Hatoful Boyfriend Official Shop Now Open

Following the success of Erick Scarecrow's Hatoful Boyfriend Official Plush Project Kickstarter that started back in November of 2015, Esc-Toy Ltd opened a Hatoful Boyfriend shop on July 5 of this year.

"We at ESC are proud to announce that we have entered an exclusive agreement with creator HATO MOA to bring you more official HATOFUL BOYFRIEND merchandise in the new HATO-SHOP here- http://hatofulshop.limitedrun.com/
This shop will be managed/fulfilled by esctoy.com and we will offer some of the goods from the Kickstarter along with new items that will be offered exclusively in the new HATOFUL SHOP."

Source: Plush Project Kickstarter

The shop not only sells the plushes developed through the Kickstarter, but also pins and phone straps of characters from the game series. Fans are encouraged to subscribe to the shop in order to be informed of new offerings or sales.