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Carve it into your soul, kid!
Major plot spoilers follow.
Real World
Debut: Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings
Theme: N/A
Character Voice: N/A
Heartful Stats
Hatchday: Unknown
Gender: God
Species: Grim Reaper
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Grim Reaper, Train conductor
Status: Alive *
Eye Color: Red (Sometimes yellow)
Hair Color: Black Feathers?
Also known as

Death (死神) is a Grim Reaper who has appeared on the "Game Over" screen of every Hatoful Boyfriend visual novel to date. In addition, he serves as the train conductor on the galactic train in every episode of "The Day the Night Slept".

Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings[]

ED No.0:[]

Bad Ending
Ending Number: 0
Unlocks: Nothing

If Hiyoko fails to connect with anybirdie by the end of her enrollment at St. Pigeonation's Institute, members of the Hawk Party will hunt her down at her cave home and quickly kill her.

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star[]

"Fallen Chronicles - Absolute Zero"[]

"The Day the Night Slept (Before)"[]

"The Day the Night Slept (After)"[]

"The Day the Night Slept (After After)"[]

Physical Description[]

Death is a shadowy anthropomorphic bird wearing a black cloak and bearing a scythe. He has been sometimes drawn as having a bird skull for a face with red glowing eyes inside his eye sockets, but as a conductor he has no face aside from the small yellow eyes. He also wears a blue conductor uniform.

Personality and Traits[]

He appears pretty sympathetic and caring towards those who live and those who die.


Hiyoko Tosaka[]

Hiyoko and Death go all the way back to the demo version of Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings and Hiyoko regards Death as something of a friend. Death, for his part, asks that Hiyoko not give him too much work to do, implying that he does not wish for her to die an early death.


Localized from "Shinigami" (死神) to "Death". Shinigami literally translates to "death god".


Notes and References[]



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