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Damurushi avatar

Damu's persona, a yellow bird referred to as "Hiyoko." Yes, that is a butthole.

Damurushi (ダムるし) is a freelance web-designer and artist specializing in character design, illustrations, and manga from Osaka. She is also a part-time art teacher in the comic illustration course at Art-School in Osaka.

She is responsible for some character designs and writing in Hatoful Boyfriend, as well as coding (of the 2011 version of the game). Her avatar is a fictional species resembling a plump yellow bird referred to as "Hiyoko." Her real name and face is anonymous.

WEB: n-crow.jeez.jp

Twitter: e_damurushi

Birthday: June 21st

Gender: Female

Skeb/Commission: e_damurushi

Hatoful Boyfriend[]

Damurushi has assisted in some aspects of Hatoful Boyfriend's creation, such as coding and some of the art. She has created the ICPSS designs for Shuu Iwamine, Ryuuji Kawara, Tohri Nishikikouji, and The King.

She has also illustrated chapters for Absolute Zero and the Hatoful side-story TORIARUKI manga.

Other than that, Damurushi has created numerous Hatoful Boyfriend official merch, (pseudo) fanart, and doujin works. Physical merch could be purchased through cons that she attended, but some Hatoful Boyfriend doujins are available to buy in digital form through her Booth, titles such as Hitori no Uta focused on the quails and in the honey milk focused on Nanaki and Shuu post BBL.

*Please note that those are doujin works. In other words, despite her being a co-creator of Hatoful Boyfriend, those comics and fanarts should not be taken as canon information unless otherwise stated.

Other Works[]

Prior to Hatoful, Damu had worked on numerous doujins and manga for franchises such as HeartCatch PreCure!, POP'N MUSIC, Fate/Grand Order, SaGa 2, and more.

She has also written the original visual novel Queen's Lingerie Show. Her most recent commercial work has been art and character designs for Murder By Numbers.


  • Her favorite character in Hatoful is Shuu.[1] Her favorite character design, however, is The King.[2]
  • Damu is a big fan of Boy's Love and has created several R18 fan-doujins about Hatoful Boyfriend. NSFW generally is quite common and straightforward on her websites.
  • Besides porn, she is also a fan of horror.
  • Damu is roommates with Moa and lives with numerous pets such as frillback pigeons, java sparrows, canaries, and chinchillas. She is a big animal lover.
  • She runs an online campaign for Call Of Cthulhu.
  • Both Damu and Moa are fans of drag queens.