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Hatoful Boyfriend: MIRROR (はーとふる彼氏MIRROR) will be the third game (and companion piece) of the Hatoful Boyfriend games. It was announced by Moa on April 2018 during Yukicon, and later she wrote a blog post delving into more details of the game.

It was said to be released in Summer/Autumn of 2018, but due to technical issues has been delayed with no clear deadline. Currently, it has not been released.


This much is known: It will be created using Unity unlike previous games. It'll work similarly to Holiday Star (an episodic game). It'll have a larger screen size compared to the previous games.


MIRROR will take place in a completely separate timeline where Hiyoko's parents don't die, and thus with a butterfly effect, many tragedies of the canon story don't take place. Nageki and Kazuaki-kun will be alive, as well as Hitori and the remaining Heartful House orphans. This is the same timeline as the Shrine Date episodes in Holiday Star.

Some story points and characters, such as Terry Mukai, have already been revealed through another medium: the Hatoful Boyfriend: WEB Series. The WEB Series has been therefore halted since 2018.

The Delay[]

MIRROR did not see the light of day as of 2018, and Moa remained mostly silent on the matter.

In 2019, she made a blog post explaining the current state of MIRROR, explaining that she apologizes for the lack of release, and that the culprit of this delay is solely the lack of time, money, and having to study the Unity program. She attached a screenshot of MIRROR at the time, showing Okosan in the St. Pigeonation's staircase with a dialogue text saying "Coo! (The text doesn't align properly with the container!)"... But without an explanation, this blog post has been deleted around the end of 2019. Only the few souls that saw this post can confirm it's existence.

On October 2019, Moa announced via a Tweet[1] that she's been working on the game Murder By Numbers for the last year or two, and finally breaks silence as this game will be released soon. Though not directly mentioned, this might be another reason why MIRROR was delayed.



  • In Holiday Star, at the end of his shrine date, Anghel makes the following quote towards Hiyoko, which foreshadows the existence of multiverses and his awareness that different timelines exist.
"A world is but the light reflected from a fragment of the broken mirror. The fragments write out the destiny of every star in the heavens. Is your Azure Soul satisfied with the world and the fate you see before you now? Or perhaps it has been charmed by the fate written by a different shard of the mirror. If that is the case, then I shall..."
Anghel Higure[[Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star|[src]]]

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