Major Wiki Changes

To all contributors past and present, I'm sure you've all noticed that the wiki has undergone some rather significant changes.

First, let me introduce myself. I am ZeroTigress, secondary admin to our current main admin GamesWithGrace. As of now, we are the only admins of the wiki and doing all we can to make this wiki as up to date as possible. You can reach us either on the forums or on our individual message walls. Please note that Wikia currently does not have a private message system so be aware that any messages you send to us on our message walls will be seen by anyone who visits our profiles.

We've since decided to do away with the comments system on the articles in order to centralize wiki discussions (and other discussions) on the forums. Threads can be categorized under the appropriate articles so please make use of the topic tags to keep things organized. Please feel free to make threads to ask questions, but try not to make new threads for a topic if it already exists. Don't worry if you make a thread in the wrong section, we can move it to the right section.

The homepage has been cleared of unnecessary links so it's much better-looking than before. Of course, it's still a work in progress so feel free to leave feedback in the homepage thread if you think of any ways to make it better.

That said, welcome to the wiki and enjoy your stay! \('<')/