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Hatoful Boyfriend Overload! Overflow! EX (はーとふる彼氏 はみでた!もれでた!EX) contains chapters 13 through 16 of Hatoful Kareshi, the manga adaptation of Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings as well as other bonus content. The manga features both birdie and gijinka versions of the characters.

Hatoful boyfriend Overload! Overflow! EX can be purchased on Amazon as a Kindle edition.

Chapter 13: Bird Academy Supernatural Horror Manga[]


Hiyoko Tosaka introduces St. Pigeonation's Institute, the most prestigious school in Japan for pigeons. She goes on to explain that she is the only human at the school and that it took some getting used to for her when she first enrolled into the school. However, she notes that there are some things she is still not used to, like the stench of wet birds on a rainy day. Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane then chimes in, demanding to know if Ryouta Kawara bothers her, too, with his unpleasant bird scent. Ryouta becomes appalled at the prospect that Hiyoko doesn't like the stink of birds and as such has always thought he stunk, too. Hiyoko assures Ryouta that she doesn't think that at all, just that it's a distinct smell.

Sakuya then looks out the window and wonders if Japan's rain has any redeeming qualities since it's so unpleasant. Hiyoko proudly declares that it does and lists off hydrangeas and snails, which Sakuya is skeptical about. Okosan adds mushrooms while being afflicted with mushrooms on his body. Ryouta and Sakuya become shocked as mushrooms suddenly spring up all over their classrooms and even on themselves (Ryouta springs a mushroom in a rather suggestive area of his body).

Plucking up a mushroom, Sakuya examines it and asserts that he has never seen these types of mushrooms before and asks if they're common in Japan. Hiyoko answers that she didn't think there were any at all. Ryouta questions if the mushrooms are edible, to which Okosan decides to test by nipping a piece of Ryouta's suggestive mushroom. The rock dove then laments the damage to his fungus manhood and Hiyoko responds he doesn't have a manhood.

After Okosan finishes eating, Sakuya asks him if he feels anything and San responds that he doesn't. Suddenly Okosan begins to hallucinate clones of himself and giant mousse, prompting Sakuya to tell everybirdie not to eat the mushrooms. By now, the classroom was covered in a sea of mushrooms. Sakuya decides to use strong insecticide to combat the (literally) growing threat and Ryouta tells him not to do it, as strong insecticides are harmful to birds. Sakuya then changes tactics and aims to address the source of the mushrooms. Hiyoko responds that they first appeared on Okosan so Sakuya questions Okosan as to how he got mushrooms on his body to begin with. Okosan gives it some thought and reveals that Shuu Iwamine made him drink some strange protein shake that morning.

The four of them head over to the infirmary to confront the doctor. By the time they arrived, Hiyoko has become fully covered in mushrooms. Ryouta is scared at first until Hiyoko confirms that it is indeed her. Shuu annoyingly inquires why they were all there as they were being very noisy. Sakuya explains that a strange mushroom epidemic has overtaken them and asks if the doctor knows what could be the cause of it all. Shuu answers matter-of-factly that he is the cause of it, taking Sakuya by surprise. The doctor then proceeds to harvest the mushrooms off their bodies and Ryouta exclaims that there's no time to pick the mushrooms one by one. Shuu assures him that the mushroom spores' attraction to them is only temporary, prompting Sakuya to slap Ryouta for speaking to the doctor so rudely. Shuu then notes that this is the first time in the manga that Hiyoko has been "shown" and the girl praises him for looking at the brighter side of things.

Meanwhile, back in the classroom, a mushroom sprouts out of Kazuaki Nanaki's eye.

Chapter 14: For Whom Is That Wish[]


Hiyoko introduces herself and talks about the location she lives in, that it being farther from the academy, making it difficult to commute. She also shows that her cave doesn't have any walls, making it harsh during cold winters and typhoons. On the bright side, she has a nice view of the stars at night. Ryouta informs everyone that they will be celebrating Tanabata. Sakuya doesn't know the holiday so Hiyoko explains the story behind it.

Okosan notices how many animals have a constellation but is frustrated that he doesn't have one. Nageki Fujishiro mentions that there is a dove constellation to which Okosan asks if he can fight it to become a constellation himself. Anghel Higure bursts in to ask for Nageki's help to see the stars, to which Nageki gives him some glasses.

Yuuya Sakazaki notices the decorations, and shows a few. Hiyoko's states that she wants to become a supreme ruler and destroy everything. Sakuya wishes for glory to the Le Bel house. Tohri Nishikikouji's states that he will defeat Shuu. Okosan arrives and asks him what his wish is. Yuuya says that he wishes that all the ladies are happy. Okosan takes his wish and tells him that he is a show off and a liar. Okosan then says that Yuuya should make a more manly wish like his, which states that he will become God.

A family memories section is shown at the Heartful House Orphanage with the orphans wondering what the stars are made of.

Chapter 15[]


Tohri opens with advertising a special version of Golden Weekly. He is interrupted by Yuuya, holding a net gun, and Ryouta who is dressed as a playboy bunny, saying it's fan-service. Yuuya traps Tohri in a net. Ryouta then advertises the first volume of the webcomic which was to be released on August 10th. He mentions that it will also include a bonus open question corner, including questions asked from an ask box. Ryouta decides to do a question now, asking Yuuya to tell one experiment Shuu has performed on him. Yuuya only says that he hasn't had anything with long lasting consequences.

Ryouta and Yuuya begin to question Tohri. Ryouta asks Tohri why he came to the school to just advertise to which Tohri remarks that his target was Isa Souma. Ryouta says that no one there was named that to which Tohri mentioned that he must be going by his alias, Iwamine Shuu. He then also says that Isa Souma is also a fake name, meaning he doesn't even know what Shuu's real name is.

Tohri says that he and Shuu worked at the same research facility where Tohri was the second head of the Optical Weapons division. Shuu was promoted to the Biology Division Head, leading to a decrease in Tohri's funding. Tohri then disappears with a smoke bomb, but is attacked by Hiyoko who is throwing paint balls at him.

Chapter 16: The Last Ordeal[]


Everyone is coming back from summer vacation. Hiyoko states that she was waiting at the ocean all week, hoping to catch a giant squid. Okosan says he built a nest and laid an egg. Kazuaki reminds them all that achievement tests are tomorrow. After the tests are taken, Kazuaki gives tickets to a special remedial session to everybirdie who got all red marks, those birds being Okosan and Anghel. During the remedial lessons, Kazuaki asks Anghel what he did during summer vacation. Anghel said he marched to the holy war and took a step towards glory, which is his version of selling his manga at a convention.

Kazuaki gives the final cumulative exam, telling the two that if they get over 70 points, they can graduate from the remedial course. During the exam, Anghel gets distracted by himself. Noticing Kazuaki asleep, Anghel debates cheating, but in the end refuses to fall to temptation. Neither of the two birds passed the exam, with Kazuaki saying that they'll be coming again tomorrow.

A family memories section is shown with Nageki and the orphans making dango, turning their feathers white in the process.

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