreamed of, just as Sakuya entered the library. Sakuya becomes annoyed that San is talking to nothing and wonders if he's talking to a ghost.

Nageki explains that his bird species, the mourning dove, is a native to North America and that they are named for the sad sound of their coos. He goes on to say that the English name is the same as the Japanese word. San interjects and asks if Nageki is mourning for someone and Nageki responds that he is the one being mourned. San rejects this state of sadness and asks Nageki if he would come with him. Nageki refuses and explains that he cannot leave the library. In response, San hops onto a pile of books and declares that he will run around the library instead. Nageki in turn tells San that running in the library is inappropriate and to not stand on books.

Nageki is later visited by Hiyoko, who comes to return a book that the mourning dove recommended to her. Nageki asks her what she thought of the story and she responds that she liked it. Sakuya overhears Hiyoko talking to nothing and asks her if she sees something as well. Hiyoko answers that San concluded that Nageki is a ghost that can only be seen by those with pure hearts. Sakuya is flabbergasted as Ryouta comes to greet Nageki as well.

Ryouta points out to Nageki that he's always reading a book and the mourning dove responds that as a ghost he is stuck in the library and hence that is all he can do. Ryouta notes that the library doesn't have a lot of books and offers to buy some new books to bring in. Nageki thanks him and Sakuya agrees with Ryouta that the library is lacking. He starts going on a tirade about the intellectual state of the school, which Nageki asks him to be quiet. But since Sakuya cannot see or hear Nageki, he continues his tirade until Nageki finally closes the book he was reading and throws it at Sakuya to silence him.

Later Hiyoko asks Nageki for his help in locating the library's loan record, which surprises Sakuya as he is unaware that Hiyoko is part of the library staff. The human responds that she's been part of the library staff for a while and Sakuya refutes her saying that she's part of the student council and hence cannot be part of the library staff as well. Ryouta clarifies that Hiyoko is the vice president of the student council as well as a member of the library and health committees in addition to a other clubs, to which Sakuya is shocked to hear.

Hiyoko goes about her library duties until she comes across some drawings left behind on a library table. Nageki responds that those were left by someone from the manga club who often comes to the library to draw.

Ryouta returns to the library the next day looking for Nageki. He presents the mourning dove with a bag of books that he and the other bought the other day and Nageki thanks him. Ryouta got him This Miss, Sakuya got a copy of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, Hiyoko got My Nicobar Isn't That Intimidating, and San got Pudding God: The Unfathomable Miracle. However, Nageki notices one more book in the bag that Ryouta didn't see since he was sure there was only 4 books in it. Nageki reads it to see that it was a hand-drawn manga titled Dark Angel Story.

Back in Hiyoko, Ryouta, Sakuya, and San's homeroom, Kazuaki began to teach the class about the history of the world. He explains that many years ago, humans were once the dominant race on Earth but began to decline in 2068 due to an outbreak of an H5N1 virus. The virus was contagious and fatal, causing many humans to die. Before that pandemic, the Spanish influenza in 1918 infected 600 million people and killed 50 million. It was suspected to also have been caused by a strain of avian influenza. Kazuaki concludes the lesson and says that next class they will cover how the humans responded to the new virus.

Chapter 3[]

Higure Anghel[]


While standing outside, Anghel Higure notices a strong wind and predicts it to be the beginning of the end. He introduces himself as the "sinful crimson angel of Judecca who betrayed God" who was reincarnated in the present age for an important mission. He then tries to take flight and is blown away as Kazuaki explains that the school was closed due to the current typhoon.

Meanwhile, Hiyoko discovers that the manga club artist left his manuscripts in the library again. Nageki tells her to simply call him and he will come. Hiyoko is skeptical, but tries saying the name of the birdie out loud anyways. On cue, Anghel bursts through a library window and refers to the human as "Edel Blau, Apostle of the Blue Sky" and wonders if she has awaken at last. Hiyoko exclaims that the bird is bleeding and Nageki calmly responds that it is stylish.

It is explained that bleeding heart doves are named so for their characteristic red chest. The name is the same in both Japanese and English and there is no deeper meaning aside from their physical appearance. They are native to the northern part of the Philippines.

Ryouta proclaims that he respects Anghel for knowing a lot of difficult words. Anghel points to him and refers to him as "Textoris Melodia Funeris" and starts talking to him while affecting Ryouta's senses with his hypnotic ability. Nageki warns that Anghel infects anyone who talks to him.

Over in the faculty room, Kazuaki was finishing grading the class tests when he notices something on one of the papers. He approaches Anghel in the hallway and tells him that he shouldn't use his pen name on tests and that he should use his proper name of Yoshio Akagi. Upon hearing that name, Anghel rolls around on the ground in anguish.

Project Cuckoo[]


The chapter starts off asking a question as to which character the manga will focus on now and reveals that is none of the main characters but a new one named Tohri Nishikikouji. San protests the introduction of a minor character to which Tohri counters that he is far from minor. He then declares that he's been put into the manga in order to promote the soon-to-be-released Second Feather: Summer Vacation drama CD. San is aghast at the blatant advertising and attacks Tohri with "Okosan Dynamic!" Tohri pushes him away and finally introduces himself as a talented editor-in-chief who is secretly a genius inventor set on overthrowing Shuu Iwamine's fame. Meanwhile, Shuu sneezes in the infirmary.

It is explained that today's birds have lost interest in traditional literature and are more involved in digital multimedia social networking. As such, manga magazines struggle to survive in the digital age and the weekly shounen manga magazine Golden Weekly is no exception. Just then, a bird asks Tohri to check the coloring on a printout and the pheasant chastises the bird for interrupting his photo session.

Tohri was working late into the night when Yoshio arrived at the magazine office around 11:00 PM. He apologizes to Yoshio for making him meet so late, but the bleeding heart dove has already fallen asleep since his normal bedtime was 10:00 PM.

It is explained that Tohri is an inventor as well as an artist who is able to show of his skills during plan meetings. In one meeting, Tohri suggests a subscriber gift of a life-size body pillow of himself. One of the editors respond that it was a good idea, except for the fact the pillow will likely be used by male subscribers and hence would make it seem awkward.

In addition to being the Golden Weekly's editor-in-chief, Tohri also helps mentor newcomers such as Yoshio. He advises the bleeding heart dove to try out different publishers for his manga and Yoshio is filled with determination from his advice. Another editor is impressed that Tohri is able to carry on a normal conversation with Yoshio.

Chapter 4: Shirogane Sakuya[]


When Sakuya transferred to St. Pigeonation's Institute in the spring, he chose not to introduce himself properly to the class when Kazuaki asks him to. Unfortunately Kazuaki mistakes his refusal of "Name To Give To Fools" as his given name and Hiyoko exclaims that his surname is "No" in confusion.

Hiyoko tries to greet him by his mistaken "Name To Give To Fools" given name, which angers Sakuya and makes him clarify that his full name is Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane. Hiyoko says that either name is hard to pronounce because they're long. San asks which part is his given name and Sakuya calls him a foolish commoner for not knowing name standards. San then points to Sakuya's surname and determines that is Sakuya's given name, which he vehemently refutes.

Hiyoko later asks Sakuya which committee he is going to join and Sakuya calls her question foolish, declaring that he is already the student council president. Hiyoko is surprised, saying that the student council is typically elected. Sakuya says that aristocrats have no need for elections and Hiyoko wonders if he knows how democracy works.

Ryouta tells Sakuya that they and San are in charge of cleaning duty for the day and Sakuya proceeds to order San around to clean up the classroom. Ryouta then presents Sakuya with a broom and Sakuya is shocked that he would do such a thing, as cleaning is the job of commoners. Ryouta reiterates that it's their turn for cleaning duty in the class.

Yuuya Sakazaki pops into the class to greet Sakuya, which causes Sakuya to chastise him for greeting him so familiarly in school. Yuuya is dejected, saying that Sakuya should be nicer to his older brother. Hiyoko is surprised to learn that Sakuya and Yuuya are brothers and Ryouta explains that they have different fathers. They both agree that it's hard to tell the difference because Yuuya is a fantail pigeon just like Sakuya and San. Sakuya becomes upset that they can't tell the fantail pigeons apart and orders Yuuya to wear decorative glasses, to which Yuuya was willing to comply. San chimes in and tells Yuuya that he should have an ahoge[1] as well, which Yuuya is not thrilled about.

Sakuya goes behind the teacher's desk and declares that in case of emergency, a class attorney should be invoked. Ryouta asks if a murder has taken place and Sakuya responds that there is no murder, but something to be judged. Ryouta and San look at each other as they have no idea what Sakuya was talking about. Sakuya is disappointed and clarifies that the case is to decide whether or not to get rid of the blatant advertising from the previous chapter. Ryouta is still clueless of what Sakuya's talking about until San clarifies that Sakuya is referring to the gaudy pheasant (Tohri) who was trying to advertise a drama CD in the previous chapter. Ryouta asks how they would go about dealing with it as it's not like they could turn back the clock one month to remove the advertising. Sakuya remarks that Ryouta is slow on the take and gives him some classified information that an editor had secretly sent to him. The information goes on to say that the publisher requested to omit the drama CD advertisement from the manga's final print. Ryouta is shocked and affirms that the pheasant was really in deep trouble for ignoring the request. Sakuya then determines that they will vote on Tohri's punishment as he has already decided that the pheasant was guilty on all charges. Meanwhile, Yuuya is outside the classroom listening in and is amused that they think they have any say on what cannot be erased.

Kazuaki returns to continue his lesson on the history of the world. He recounts the newer avian influenza that contributed to the decline of the human race and that it was dubbed the Sumatra influenza. The human population had declined 30% in the span of two years so they tried hard to think of a countermeasure to the virus. They decided that the best course of action was to wipe out all birds on Earth, since they were the source of the infection. Kazuaki concludes the lesson and says next time he'll address the details of the humans' plan.

Chapter 5: Sakazaki Yuuya[]


Hiyoko visits the school store to find all sorts of items, including adult items such as a nest dish for incubating eggs. She is surprised by Yuuya, who asks her if she's interested in adult stuff like that. He then suggests the two of them make a nest of love between a bird and a human. Sakuya suddenly appears and kicks his brother into the ground, saying that his older brother is too old to lay hands on his student council subordinate. Yuuya reminds his brother that Hiyoko is also in the health committee as well as the student council. Hiyoko confirms this, which still shocks Sakuya as to how she participates in so many extracurricular activities.

Ryouta encounters Yuuya, who responds to the rock dove with "salut." Hiyoko wonders why Yuuya always responds to them with "salut" to which Yuuya answers that it is a magic spell meant to rain stars of fortune upon the recipient. Suddenly, Sakuya comes out of nowhere to kick his brother and it is revealed that "salut" is actually a French greeting. Sakuya goes on to chastise Yuuya for shaming France. Ryouta tells Sakuya that Yuuya is actually pretty popular at school as he receives so many beans every year during Legumentine's that his locker becomes overfilled with them. Sakuya then ponders on why the school even celebrates Legumentine's if it's a boys academy and Ryouta answers ambiguously.

Ryouta articulates to Sakuya how he and Yuuya are brothers and yet are so different in personalities. Sakuya explains that is natural as they have different fathers and Sakuya's father is the superior of the two so Yuuya is a mongrel. He goes on to declare that he will not accept a mongrel as his older brother, which earns him a head bash from San.

Meanwhile, Yuuya finishes up his duties in the infirmary and goes to Shuu to excuse himself for the day, but the doctor stops him before he leaves. He tells Yuuya that he found something the fantail pigeon left behind and presents a wiretap peripheral to him. Yuuya denies the wiretap belonging to him, but Shuu is skeptical.

It is explained that Yuuya is in fact a super agent of the Dove Party who was dispatched to St. Pigeonation's Institute to track the movements of Hawk Party executive Shuu.

One day, Shuu goes on a business trip and entrusts the infirmary to Yuuya. Yuuya uses this opportunity to search through the doctor's desk to find evidence of illegal activities in the school. He is surprised by an injured Anghel (Yoshio), who refers to him as the "Apostle of the Violet Rose." As Yuuya carries the young man to the infirmary's bed, he is accosted by Ryouta with yet another stomachache, followed by San who somehow got his head stuck in a statue of the headmaster. He tries to tend to Ryouta and San when he is approached by Kazuaki who asks to take a nap in the infirmary again. He tells the teacher to come back later and is accosted by Tohri who somehow got scratched up by the barbwire on the back gate of the school. By the end of the day, Yuuya is exhausted with tending to everyone in the infirmary. As he lays down to rest, he suddenly realizes there was an intruder among the patients he saw.

Kazuaki was napping during class until Ryouta wakes him up and reminds him he shouldn't be napping during a manga history lesson. Kazuaki ponders if he gets sleepy during history class and his students affirm it, adding that he does the same in math class.

Kazuaki then continues his lecture with an explanation of "Operation Carneades," a plan to eliminate the carriers of the deadly Sumatra influenza that was driving humans to extinction. As living birds were the strongest carriers of the virus, the humans devised an artificial virus that would only be deadly to birds. Kazuaki then concludes the lesson, saying he will explain what happens next time.

Chapter 6: Iwamine Shuu[]


Hiyoko tells of a terrifying rumor surrounding the infirmary at St. Pigeonation's Institute, which says that students who go to the infirmary mysteriously disappear and are used in bird experiments. She expresses how hearing about those kinds of rumors in what's supposed to be a peaceful school makes her upset.

She suddenly sees Shuu cleaning up blood on a curtain in the infirmary and goes to introduce herself. Shuu explains that he knows who she is (considering she is the only human in the entire school) and Hiyoko asserts she has come to take up the available position in the health committee. Shuu is appreciative of her desire to help out and immediately orders her to dispose of the bloody curtain and bed sheets. Hiyoko is then greeted by Yuuya, who is surprised to see her on the health committee. The human goes on to tell him that something terrible has happened in the infirmary judging by the blood on the curtains and the bed sheets. Yuuya seems to agree and says that it must be from left over from when Kazuaki had a nose bleed after falling down.

It is explained that Shuu is a chukar partridge, which is found widely along the Eurasian continent. They were brought to North America to be hunted for sport as it was not common to eat them. Shuu then responds that if it were him, he would've hunted the hunters before they could hunt him.

Before he leaves, he makes one final order to Hiyoko not to touch his desk when he's not around. Hiyoko acknowledges the order, but admits such a command makes her not want to obey it. She tries to peek into his drawers and is surprised by Shuu emerging from the drawer, reminding her that he said not to touch his desk. Yuuya adds some words of wisdom for his new committee member by advising Hiyoko to obey orders, don't ask questions, don't pry into the doctor's business, and never drink any liquids stored in the infirmary. Hiyoko becomes excited at the life or death thrill of being a member of the health committee until Shuu tells her to quiet down.

Back in class, Hiyoko talks about Shuu to Ryouta and asks him what he thought of the doctor. Ryouta admits his unstable stomach causes much trouble for the doctor and is afraid that one day the doctor will give him poison instead of medicine in the confusion. San chimes in, expressing his dislike for the doctor because the partridge made him drink bad protein. This earns him a kick to the head from Sakuya, who is offended that his classmates speak poorly of the doctor. He goes on to explain that Shuu is an internationally-renowned authority on pathology, so he doesn't want to hear of others talking as if the doctor is a suspicious character. However, Ryouta articulates that though Shuu's fame is true, it doesn't change the fact that three health committee members have gone missing just this past year. He then tries to convince Hiyoko to resign from the committee for her own safety.

It is because Shuu speaks in a creepy manner with equally creepy words that students are wary of him and consider the infirmary not as a place of healing. As Shuu tries to dissect a specimen, he gets squirted in the face with blood and laments the destruction of his specimen due to the lack of dexterity in his right wing. He considers the specimen a waste now that he's messed it up and decides to throw it into the school's incinerator in order to avoid leaving behind evidence. Before he could get there, he is discovered by Kazuaki who just woke up from a nap in the infirmary bed again. Shuu berates the teacher for napping in the infirmary again and demands for him to leave. Kazuaki complies, but not before he asks the doctor again what he was doing. Shuu responds sarcastically that he is cooking and Kazuaki asks if he could have a taste. Annoyed, Shuu says no and reminds the teacher to leave the infirmary pillow behind.

Chapter 7: Nanaki Kazuaki[]


Kazuaki reminds his students that finals were coming up and reviews triangle functions with them. Ryouta whispers to San that he appreciates how the quail makes lectures easy to understand and San agrees. Suddenly Kazuaki falls asleep again to Sakuya's annoyance.

Yuuya was enjoying the solitude of the empty infirmary and lack of Shuu's presence when Kazuaki comes in. The fantail pigeon is immediately concerned and asks the teacher what was wrong with him. Kazuaki simply replies that he suddenly became really sleepy. With a sigh, Yuuya prepares the infirmary bed for him while reminding the teacher yet again that the infirmary is no place for a nap.

It is explained that king quails are small quails that are about half as large as normal quails. The chicks are subsequently tiny, only about as tall as a 10-yen coin. The black pattern on their cheeks are characteristic of male king quails. Ryouta notes that Shuu, Tohri, and Kazuaki are all part of the same family of quail known as the phasianidae family (as another name for the chukar partridge is the chukar quail). San adds there are many members of the phasianidae quail family.

Hiyoko articulates that although Kazuaki has some strange quirks, he is actually a very famous mathematician in Japan. San is surprised, saying that you can't really judge someone from the outside. Hiyoko wonders if Kazuaki is pretending to be spacing out when the quail suddenly falls from his desk and falls to the ground asleep. He ends up going back to the infirmary where Yuuya was in the middle of cleaning up. Assuming he was there to sleep again, Yuuya reminds him to not use the infirmary as a napping place until he notices that the teacher's head was bleeding. He begins to panic and exclaims the severity of the injury until Kazuaki explains that he simply nodded off near the stairs and rolled down.

Kazuaki later returns to his classroom wearing a sleeved blanket, which Ryouta immediately notices and asks him what it was. Not knowing that Ryouta was referring to his choice of outerwear, Kazuaki answers that it is the binomial theorem and is quickly refuted by the other students. Sakuya angrily demands why a teacher would bring a blanket to class and accuses the quail of intending to sleep. Kazuaki corrects the fantail pigeon, saying that what he was wearing wasn't a blanket but a Snuggie. San exclaims that it is unfair for the teacher to bring a blanket and takes out his own to sleep in. Ryouta tells Kazuaki that he's setting a bad example and the teacher responds that he is a quail and therefore more susceptible to the cold compared to the students. Sakuya is infuriated and takes the Snuggie right off of Kazuaki, not believing his excuse for a second. Ryouta then suggests more acceptable warm socks and a stomach band, but Kazuaki insists that it wasn't enough. He then decides to break out a kotatsu instead and the students instantly argue against it.

Kazuaki continues the history lesson and recaps the students on "Operation Carneades," which had the immediate effect of killing countless birds across the planet. Many bird species went extinct as a result of the artificial virus. However, some species of birds adapted to the virus instead of dying from it. He then concludes the lecture for next time.

Chapter 8: Okosan[]


San arrives at school on New Year's Day and begins running around in circles on the school grounds. Shuu comes over to tell him that the campus isn't open until the 6th of January. He then goes to count Mt. Fuji, a hawk, and then himself before engaging in a fight with the hawk in front of Mt. Fuji.

After getting a bump on the head from the fight, San goes over to the city's shrine to see Ryouta working there as a shrine maiden. Sakuya arrives to chide Ryouta for cross-dressing on the first day of the new year. Ryouta is happy to see the fantail pigeon there as he didn't expect to see him there. Sakuya replies simply that he is just there to observe the culture of Japan. San then suggests that Sakuya writes an ema, which is a small wooden plaque on which Shinto worshipers write their prayers or wishes.

Chapter 9: Legumentine's[]


Nageki explains that on the 4th of February, a night event was held in which pigeons were pelted with soybeans. Over in the west, on the 14th of February, there existed the event known as Valentine's Day. Somehow the holidays were combined to create what is now known as Legumentine's. Ryouta and San are fascinated by the origins of the holiday. Nageki then asks why they've asked him to explain the holiday's history to them, and Ryouta reveals that it is to celebrate the release of Hatomame Sweet Blend, a drama CD centered around Legumentine's. Nageki responds with disbelief at the straightforward advertisement.

Suddenly, Sakuya appears and reminds Ryouta of the class attorney trial they held for Tohri's blatant advertising. He then accuses San of the same crime, pointing out that the fantail pigeon was opposed to commercialism. Ryouta then takes out his phone and reveals the text message from the manga's publisher allowing them to do whatever they want. Sakuya then clarifies it is because they are advertising so obviously that it's unsightly.

While working, Tohri notices that the Golden Weekly office was receiving a large number of packages. When he asks what they were, an editor explains that they were Legumentine's presents addressed to the manga characters. Tohri is appalled that fictional characters are being sent Legumentine's presents and that he hasn't even received any. (The editor reveals that Tohri isn't really popular.)

Hiyoko looks at a calendar and realizes that Legumentine's was coming tomorrow so she sets off to buy beans that very day. San suggests the High Society Seagull Department Store and the two of them head over there to find that all the beans had been sold out. It turns out Tohri bought all the beans so San and Hiyoko accuses him of being so selfish as to buy them all for himself. Tohri reveals that he didn't buy them for himself, but to get in the way of those who actually enjoy their real lives (whatever that means). Hiyoko tries to convince Tohri to return all the beans to no avail. She then presents a bag of emergency beans to him as a gift in order to get him to change his ways.

The next day at school, Ryouta fidgets at his desk as he wonders who Hiyoko will give her beans to for Legumentine's. He watches in despair as the human gives beans to Kazuaki, then Sakuya and San, and finally to him. She then heads over to the library to give Nageki a bag of simple millet and Anghel a bag of bitter black beans. Nageki is surprised by Anghel's gift as he recalls the bleeding heart dove didn't like bitter foods. Anghel then forces himself to eat the beans to prove Nageki wrong and both the mourning dove and Hiyoko agree that he's overdoing it.

Over in the infirmary, Yuuya presents a bag of beans to Shuu, who promptly tosses them into his wastebasket. Yuuya chastises him, saying that despite his reasons, he shouldn't toss a gift so carelessly. Shuu explains that he has many enemies and so he cannot accept any edible gifts. He then says something vague to Yuuya, which fills him with worry.

Chapter 10: Enlargement of the Brain[]


March has arrived at St. Pigeonation's Institute again and Hiyoko points out that this will be their last year in classroom 2-3. Ryouta admits it's a little sad as he remembers the sports festival, the cultural festival and the fun field trips they all had together. Suddenly, Hiyoko exclaims that all that hasn't happened yet. This prompts Sakuya to initiate another class attorney trial to address the trouble of conveying the passage of time in a manga. He asserts that soon all of them will be third-years at the school and San complains that he wants to go on a trip. Hiyoko adds that this would also mean that Yuuya would graduate from school. Kazuaki then enters the classroom and assures everyone it'll be fine as long as they can bend space and time like another manga series that made it so years passed without any of the characters getting older.

Settling down at his desk, Kazuaki reminds everyone that this is the third term of their second year so it was time to talk about everyone's career after graduation. He then falls asleep yet again, earning another tirade from Sakuya. Ryouta whispers to Hiyoko that they're actually just going to continue as second years so they don't have to start considering their careers seriously yet. They're suddenly pecked by San who tells them they're slacking off and drags them to go running with him. As they flee the classroom, Sakuya yells after them that it was the middle of homeroom period.

Over in the library, Anghel asks Nageki what his career plans should be and the mourning dove becomes confused, as he assumed the bleeding heart dove had already decided. Anghel reveals that he unable to find the words to complete the assignment so Nageki asks if Anghel wants to dictate his career choice to him so he could write it instead. He asks Anghel to dictate it to him normally, of which Anghel describes as a sin.

Anghel (Yoshio) recalls how he submitted his manuscripts for review at the Golden Weekly HQ and that Tohri concluded that his manga shines with his personality. However, Anghel lacks an adult feel, which is the deciding factor as to whether or not his manga gets published in the Golden Weekly. Tohri clarifies that an adult feel does not necessarily means erotic manga, but more so having a basis in reality.

Back in the library, Anghel laments his inability to convey reality and adult feel loudly as Nageki wonders why he had to scream in a library of all places. He refers to Nageki as "Caller of Stars" and asks the ghost if he feels Anghel is lacking in "adult feel." Nageki responds affirmatively, which sends Anghel into a state of despair. He goes on to say that bitter black beans were too much for him since bleeding heart doves have small round bodies. Anghel then declares that he wishes to have a strong body and Nageki is disappointed to see his point went way over Anghel's head. He figures Anghel will discover the meaning eventually.

Suddenly San comes crashing in through the library window. Anghel is elated that San has come to help him through his harrowing trial and San proclaims that Ryouta and Hiyoko will, too. They then leap through another set of windows in the library, prompting Nageki to wonder how much it costs to school to constantly repair them.

The chapter ends with Kazuaki continuing his history lesson. Although many birds died to the man-made virus, there were some that adapted and evolved with the virus. They became more intelligent and were therefore the ancestors of today's intelligent birds. By then, the virus that the humans had created lost much of its lethality and were no longer a threat to birds. He then concludes the lesson and hints that the next history lesson will be the last.

Chapter 11: Birds and Humanity[]


Yuuya receives a top secret cassette tape from the Dove Party detailing his mission to infiltrate St. Pigeonation's Institute to monitor Hawk Party activity there. The tape then goes on to warn him that the tape will self-destruct when it is done playing, causing Yuuya to panic. Then the tape goes on to say that won't happen and to dispose of the tape properly, causing Yuuya to ascertain that the organization's explosives budget has been cut.

Yuuya proceeds to track down Shuu, who is suspected of being a secret member of the Hawk Party. He follows him all day in hopes of finding solid evidence to prove the doctor's true intentions, but all he was able to witness was Shuu just acting suspicious instead of doing anything suspicious.

It is explained that in the year 2188, two major factions of birds formed: the Hawk Party, which seeks to eliminate humans entirely; and the Dove Party, which seeks peaceful coexistence with humans. Suddenly San interjects and says that he is of the Pudding Party, causing Ryouta to tell him to not cause any more complications to the story.

St. Pigeonation is a pacifist academy so it means that Shuu is concealing himself within the school for some reason. After failing to find anything while tracking him at school, Yuuya starts looking through Shuu's trash to find evidence. On one of these occasions, Hiyoko catches him going through trash and asks him if his life has gotten difficult. Yuuya coolly answers that he's simply looking for fragments of his "shining summer memories." Hiyoko later tells Sakuya about it and Sakuya is appalled that his brother has resorted to digging through trash. He then approaches Yuuya with a basket of food and tells him to take it and go, refusing any thanks. Of course, Yuuya is completely clueless as to why his brother would do that.

Yuuya later starts following after Shuu during lunch break since he wasn't having any luck tracking the doctor at school. As he was following behind, he is suddenly caught by Hiyoko, who asks him what he's doing stalking Shuu.

Kazuaki begins his last history lesson by going over everything he has lectured about so far:

  • The Sumatra influenza in 2068 that led to the decline of the human population
  • "Operation Carneades," which led to the creation of a bird-killing virus in 2070
  • The surviving birds adapted to the virus and became intelligent in 2071

Kazuaki goes on to explain that following the increased intelligence quotient of birds, raids against humans were carried out in the latter half of 2071; an event that became known as "Hitchcock's Winter." The territory of birds grew and they eventually declared independence starting in the Philippines. At that time, it was primarily southeast Asian birds that were active in expanding the influence of birds. After the birds declared their independence, war broke out between humans and birds that lasted for 30 years. During that time, the humans population fell, more so to the Sumatra influenza than in battle with the birds. At the end of the thirty-year war, the humans signed a peace treaty with the birds, which was actually a declaration of surrender. Fights between birds and humans were frequent until further segregation between the two races led to the current peace that is enjoyed by both in Hatoful Boyfriend's time. Despite there still being acts of human terrorism, Kazuaki still hopes for both races to live in peace.

In a secret room somewhere, Shuu is given orders by the higher ups in the Hawk Party to infiltrate St. Pigeonation's Institute after it opens in 3 months. It is revealed that the majority of birds who invested in the school of cooperative ideologies contrarily has ties to the Hawk Party. Shuu understands that as a result, he should have no issues in performing his experiments and research within the school.

Chapter 12: Family Memories[]


At the Heartful House Orphanage, Hitori Uzune introduces all the orphans to their newest member: a mourning dove name Nageki. The orphans excitedly welcome him into their orphanage family, even going as far as to fight over him. Hitori had to go in and break it up as he saw that Nageki was feeling very uncomfortable by all the attention.

Later, the orphans go outside to play tag while Nageki reads under a tree. Hitori wanders over to him to ask why he's not playing with the other chicks and Nageki explains he can't play tag because he gets tired easily. Hearing that, one of the girls goes over to pick him up to play house. Nageki begins to get to know every orphan little by little. Before he knew it, it has been one year since he came to the Heartful House.

It's revealed that the eldest orphans (Hitori, Kanta, and Kokoro) have taken up the responsibility of earning money for the Heartful House while the younger birds and chicks remain at home. As time passed by, Nageki's health slowly deteriorates. One day, Hitori comes home from work to find Nageki gazing solemnly out the window. He offers to make the mourning dove some hot chocolate before sitting down to talk with him. Nageki points out how busier Hitori has become and that him, Kanta, and Kokoro haven't been able to make enough money to support all the younger birds and chicks at the orphanage, and that because he is constantly sick, he is unable to help out at all. Hitori tells Nageki that he worries too much as a child. Nageki asserts that there is only a 5-year difference between him and Hitori so he's not that much younger than the quail. He goes on to express how he hates himself for being too sick to work or go to school to help out the orphanage. After some thought, Hitori lends Nageki his scarf and takes the mourning dove outside to get some food.

As the two of them look out over the sunset, Hitori wonders if Nageki is allright and if he's cold. Nageki responds that he's allright. Silence reigns between the two before Nageki tells him how he really feels about Hitori.

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