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Major plot spoilers follow.

AA Albert

Albert A.A. (picture from official site)

Albert Alain Alkan (アルベールA.A.) is a crow, and Sakuya's personal butler. He is polite and emotionless, obeying all of Sakuya's commands.

His first appearance is in the sequel Holiday Star. He appears briefly in the 1st story, and the 4th short story "Albert's Secret" is centered around him. He will appear in MIRROR.

Early Life

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

"The Christmas Thieves Attack!"

"Albert's Secret"

Albert is a very efficient butler, and has been with Sakuya since he was a child. Yuuya feels uneasy around him.

His true identity is that of an reputed assassin known as "The Faceless Triple Ace", hired by the mother of the eldest Le Bel child to kill Sakuya. The Le Bels have five children by different mothers, and Sakuya the youngest was heavily favoured by his father to be the successor, causing much jealousy.

Before Albert could make his move however, another assassin attacked the young Sakuya in the library one day. Albert slit the assassin's throat. The reasoning was that he couldn't fulfill his contract if Sakuya was dead.

However, he found that this assassin was hired by his client as well. That violated the contract he had with her, so he terminated it and was about to leave when young Sakuya spoke up. Sakuya wanted to hire him.

Sakuya wanted to keep an eye on him because Albert could be easily rehired to attack Sakuya again. However, Albert would not allow himself to be hired as a bodyguard or as a butler.

So Sakuya made a ridiculously dangerous offer - he's hiring Albert as an assassin. The target? Sakuya himself. The condition was that until Sakuya gave the signal, Albert was not to carry out the assassination. Meanwhile, the crow was to stay as Sakuya's butler. Of course, Sakuya would never give the signal.

Yuuya never knew of this arrangement until he discovered that Albert was an assassin through Leone. He misunderstood Albert's actions as dangerous towards Sakuya when the crow was simply attempting to catch Miru and Kaku as they sneak into the mansion to use the Le Bels' posh bathroom.

Physical Description

As a human, Albert is a fit adult man with dark skin. He has shoulder-length, straight, dark grey hair, with his bangs being slicked to one side slightly. His eyes are dark brown, appearing notably more dull and lifeless compared to other characters. He shows no emotions.

He is always seen wearing an elegant butler's outfit in shades of grey. A light grey undershirt, a darker-grey necktie with a silver pin, a darker-darker grey vest, and a swallow-tail coat. One of the lapels has a white pattern. A pair of spy sunglasses is sometimes hung over his breast pocket. He wears black gloves. He has never been drawn from the thighs-down but it's safe to assume that besides black dress pants, he also wears an elegant pair of black dress shoes.

Personality and Traits

"He had probably thrown away whatever emotion he was born with long ago. He followed his own rules with the utmost perfection, and beyond that, nothing."
Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane on Albert[src]

Not much is known about Albert aside from the fact that he is emotionless, driven by his own rules, skillful, and lacks empathy for anybody. He has no problem assassinating anybody regardless of age. He is absolutely devoted to his missions and contracts, and just as easily as he can set out to kill, he can abrupt his mission if his client doesn't keep their promise.

Albert is talented and resourceful, fulfilling his duty as a butler perfectly. He is perfectly devoted to the Le Bel family, but he will prioritize other birds depending on the moment: When Mino Ichijou orders Albert to leave the school grounds, he obeys that wish, even if Sakuya rebels against it, because Mino is the owner of the property he stands on.[5]

Albert keeps his real identity a secret, but is known in top secret communities under the title "The Faceless Triple Ace", as a ruthless and infamous assassin. He hasn't been shown to express any thoughts or opinions on anything. He is mysterious and almost mechanical, possibly doesn't even require sleep.


Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane

"If someone else in the mansion were to make an attempt on my life he would protect me with his own. After all, he can’t kill me if I’m already dead."
Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane[src]

Yuuya Sakazaki

"I don’t like you, Albert... But if you do end up hurting him, I’ll hunt you to the ends of the earth and back. Remember that."
Yuuya Sakazaki[src]

Leone JB

It appears that they both have a very suspicious and skeptical approach to one another in the MIRROR timeline.

Mino Ichijou

Albert respects Mino and prioritizes his wishes over Sakuya's on the St. Pigeonation's school grounds, as he is the school's headmaster.


Albert is a Germanic name derived from the words "adal" (noble) and "beraht" (bright). The kana used is アルベール.

Alain is a Celtic name and the French variant of the name Alan. The meaning is unclear. It could mean "rock", "noble", or "harmony". The kana used is アラン.

Alkan is a Turkish name meaning "blood red". The kana used is アルカン.

There is a chance that Albert's name is inspired by some French composers such as Albert Alain and Charles-Valentin Alkan.


  • Albert's precise species is not disclosed in the games beyond him being a crow, but the model for his bird sprite is a thick-billed crow.
  • Due to his bird form as a crow, being the butler of high-nobility, and his dangerous background, it can be assumed that he was based off one of the main characters in the famous manga-series Kuroshitsuji by Yana Toboso.
    • The story of Kuroshitsuji revolves around a young English noble who signs a contract with a demon in exchange for his soul. Abiding by the contract, the demon then remains by his new master's side to fulfill his part, assuming the form of a butler.
    • The protagonist, Hiyoko Tosaka, indirectly referenced Kuroshitsuji in the first episode of Holiday Star when she remarked that "Black Butlers always have what you need."
  • Albert as a character did not exist as of writing of the first game, but he generally simply doesn't exist in the events of the first game. Entirely.

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