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"This impressively upholstered bird is Higure Anghel. He's in the class next to ours, so he must be another sophomore. That's an odd name... I wonder if he came from overseas, like Sakuya? His Japanese is kind of strange, too."
Hiyoko Tosaka[src]

Anghel Higure (緋紅 アンヘル) is a zany Luzon bleeding-heart dove from class 2-2, the class next to Hiyoko's. He's flighty, and typically breaks through the windows to enter the classroom every time he wants to meet Hiyoko, only to run away again just as swiftly. His real name is Yoshio Akagi (赤木 良夫), although he detests even hearing the name spoken aloud.

He is voiced by 櫻井孝宏 (Sakurai Takahiro) in the second and third drama CDs.

Physical Description

Anghel winter sprite

Anghel's shrine date

Anghel is a Luzon bleeding-heart dove. Hiyoko initially mistakes his chest to have a gaping wound upon their first meeting due to her being unfamiliar with Luzon plumage. Nageki describes him as "cute & pretty" due to his round and fluffy body.

As a human, Anghel is a young man of short stature, with hip-length, unkempt, dark turquoise hair, and the side-bangs dyed white. His right eye is bright blue. His complexion is a bit darker compared to the other students, but in some drawings he looks pale. The left side of his face is covered by a bandage. His ears are pierced; only the right ear has a cross earring. He bears a leather choker on his neck with a buckle at the front, as well as two necklaces (a cross, and a bigger cross with angel wings). Bandages wrap around his torso and stomach, with a "bloodied" stain on his breast. His left sleeve is cuffed, revealing that his left arm is bandaged as well. Below his school blazer, he wears an (unbuttoned) white dress shirt that appears too big, with red rims at the bottom. There are two dark blue belts around his waist as well as his left thigh. He sports a pair of dark blue, high-platform, knee-high combat boots, and black dress pants.

Anghel was confirmed to have myopia, but refuses to wear glasses.

Personality and Traits

Anghel's a loner-type of bird. He talks like he lives in a JRPG world, and refers to everybirdie with fantasy names and titles. Hiyoko's name is Edel Blau and Apostle of the Blue Sky. He believes there is an Avatar of Destruction sealed in his crimson breast and that he is the Crimson Angel of Judecca.

Anghel is an eccentric young man with a great passion for art and storytelling. He speaks in a fangled way with an overabundance of difficult words, which makes it difficult for others to understand him. He refers to all characters, places, and items with special fantasy-like names. Ryouta refers to his language as "Anghelism". He acts somewhat self-centered, and sees himself as a tragic protagonist of sorts, but generally means well, and strives for inherent goodness and justice. He can also be described as stubborn.

Anghel is aware of multiverses and timelines, and under the right conditions, is able to traverse or melt different universes together. This is usually referred to as Anghel's "strong fantasy", but it is far beyond just his imagination. Anghel does not inherently know the backstories and secrets of all characters, but he sees them as parallels to their Dark Angel Story counterparts. As such, he strongly antagonizes Shuu Iwamine from the beginning of the school year, because he knows that Shuu's parallel is Wallenstein--a demon lord who works towards the end of the world, and his arch-nemesis.

Anghel has made his ability to tap into the other world the main and sole part of his identity, and as such, dedicates a large portion of his time to documenting his findings as manga, Dark Angel Story. It's not known for sure how accurate his manga is to the "real" world of Dark Angel Story, as he sometimes mischaracterizes certain characters. Such as making Estelle (Nageki) a maiden in distress for Anghel to protect, or making Seere (Sakuya) "uncharacteristically" nice to Anghel, when in real life he is annoyed by him and calls him racial slurs. Anghel is also keen on using difficult words and grammar which he doesn't fully grasp himself, resulting in grammatical errors that Nageki has to proofread for him.

The only thing that pulls him out of character and makes him as "normal" appears to be his mom. Anghel appears to be close with his family, and instantly returns to being Yoshio Akagi when he interacts with them. Anghel is not very tough and physically strong, but he desperately wants to prove himself and act cool and mature. Nonetheless, he has a soft spot for his mother.

He is known to be very goth and fashionable, but doesn't have a lot of money, much to his dismay. He makes some spare change by helping out at his parents' fish shop, but it's not enough to afford for many prints of his manga, and attending cons to sell them. This is also the reason why he doesn't have new "cool" clothes for his winter shrine date.

Anghel is also a member of the manga club. He draws manga based on his fantasy world. He's very passionate about being a mangaka.

Absolute Zero

It should be noted that this manga is not a snippet of Anghel's visions and point of view. The world of Absolute Zero is a real, separate universe that exists, and Anghel is simply closely connected to it and knows a lot about it, but not everything there is to know. In other words, Anghel doesn't know that Wallenstein was acquainted with Lute as a young demon, or that Neg Dantalion is a fusion of Haltfate and Neg. Those are simply events, determined by fate, that are similar to the character interactions in "the real world".

Hallucinogenic Pheromones

"As a mutated bleeding-heart dove, he produces hallucinogenic pheromones when agitated. However, the effective range is very small and the hallucinogenic effects are highly variable on each individual, and so Anghel himself is not aware of this special ability. Although this idiosyncrasy caught the attention of the Hawk Party’s biochemistry division and brought about his invitation to enroll at St. Pigeonation’s, it seems that no particular practical use has been found for it, and at present he is being left alone."
Hatoful Boyfriend Official Guidebook[src]

Although they are referred to as "hallucinations", Anghel's power is actually capable of altering space itself. When enough focus is channeled, Anghel can produce weapons and energy that damages surroundings. The root of his power actually lies in his blood, and when it's amplified by Tohri's super-weapon, it's destructive properties are even stronger.


Anghel is the Filipino word for "angel". In Japanese, it is written using the katakana ア (a) ン (n) ヘ (he) ル (ru). Higure consists of the kanji characters 緋 (hi), "scarlet, cardinal", and 紅 (kure), "crimson, deep red".

Yoshio consists of the kanji characters 良 (yoshi), "good", and 夫 (o), "husband, man". Akagi consists of the kanji characters 赤 (aka), "red", and 木 (gi), "tree".

One thing worth noting is that 緋 (hi), the first character of Anghel's chosen/preferred family name, is actually outdated kanji. The kanji used today for the word is 赤 (aka), the first character of Anghel's birth family name.


  • Anghel's regular bedtime is 10:00PM.[7]
  • Ryouta referred to his quirky way of talking about things as "Anghelism".
  • The Japanese name for bleeding heart doves is 緋胸鳩 (himune bato), which might be where the name Himnesia came from.
  • When asked about the Hatoful characters' ICPSS heights, Moa responded with 'I've never thought of that. You can set them as you like. (But I think Anghel is not tall!)'[9]
  • For Legumentine's, Anghel prefers bitter black beans because he thinks they make him seem adult-like. In reality, he hates bitter food.
  • Anghel won't appear in the game if you do not "wish for the mad love of a fallen angel" during Tanabata. To get that option, you have to obtain Shuu's ending first and start a new game. It is also possible to get Anghel after obtaining Yuuya's ending.
  • To get his ending, go along with his antics and keep him out of Shuu's way the best you can. The strength of certain attacks in the Himnesia battle are influenced by Hiyoko's stats, so maxing out either charisma or wisdom will result in high damage when choosing the associated moves.
  • Anghel got the Mediator (INFP) personality on the 16personalities test.[10]
  • Anghel made an appearance in the second Heavenstrike Rivals collaboration with Hatoful Boyfriend, appearing as a gacha character.

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