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February is the second month of the year. It is the only month of the year containing twenty-eight days (twenty-nine in leap years).

In-Universe EventsEdit

Date Year Universe Events
2 February 2189 Hatoful Boyfriend Hiyoko Tosaka buys beans to give to the bird of her affection on Legumintine's Day.
3 February 2189 Hatoful Boyfriend Leguminetine's Day. Hiyoko gives the beans she bought the previous day to the bird of her affection.
7 February 2189 Hatoful Boyfriend (Nageki's route) Hiyoko passes out in the library and Nageki kicks the door open to get the attention of Ryouta, who brings Hiyoko to the infirmary.
10 February 2189 Hatoful Boyfriend (Ryouta's route) Ryouta's mother passes away, and Ryouta and Hiyoko decide to stay together for as long as they can.
Hatoful Boyfriend (Nageki's route) Nageki reveals that he's a ghost to Hiyoko before fading away.
Hatoful Boyfriend (Kazuaki's route) Hiyoko confesses her feelings and Kazuaki tells her that he will be waiting for her when she grows older.
Hatoful Boyfriend (Anghel's route) Hiyoko and Anghel face off against and defeat the Himnesia that Wallenstein summoned.
12 February 2189 Hatoful Boyfriend (Sakuya's route) Hiyoko finds Sakuya running away from home, and Sakuya decides to tell Monsieur Le Bel that he wants to study music.
Hatoful Boyfriend (Okosan's route) Okosan and Hiyoko set out on a quest for True Pudding.
13 February 2189 Hatoful Boyfriend (Yuuya's route) Hiyoko flees Littledove Hachiman City with Yuuya and becomes a spy for the Dove Party.
14 February 2189 Hatoful Boyfriend (Shuu's route) Shuu murders Hiyoko and preserves her head in a jar.
Unknown All According to Anghel, this was the day of the revival of the Dark Sorcerer Wallenstein[1].
17 February 2150 All Ryuuji Kawara is born.

Out-of-Universe EventsEdit

Date Year Events
1 February 2014 Watari Bādo Kimama ni TORIARUKI Katte ni Sutema Kōbe Kachōen was released as a fundraiser for Kobe Kachoen
14 February 2013 The fourth drama CD, Hatomame Sweet Blend, was released in Japan.
15 February 2012 The official English version of the original Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings was released for download.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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