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Spoilers for BBL and Holiday Star follow.

Absolute Zero - the Forbidden Epic of Fallen Angels is a book collaboration between Moa and Damurushi about Anghel Higure's "Fantasy AU World".

Since it is a parallel world, it contains spoilers for Hatoful Boyfriend: A School of Hope and White Wings as well as Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star.

This page only covers the book written by Moa and Damu. For information about Anghel's manga and the universe itself, look here [TBA].


Tosaka Hiyoko[]

  • Fantasy Name: Edelblau
  • Title: Apostle of the Blue Sky
  • Job: Blessed Woman / Prosecutor of Evil
  • Attribute: Holy
  • Skills:
    • Empress Ishtar
    • Melody of Conviction
    • Blauhimmen Flight
    • Attack Power III
  • Description: A blessed woman who received divine guidance and became a prosecutor of evil. Abandoned as a child, Rio is as family to her. She has disobeyed God and taken Anghel's place in the prison of ice.

Akagi Yoshio[]

  • Fantasy Name: Anghel Higure
  • Title: Crimson Fallen Angel (Crimson Angel of Juddeca)
  • Job: Angel
  • Attribute: Fire
  • Skills:
    • Blood Lotus Cremation
    • Crimson Chain
    • Megiddo Flame
    • Dark Resistance III
  • Description: An angel of flame who once served the absolute deity in Heaven. He rebelled against God and fell from Heaven, and was imprisoned for an eternity in the ice of Cocytus, but was released by Edelblau.

Kawara Ryouta[]

  • Fantasy Name: Rio Infini
  • Title: Textoris Melodia Funeris
  • Job: Swordsman
  • Attribute: Ice
  • Skills:
    • Fluttering Cut
    • Sky Blue Healing
    • Ice Power III
    • Exp Gain IV
  • Description: The childhood friend of Edelblau, he has followed her from his home in the north of the Duchy of Lulum. He dislikes conflict, and as such still has much to learn as a warrior.

Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya[]

  • Fantasy Name: Seere Reprobos
  • Title: Hallowed White Magician (Hakuma Shirube-shi of SusumuKiyoshi)
  • Job: Archbishop, Summoner Mage
  • Attribute: Holy
  • Skills:
    • Augite Oath
    • Crystal Breeze
    • Advanced Summon: Holy Beast
    • Holy Power IV
  • Description: A young archbishop in the service of the Holy King of Jaere. Despite his youth, he has made a name for himself as a summoner of Gaia. He is independently investigating the Revelations of the End.

Fan's Note: 'Seere' is from a beautiful demon Prince of Hell who rides a pegasus and 'Reprobus' is the previous name of St Christopher.


  • Fantasy Name: Great Pigeon
  • Title: Destroying Hurricane
  • Job: Summon (Pegasus)
  • Attribute: Wind
  • Skills:
    • Bedrock Crush
    • DYNAMIC Okosan
    • Breakdown
    • Physical Power IV
  • Description: A legendary beast who consumed a great field of golden corn in a single night. He is said to appear with the wind when called forth by one who is pure of heart,

Fan's Note: San has also been referred to as Bone-White Bird of Bean-eating by Anghel.

Sakazaki Yuuya[]

  • Fantasy Name: Cain Reprobos
  • Title: Disciple of the Violet Rose
  • Job: Knight
  • Attribute: Thunder
  • Skills:
    • Tempest Raid
    • Riot Spark
    • Blade Power III
    • Thunder Power IV
  • Description: A Thunder Knight of Jeare, and second-in-command of the Temple Guards. He is the elder brother of the Magician of White, who will one day be head of the noble Reprobos family. He is a skilled fighter and well-liked by those under his command.

Fan's Note: His name Cain refers to Cain from the Bible. Yuuya has also been referred to as The Midnight Rose by Anghel.

When Cain is controlled by Wallenstein:

  • Fantasy Name: Nightmare Fantail
  • Title: Apostle of the Golden Rose
  • Job: Knight
  • Attribute: Dark
  • Skills:
    • Maelstrom
    • Traitor to the Thorny Crown
    • Blade Power V
    • Darkness Power IV
  • Description: Cain, controlled by the Dark Sorcerer Wallenstein's shackling curse. His soul is trapped where no light can reach, and he hears only his master's voice.

Fujishiro Nageki[]

  • Fantasy Name: Estelle Campanella
  • Title: Phosphorescent Astrologist
  • Job: Astrologist, Seer
  • Attribute: Star
  • Skills:
    • Seal of the Wavering Comet
    • Rising Star
    • Regeneration III
    • Resistance V
  • Description: A boy who lives a solitary life in the observatory at the farthest reaches. He is a gifted astrologer and has predicted the fates of many, though he is unable to see his own.

Fan's Note: He's sometimes called Textoris Melodia Funeris. (Meaning Weaver of Requiems) like Ryouta and this name seems to be the name for Carriers of the Charon Virus. The name Estelle means star, and Campanella was the best friend that traveled with Giovanni in Night On The Galactic Railroad, which was a book Nageki enjoyed. This book is referenced throughout Holiday Star.

Nanaki Kazuaki[]

  • Fantasy Name: Neg Dantalion
  • Title: Nightmare Sage
  • Job: Nightmare
  • Attribute: Star
  • Skills:
    • Happy Daydream
    • Bell-Ringing Premonition
    • Sneering Nightmare
    • Awaken
  • Description: The half-Astral Haltfate, who became an evil spirit and invaded Neg's body. His consciousness is that of Haltfate, but occasionally Neg will rise to the surface as well.

Iwamine Shuu[]

  • Fantasy Name: Wallenstein
  • Title: Merciless Dark Sorcerer
  • Job: Demon, Sorcerer
  • Attribute: Dark
  • Skills:
    • Cold Blaze
    • Abominable Guillotine
    • Fusing Souls
    • Elemental Power V
  • Description: It is said he shall appear during the twilight of the world to gather the Demon Spores into the Blight-Tree Rufa, and so call forth Himnesia, the Bringer of Death.

Nishikikouji Tohri[]

  • Fantasy Name: Avies Aurum
  • Title: Golden-Winged Messenger
  • Job: Dollmaker
  • Attribute: Thunder
  • Skills:
    • Marionette
    • Glittering Cherry Dance
    • Imaginal Ray
    • Evasion III
  • Description: A dollmaster who resides in Mayence, the City of Thieves. He is a master of all things mechanical and oversees the engineering of the city's defences. He considers his individual aesthetic to be of the utmost importance.

Miru & Kaku[]

  • Fantasy Name: Mirucurlus & Kakutinus
  • Title: Twin Stars of the Holy Night
  • Job: Jesters, Stars
  • Attribute: Star
  • Skills:
    • White Tickle
    • Happy Dance
    • Fire Resistance II
    • Ice Resistance III
  • Description: Two stars who fell in the Sacred Forest on the white holy night. Unable to return to the sky, they have adapted to life on Earth.

Nanaki Kazuaki (original)[]

  • Fantasy Name: Neg Piedpiper
  • Title: Sorrowful Minstrel
  • Job: Minstrel
  • Attribute: Earth
  • Skills:
    • Gloomy Lullaby
    • Song of The World's Tragedies
    • Evasion II
    • Item Discovery III
  • Description: A self-styled minstrel who, loathe to settle down and find employment, wanders from place to place hoping to find himself. Although he does have some private funds of his own, he generally relies on his traveling companion, Haltfate.

Hitori Uzune[]

  • Fantasy Name: Haltfate
  • Title: Tranquil Darklight
  • Job: Assassin
  • Attribute: Fire
  • Skills:
    • Shadowwalking
    • Choking Lamplight II
    • Sun-Setting Embers
    • Accuracy III
  • Description: An assassin who was born a slave. At one time he traveled with Neg, but he perished in the Devouring Waste after they parted ways. It is rumored that he may have been pursued by agents from his old organization.

Souma Isa[]

  • Fantasy Name: Wallenstein
  • Title: Fate-Changing Nightwing
  • Job: Demon, Alchemist Assistant
  • Attribute: Dark
  • Skills:
    • Little Blaze
    • Swift Low Kick
    • Dark Power II
    • Exp Gain III
  • Description: An interdimensional devil materialized from dark matter through Lute's alchemy. He does not have enough magic yet, so his human form is still incomplete.

Fan's Note: When he is summoned by Lute, the name "Mephistopheles" appears in the middle of the page, implying that that is either one of Wallenstein's names, or that he is somehow related to the demon.

Lute also settles on nicknaming him "Isa".

Ryuuji Kawara[]

  • Fantasy Name: Lute Infini
  • Title: The Wandering Alchemist
  • Job: Alchemist
  • Attribute: Wind
  • Skills:
    • Embryo Hatch
    • Embryo Reverse
    • Identification IV
    • Resistance II
  • Description: An itinerant alchemist. He has no ties to anywhere or anyone, and lives selling medicine on the road. He is actually Rio's father, but lost his memories in an accident and has not returned to his home since.