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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star (はーとふる彼氏 HolidayStar) is a sequel (companion piece) to Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings. There are 4 main episodes and 6 short episodes contained within it, a gallery, as well as a six part radio program that answers questions from the fans.

The main episode unlock one by one as you play the one before it. Each of the first 4 short episode and the radio programs seem to be unlocked by playing each of the main episode (the first main unlocks the first short and so on). The 5th short episode appears after the 4th main episode is finished. The 6th short episode is unlocked after all the radio programs have been played.


The demo's story is one of the main episode, specifically the second one called "Fallen Chronicles - Absolute Zero". The plot involves the new character Nishikikouji Tohri, Anghel's hallucination powers and otaku culture. All 8 main characters and Hiyoko are in this story, as well as Holiday-Star-exclusive characters Miru & Kaku and Tohri.

Demo Summary (tweeted by Moa prior to the English demo)[]

Demo Summary
#Anghel got a chance to go to Comiket, the biggest con in Japan with his epic manga. Hiyoko decides to go with Anghel to help him.
  1. Tragedy struck him. No one buys his manga. However, a golden pheasant comes. He says he’s a magazine editor. He invites Anghel to his office.
  2. Then Anghel has meeting with the pheasant, Tohri, to make his own manga for many times. Hiyoko finds Anghel gets weaker and paler.
  3. Hiyoko puts a shadow on Anghel to see what happens in their meetings. She finally finds Tohri takes Anghel’s blood.
  4. Anghel’s blood has a power of enhancing imagination. Tohri makes a weapon with the blood and captured otaku birds in the convention.
  5. Tohri once was belong to the lab where Isa was. He lost to Isa in the research competitions but he couldn’t admit Isa was superior.
  6. So he decided to destroy St. Pigeonation's with his artistic weapon to let Shuu see how excellent Tohri is.
  7. Hiyoko has to defend her school against the selfish artist. She attempts to use the power of Anghel as well.
  8. Hiyoko, Ryouta, and Kazuaki become popocure (fictional super heroine) . They have a fierce fight though, birds all over the world cheer them.
  9. Finally, they defeat the evil weapon and Tohri runs away. That’s all. Hope it helps you to understand the story!

Main Episodes[]

Carve it into your soul, kid!
Major plot spoilers follow.

"The Christmas Thieves Attack!"[]

"A brutal team of thieves, here to steal the city's beloved Christmas trees. We thought they were just an urban legend—until now! They're after the tree, and that rhymes with T, which stands for Trouble, right here in Littledove Hachiman City. Christmas trees, disappearing. A dark shadow, wriggling just out of sight. Can our faithful heroes from Saint Pigeonation's put an end to this mystery before it puts an end to them!?"
—Preview for "The Christmas Thieves Attack!"[src]

"Fallen Chronicles: Absolute Zero"[]

"The Holy Crusade, to which brave warriors flock twice a year. The Crimson Angel of Judecca descends upon the sacred ground. What will he find there? The Laurel Crown of glory, or the Thorned Circlet of despair? What will the fallen Angel find through the guidance of the Golden Apostle?"
—Preview for "Fallen Chronicles - Absolute Zero"[src]
"Fallen Chronicles: Absolute Zero" Summary
The episode starts with a black screen, and then a lab scene. An unknown character despairs upon discovery that his results are inferior to those of his coworker. He complains that his coworker’s work has no beauty, and then states that he will leave and find a place where his genius is appreciated. The character ends the scene by saying that his name is Tohri Nishikikouji, and that he will not use an alias because he has pride in his name.

The story resumes in the library on the last day of school before winter break (presumably the 23rd). Hiyoko Tosaka complains about the cold in the library, and Nageki Fujishiro points out Anghel Higure freezing to death on the floor. Upon revival, Anghel talks about needing to complete the “[g]reat prognostications of the future” and to “bring them to the battlefield of the Gods” on the Day of Judgment, Ragnarok. Hiyoko suggests that Anghel work on it at home instead of the cold library, and Anghel agrees.

Later, Hiyoko is freezing in her cave. She receives a text from Ryouta Kawara asking her to meet him in town, and she decides to buy a wearable blanket while she is out. At the café, Ryouta asks her if she’s doing anything on New Years’ Eve, then requests that she be a volunteer salesgirl at Comiket, a convention where birds buy and sell manga. Anghel had asked Ryouta to help out at his booth, but Ryouta had already agreed to help out at another booth. After some misunderstanding about the nature of the convention, Ryouta suggests that Hiyoko study up for her first time at Comiket.

On New Year’s Eve, Hiyoko meets up with Anghel and Kazuaki Nanaki, who had agreed to chaperone Anghel in the absence of the manga club’s advisor, who was helping at a company booth. Inside the convention, Anghel shows off his manga, ‘’Dark Angel Story’’. After a while of no one stopping by, Ryouta shows up dressed as Coore Grey from Hatocatch Pretty Coore[1]. Upon Hiyoko's request, Ryouta performs Coore Grey's signature line, "A single flower blooming in the asphalt road!" Ryouta tells Hiyoko that while not all salesgirls cosplay, everybody always makes sure to remind him to come in costume. Ryouta excuses himself to help his sales booth, which had just sold out, clean up. Hiyoko notes that she had never seen Ryouta look so competent before.

Still no one stops by Anghel's booth, and soon it was almost closing time. Hiyoko apologizes to Anghel for not coming in cosplay, but Anghel tells her not to blame herself. As Anghel is putting himself down, a golden pheasant approaches the booth and asks who was running the circle. The golden pheasant lavishly praises Anghel's artistic ability, and then introduces himself as Tohri Nishikikouji, editor-in-chief of the manga magazine Golden Weekly. When Hiyoko mispronounces Tohri's name as "Bishikikouji Toshiki"[2], Tohri promises to make her wish she was never born if she mispronounced it again. Tohri offers to help Anghel, and tells Anghel to come to the location on his business card during the new year. Both Hiyoko and Kazuaki find Tohri suspicious, especially when Kazuaki noticed that Tohri had known Anghel's name without any of them ever mentioning it.

On the first day after winter break, Hiyoko returns to school and finds Anghel at school on honors student time. Anghel reveals to Hiyoko that he was going to meet with Tohri for the first time. Hiyoko, still suspicious of Tohri, offers to go with Anghel, but he refuses, preferring to go alone.

Some days later, Hiyoko, Ryouta, and Okosan decide to go to the cafeteria with them and sample the mixed-bean sukiyaki udon, a superb dish only sold a few weeks during the school year. Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane agrees to go with them after Hiyoko lies that sukiyaki used to be eaten by Japanese nobles. At the cafeteria, Sakuya decides that sukiyaki is not bad, Okosan scarfs down his meal, and Hiyoko and Ryouta trade their beans and meat. Hiyoko spots Anghel near the tableware. Hiyoko, noticing that Anghel isn't as energetic as usual, assumes that Tohri said something terrible to Anghel, but Anghel happily states otherwise. After Anghel had left, Ryouta notes that he had never seen Anghel so pale and tired.


Pretty Coore! Open my Hato!

Coore Grey: "A single flower blooming in the asphalt road! Coore Grey!"
Coore Light Grey: "A single flower swaying in the exhaust fumes! Coore Light Grey!"
Coore Dark Grey: "A single flower shredded by the BB gun's rage! Coore Dark Grey!"
Hatocatch Pretty Coore[src]

One week later, Hiyoko wakes up on Sunday just in time to watch the second half of Pretty Coore. After the show ends, Hiyoko goes to school for makeup day. At the foot of the stairwell, she finds Anghel white as a sheet, collapsed, and rambling about blood. Hiyoko hurriedly carries Anghel to the infirmary, as he fainted completely along the way. Once at the infirmary, Hiyoko brings Anghel to Yuuya Sakazaki, who was watching the infirmary and Miru and Kaku while the doctor was overseas for a week doing research. Yuuya determines that Anghel is suffering from low blood pressure, and suggests that Anghel stay to rest in the infirmary so he could make sure his condition wasn't dangerous.

"The Day the Night Slept (Before)"[]

"Ruler of the stars—the Dreaming King. The path to his kingdom quietly awakens in the sleeping night sky. We must not miss the train. We cross the glowing river. We follow the obsidian map into the world of shadows."
—Preview for "The Day the Night Slept (Before)"[src]

"The Day the Night Slept (After)"[]

"You promised me we would go together. I thought you—I thought you alone understood me. I believed in you. Why? Why? Why did you do this to me?"
—Preview for "The Day the Night Slept (After)"[src]

Short Episodes[]

"Pigeon Shrine Visit"[]

"A new year comes to Littledove Hachiman City. Everybirdie heads for the shrine, some for their New Year's visits, others with very different goals in mind. This episode allows you to pick from eight routes."
—Preview for "Pigeon Shrine Visit"[src]









"Legumentine's Chronicles"[]

"The most nervous day of the year is here again. But, it looks like there's someone here who doesn't like this heart-throbbing, romantic day...?"
—Preview for "Legumentine's Chronicles"[src]

"Midnight Attack of the Nightmare"[]

"The Gathering of the Brilliant Light shall take place in the promised land, in the darkest hour when the Eye of Heaven closes. Can the Crimson Fallen Angel overcome his trials and arrive in time...?"
—Preview for "Midnight Attack of the Nightmare"[src]

"Albert's Secret"[]

"Albert is the crow employed as Sakuya's butler. Apparently Yuuya doesn't care for him... The Super Agent is mobilizing all his resources to investigate this mysterious butler."
—Preview for "Albert's Secret"[src]

"Preliminary Inspection"[]



"The greatest event in a bird's high school career–the field trip. A little before everybirdie puffs up their chests with excitement, the professors of Saint Pigeonation's go to do a preliminary inspection. Hitori, Kazuaki, and Shuu walking around Kyoto. It's a pigeon-oriented tour!"
—Preview for "Preliminary Inspection"[src]

"The Day the Night Slept (After After)"[]

"This story consists of unused scenes from part 4. Please enjoy this collection of thing which couldn't fit into the main story. Think of it as being like the bonus scenes on a DVD."
—Preview for "The Day the Night Slept (After After)"[src]

Radio Programs[]

"Part 1 - Living with Birds"[]

"Part 2 - The Pigeon and the Partidge"[]

"Part 3 - The Special Talk Show"[]

"Part 4 - Spoilers Ahead"[]

Carve it into your soul, kid!
Spoilers for Bad Boys Love follow.
Spoilers end here.

"Part 5 - Human Form Questions"[]

"Part 6 - Extra-Large Edition"[]

Spoilers end here.

Notes and References[]

  1. A parody of Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
  2. Possibly a combination of Tohri's name and "bishōnen", the Japanese word that best translates to the English term "pretty-boy".
  3. http://twitpic.com/photos/moa810
  4. http://hatoking.com/blog/scrap-hatoful


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