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Domingo Santos
Domingo Bird
Real World
Debut: Hatoful Boyfriend: WEB Series
Theme: N/A
Character Voice: N/A
Heartful Stats
Hatchday: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Chilean flamingo
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Wrestler
Status: Alive *
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Also known as
  • The Brave of Sun

Domingo Santos (ドミンゴ・サントス) is a flamingo wrestler whose debut was in HatofulWEB. He will appear in MIRROR.

After spending a lot of "intimate" physical contact, in the form of fighting and wrestling, Domingo fell in love with Amazing Tosaka. He is distressed about this, not because they're the same gender, but solely due to their different species.

Early Life[]

Hatoful Boyfriend: WEB Series[]

Physical Description[]

Domingo is a strong Chilean flamingo.

He has not received a pseudo-human form design as of yet.

Personality and Traits[]

Domingo is likely a foreigner, judging by his name. He gives the impression of being a manly bird who is very passionate about his title and occupation. However, he is troubled by his unrequited crush on Amazing Tosaka, worrying that the other man is unavailable, but even more importantly, because it's completely unheard of for a bird and human to be together.


Domingo is written with the katakana ド (do) ミ (mi) ン (n) ゴ (go). It's the Spanish word for "Sunday", additionally to being a pun on the word "flamingo".

Santos is written with the katakana サ (sa) ン (n) ト (to) ス (su). It is a name of Spanish origin, meaning "saint, holy".


Amazing Tosaka[]


  • Domingo is Hatoful's first male character to openly and clearly use the word "love" about another man.

Notes and References[]



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