Hatoful Boyfriend Wiki

After School Card Battle (放課後カードバトル) or Hatocards is a mini-game where we can play a Uno-like game with the dateable birdies.

There's two different versions available.

The first version allows us to play against Okosan, Nageki, Kazuaki, Ryouta, and Sakuya.

The second version allows us to play against Yuuya, Shuu, Kazuaki, Ryouta, and Sakuya.

Java is required. You can play the Alleyway game while waiting for Hato Cards to load. When Hato Cards has loaded, the text box at the top of the game will turn red. Just click in the red text box to enter the Hato Cards title screen.

The three options on the Title Screen are:

  • Game Start
  • Staff credits
  • Lunatic mode


The basic rules are similar to Uno's. You will battle with 4 CPU controlled birdies.

  • Draw 2 cards can be stacked, but not Draw 4 cards.
  • You can Challenge (details of challenging elaborated below).
  • Wild Cards can't be placed on your last turn.
  • You don't have to say "Uno!" when it's your last card.
  • Options allows you to change the message display speed.
    • When clicked, the menu displays this:
      • Return to game
      • Stop playing [return to Title screen]
      • Switch your player between Manual and Auto [if you want to watch how to play]
      • Change the speed of messages: Fast, Slow, Flash, Very Slow, and Wait.


  • You have the right to challenge those who have placed a Draw 4 card against you.
  • If you do not challenge, you draw 4 cards.
  • In the event that you challenge and the challenge succeeds, the person who placed the Draw 4 has to draw 4 cards himself.
  • If the challenge fails, you take 6 cards.
  • Please refer to Uno rules for the rest of the rules.