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Focus on the Hawks (フォーカス・ホークス) is is a short book written by Hato Moa about Souma Isa, Ryuuji Kawara, and Tohri Nishikikouji. It takes place at the Takaba Research Institute, primarily in the life science research division (LiSciRe).

It is available for purchase in English as an ebook for Kindle on [1] and as a PDF on Hato Moa's Gumroad.


State of the World[]

In the not-so-distant-future, the world is divided among the Dove Party and the Hawk party. The Dove party strives for the coexistence and prosperity of both mankind and birdkind, while the Hawk party wishes to eradicate all of humanity.

The Takabane Coordinated Research institute (under direct orders from the Hawk Party, or "Those Who Crawl the Earth") conduct unfathomably terrible experiments, one of which being legumes that turn into popcorn when exposed to sunlight (invented by Ryuuji Kawara).

Observation Log[]

Ryuuji follows Isa around the department, helps him reach a book on a high shelf, and leaves a box of candy with a note saying "Isa-kun Eat up!!" on his desk. When Isa asks why he was being so persistently helpful, Ryuuji replies that he had to look out for him due to his youth.

In Over His Head[]

It is explained here that the LiSciRe commonly gets research requests from other departments.

A researcher first approaches Ryuuji with samples, saying that the secondary division requested them to be inspected. Ryuuji offers to do the inspection himself and takes them. Another researcher approaches him with a survey request from the Neurological Research department, which he also takes. Finally, another researcher approaches him holding a party hat, stating that the engineering department needs assistance for the department mixer, which he offers to do as well.

In the end, Ryuuji ends up overloaded with work and tries to do it all at once. He asks Isa for advice. The partridge wonders to himself how someone with terrible management skills became head of the department.


Despite it being late, Ryuuji decides that he can't pull himself away from his work. After confirming that Isa is staying at work as well, he declares it to be a sleepover, to which Isa asks what they will be doing during the all-nighter. Ryuuji then holds up a Pacman frog and says they will "eewoowoo" it, which confuses Isa.

A Menace to Beautiful Wings[]

A bird delivering newspaper and chirping denotes the passage of time, which then cuts to a sleepy Isa and Ryuuji discussing the results of "eewoowoo." An angry Tohri interrupts the two, loudly insulting Ryuuji's appearance and hygiene. He correctly guesses that the two were wasting time on "profitless research," which Ryuuji confirms. Isa, standing behind him, wonders who the golden pheasant is.

Shining, Shimmering SecOps[]

Tohri ridicules the two for wasting time on "eewoowoo," saying that the LiSciRe will always be a second-rate department because of that. Isa finally asks about his identity, specifically referring to his "ill-manners" and "insultingly loud color scheme," angering Tohri.

Ryuuji explains that Tohri is the head of the Secondary Optical Armaments Research Division (SecOps) and received the Most Excellent Researcher Award his groundbreaking counterattack system. Isa wonders out loud if that made him conceited, which angers Tohri even more.

Q&A Time is Over[]

While Isa is working, Ryuuji rolls over to his desk on a rolling chair and yells about summer vacation, the "time to take phone call consultations from the children about science." He greets Isa and asks him to ask a question.

Isa notes that Ryuuji doesn't live in the institute dormitories and asks why he's so lax about his family life and never seems to go home, prompting Ryuuji to dodge the question by rolling away and prematurely ending the Question and Answer session.

Mushrooms vs. Bamboo Shoots[]

Isa wonders about the numerous amount of snacks lying about the laboratory, catching the attention of Ryuuji. He asks whether Isa is on "Team Mushroom" or "Team Bamboo Shoot," which Isa translates as how he'd compare a perennial plant to a fungus. Ryuuji exclaims that between the two he'd pick stretchy gummies for their wobbliness and stretchiness (great for intellectual stimulation), confusing Isa.

Tohri exclaims he is in the "Fran faction," annoying Isa since the original question wasn't directed towards him.


Tohri, holding a large and heavy bag of materials, tries to get into an elevator that is currently occupied by Isa. After making eye contact with the golden pheasant, Isa promptly closes the door before Tohri can get inside, causing him to drop the materials and furiously bang on the door.

Lil Colony[]

Ryuuji walks in on Isa studying a fungi colony on his computer. After a considerable amount of time struggling, Ryuuji stops by again and asks Isa if anything is wrong. In the end, there wasn't enough data to identify the mold, but Ryuuji assures Isa that the lack of data wasn't his fault.

Local Sweets[]

Isa, alone in the laboratory on account of Ryuuji being away on a business trip, sits idly and comments on how quiet the lab is without him. Right after this, Ryuuji materializes behind Isa and dumps wingfuls of souvenirs onto his head, loudly announces his return.


Ryuuji and Isa discuss their results of another all-nighter, once again talking about the "eewoowoo" and its applications on Cryptobranchoidea. Tohri, seeing the two, inquires about "eewoowoo," which Isa explains as a posteriori phenomenon of a second oral cavity materializing in the back of the head. The golden pheasant is visibly disgusted by this, while Ryuuji sunnily quips that they will try to get an "ewwaaan" next.


Tohri once again approaches the elevator, this time holding a compact but heavy "Dr. Nishikikouji Plasma Mochi Pounding Machine." He spots an oblivious Ryuuji daydreaming about shapes and bones, who closes the elevator door before Tohri can get inside again. Ryuuji later apologizes for closing the door on him, though that doesn't stop Tohri from berating the doctor.


Due to a harsh thunderstorm cutting off most modes of transportation, Ryuuji, Tohri, and Isa are all stuck at the lab for the night. Ryuuji excitedly tells Tohri that this is the opportunity for him to make his "sleepover debut," who quickly rejects it on the premises that he doesn't want to sleep on a strange pillow and lacks makeup. This confuses Ryuuji, as he notes that Tohri shouldn't be worried about looks at his youthful age.

Long-Suffering Delivery Birds[]

Isa watches Ryuuji and Tohri get excited over the lightning storm through the window. Deciding to have an impromptu pizza party, Ryuuji starts calling a pizza delivery service, asking Isa if he wanted any. Tohri, despite not being asked anything, retorts that he would like a salad (which interestingly enough, isn't pizza).

Future Honorary Position[]

Tohri impatiently yells for Ryuuji to get his belongings together, which prompts Isa to ask where they're going. Ryuuji explains that they are going on a business trip to an academic conference with all the department heads, or to "a palace specifically prepared for the chosen few" (as Tohri puts it). After assuring Isa that he might be able to go on the trip sometime in the future, the two leave, leaving Isa to wonder how that could happen without either the doctor or himself being transferred to a new post.

Minding the Office[]

Isa spends the duration of Ryuuji and Tohri's business trip alone in the laboratory, working. He lets out a sigh, but then is visibly surprised to hear Ryuuji announce his return.

Research Life[]

This part of the book takes on a traditional manga style as opposed to the 4-komas of the rest of the book, with Ryuuji announcing that the rest of the manga will feature their human forms.

Ryuuji is shown hanging up his and Isa's freshly washed laundry in the shared laboratory space due to rain, much to Tohri's annoyance. He berates the doctor for "tarnishing the beautiful view," though Isa notes that Tohri's giant statue of himself (named "Glory") had already ruined any beauty the room might've had.

Insulted, Tohri shouts at Isa for calling his statue an "unsightly lump," while Isa compares it to garbage. Ryuuji breaks up the argument between the two, only to offer to "decorate" Tohri's bronze statue with colourful fungal filaments.

Milky Meteor Shower[]

Ryuuji, excited about an upcoming meteor shower, encourages Isa to finish work early that day so they can watch it together. Isa asks if that's ok, but is assured by Ryuuji that some VIBs (Very Important Birds) gave him permission to do so. Ryuuji then urges Isa to come along with him to shop, offering to carry the heavy things.

Once again, even though he wasn't invited, Tohri declines to come along (this time due to the "bug-infested open air").

Out of Reach[]

Isa and Ryuuji arrive at the mountain, which prompts Isa to ask why they didn't bring along any equipment or use the astronomical observatory. Ryuuji replies that while he'd like to make a "big, history-making discovery," he describes the feeling of watching the meteors like eating pork miso soup with everybirdie tasting delicious, which prompts Isa to say it'd be better to eat it in the cafeteria. Ryuuji then says that he was also curious about how Isa would react being outside, since the partridge is usually a shut-in.

Out of Sight[]

Out of Hope[]



  • Ryuuji refers to Isa as "Isa-kun" many times throughout the book

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