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Dove Party
Debut: Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings
Ideology: Birds should live peacefully with the remaining humans.
Known members

The Dove Party (ハト派) is one of the two main bird factions that formed after the end of the war between humans and birds. The Dove Party seeks peaceful coexistence between humans and birdkind. The establishment of the St. Pigeonation's Institute was one of their bigger contributions to that goal.

Dove Party Members[]

Current known members of the Dove Party.

Yuuya Sakazaki[]

Yuuya joined the Dove Party at age 13 and began training under Leone as a spy in the "Heaven-Soaring Wings". At age 15 Yuuya was deployed to Japan to covertly infiltrate and investigate St. Pigeonation’s reputation.

Leone JB[]

Leone is an S-class agent and one of the "Soaring Wings" of the Dove Party. He trained Yuuya and is currently Yuuya's agent handler.


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