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• 3/17/2016

Wiki Organization

Cooo, cooo! :)
(Name's ZeroTigress, recently added admin. How's everyone?)

As you can see, the Hatoful Boyfriend Wiki now has its very own forums. We hope to get contributors together here to start cementing (ha) the details on structuring the wiki. I don't know if the renames I've given to the different sections is appropriate enough so feel free to give feedback on better names for them. The forum sections can be renamed. We'll also need some 90x90 px images to decorate each section of the forums with so if anyone can get working on those and uploaded, I'll do the rest. We can also add and remove forum sections so if you think the current amount isn't enough to cover all aspects of the wiki, more can be added.

On that note, as a new admin, I'd like to know some details about the wiki's structure.

  • What's the date format? Do we go by the Asian day-month-year format or the western month-day-year format? I noticed some pages use both, although it seems the wiki generally follows the Asian format. Although if we wish to follow the Wikia format of year-month-day, we could start standardizing everything to that.
  • What's the name format? Are we going by the original Japanese format of lastname-firstname or the western format of firstname-lastname?
  • Do you think we should activate the Message Wall feature to better attract contributors? Everyone would still be able to moderate their own Message Wall and the newer feature would be easier for contributors to leave messages.
  • Now that we have the Forums activated, do you think we should keep Comments on articles or try to centralize all wiki discussions on the forums? Forum threads can be linked to articles so they'll show up at the bottom of articles if there's a discussion going on.
  • Should we have a forum or blog feed on the front page to better advertise those to contributors?

Sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes with my edits. :<

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• 3/17/2016

Question: Should we enable chat so it's easier to talk about this? I can think of a number of pros and cons to having a chat open. For now, I'll just 

1. When I adopted the wiki, they were barely using dates at all. I started out using month-day-year, then realized that the US is the only country that uses month-day-year (320 million) and the majority of the world uses day-month-year (3295 million). So I decided to switch all the dates I could to day-month-year. I've considered changing it once again to year-month-day, as that is the format used in Japan, but I'm just not sure since this wiki is more likely to be viewed by a Western audience.

2. When I first saw the wiki, they used firstname-lastname for everything, and I've never changed it. I guess I just figured that since mostly Western audiences would be using the wiki, we should keep the English format of their names as firstname-lastname (if nothing else then to provide clarification for which is the first name and which is last name. Now if we write the name in Japanese, we should write it the way it would actually be written in Japanese with kanji/hiragana/katakana and the romaji pronunciation. I find that using the <span class="explain" title="{{{1}}}">{{{2}}}</span> works well for this.

3–5. I don't know much about the Message Wall, Forums, or blog feeds. Whatever you think is a good idea, go for it!

• 3/17/2016

I don't know about using chat since I feel it's better to have these discussions in a more static manner as it would help to track what's been discussed whereas it would poof away in a chatroom. Not only that, we don't seem to have anyone else active enough to moderate the chat to make sure there's no inappropriate conversations taking place in there. (Otherwise people would think we allow inappropriate stuff when we don't.)

For the wikis I manage, we follow Wikia's timestamp format of year-month-day to keep things consistent. I don't mind going by day-month-year to appeal to the possible majority of people, but we could go and standardize everything by year-month-day if you want to keep everything consistent.

For the names, the game does refer to the characters by lastname-firstname in both the original Japanese and the English translation so I think for the sake of consistency we should follow that format. I'm sure most visitors would quickly become aware that this is a Japanese franchise so I don't think they'll be too sensitive about the name format, considering it's highly likely people will look up characters by the name that they're presented in the game (lastname-firstname).

I've decided to switch off the Comments feature since most of the comments left behind are just conversation. Having everyone come to the forums to leave feedback would make things easier to manage since we only need to go to one area of the wiki to moderate stuff instead of having to moderate comments on each article.

I've also activated the new Message Wall, which will send alerts if someone leaves you a message so it'll make things easier to manage. The old message wall will be available in an archival link so don't worry about losing all your old messages.

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