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Hatoful Boyfriend: WEB Series (はーとふる彼氏WEBシリーズ) were a series of short VN episodes that were released between 2015 and 2017, which could be downloaded for free from the official Hatoful website. They require installment of Adobe AIR to work.

The WEB Series was put on a halt with the announcement of the upcoming full game, Hatoful Boyfriend: MIRROR. Moa announced that she will implement the released free WEB episodes into MIRROR, as well as the episodes that ended up not being released.

At least three of the released episodes introduced several new characters into the franchise, but have been left untranslated.

Only the April Fools' episodes and the series trailer have been translated into English.


The games were programmed using Adobe AIR and followed a standard VN format like other Hatoful games.


The WEB Series takes place in a completely separate timeline where Hiyoko's parents don't die, and thus with a butterfly effect, many tragedies of the canon story don't take place. Nageki and Kazuaki-kun will be alive, as well as Hitori and the remaining Heartful House orphans. This is the same timeline as the Shrine Date episodes in Holiday Star.


  • "Hatoful WEB Series: Trailer" (2013)
  • "Hatocatch Pretty Coore!" (2014 April Fools')
  • "Sweet Shuu" (2015 April Fools')
  • "Sweet Shuu Q&A" (2016 April Fools')

The following (actual, non April Fools) episodes have not and unfortunately will never receive official English translations. They can still be downloaded on the website though.

  • "Episode 1: A test of determination! Farewell, St. Pigeonation's <Part 1>"
  • "Episode 2: A test of determination! Farewell, St. Pigeonation's <Part 2>"
  • "Episode 3: Black Ships Attack! Newly established Diverse Bird Department <Part 1>"


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